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We are thrilled to announce the finalists for the 2019 Baker Artist Awards.

These 38 artists were selected from over 900 artists who created a Baker Artist Portfolio in 2019. An anonymous jury selects artists who exemplify excellence in three areas: mastery of craft, artistic excellence, and a unique vision.

2019 Baker Artist Award Finalists:

Albert Birney, Dina Fiasconaro, Marnie Ellen Hertzler, Corey Hughes, Elissa Blount-Moorhead

Selin Balci, Graham Coreil Allen, Hoesy Corona, Kimi Hanauer, Phaan Howng, Dominique Zeltzman

Ursula V. Battle, Anna Fitzgerald, Colette Krogol, Meshelle, Lola B. Pierson, Vincent Thomas

Laura Amussen, Karl Connolly, Blake Conroy, Regina DeLuise, Christine Neill, David Page, Lars Westby

Ami Dang, Outcalls, Scott Patterson, Stephen Santillan, Letitia VanSant, Von Vargas

The 2019 Baker Artist Awardees will be announced on a special episode of Maryland Public Television's Artworks program, which will air on May 17, 2019 at 7:30pm.

Finalists have also been invited to participate in a variety of showcases that will take place throughout Baltimore in the coming months. Stay tuned!