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About Marnie Ellen

Marnie Ellen (b.1988) is a video artist, animator, and filmmaker living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. Marnie Ellen's animations and films have screened nationally and internationally in festivals, and most recently as a traveling video installation in hotel rooms around the world. She founded and produced collaborative works through Dream Throat Productions for the past three years as well as actively participated in the fields of research and clinical psychology where she was able to present and... more


GORGON is an anthropological video documentation of interactions with lovers, friends, family, and an exploration of the female gaze. Through various social media platforms, recorded FaceTime conversations, text messages, iphone videos, and voice recordings GORGON experiments with a mix of audio-visual media to convey the everyday experiences of a diverse cross-section of young women in a patriarchal society, and my personal struggle to regain my voice as a female filmmaker. Laced with mythology and the surreal, and fueled by the writings of Helene Cixous and Bell Hooks, my goal is to use experimental film and social media to empirically define and convey the female gaze.

“You only have to look at the Medusa straight on to see her. And she's not deadly. She's beautiful and she’s laughing…” - Hélène Cixous

Though this project contains narrative structure, it is rooted in an experimental, autobiographical approach to filmmaking reflecting the nature of life itself. GORGON represents next generation visual narrative because of its unique use of modern day platforms of communication. Because the narrative is written through an amalgamation of different media, GORGON innovatively blurs lines between narrative film, experimental film, social media, and video art. In an industry dominated by men, GORGON will impact the future of diverse filmmaking and resonate with audiences accustomed to inundation of male gaze.

This project will be available to view on Instagram and Vimeo beginning summer of 2017.

The Domestic Life of a Housecat

The curse of hindsight and the desperate pursuit of intimacy portrayed through a personal collection of voicemails, sex tapes, animation, and spite.

The Domestic Life of a Housecat is a study of hindsight. The filmmaker plays the invisible lead as she sends the audience rifling through a two-year history of voicemails, home-made sex tapes, and various relics of lost love. Using animation and found images, she pieces together this video as she finds her footing after months disoriented by regret and spite. What was once such an intimate and desperate pursuit is now rewound and repackaged as a cinematic peek into the absurdity and ephemera of romantic love.

"Is it that we are chasing something, or are we being chased?''

Official Selection, 2016 Maryland Film Festival

Producer - Matthew Porterfield
Sound Design - Matt Papich

Deep Dark Animation Series

Deep Dark is an ongoing series that draws inspiration from suppressed memories, collected secrets, alleged rumors, and personal confessions. Deep Dark acts as an interpretive document of these stories and retells them through symbols, sound, and animation.

Episode 1: Josie and Jade
A plant that grows unusually large and prolific due to its nurturer’s strange secret

Episode 2: No Parents
A biographical exploration of small freedoms, boyhood, and unadulterated curiosity
Official Selection, 2015 New Orleans Film Festival
Official Selection, 2015 Cucalorus Film Festival

Deep Dark Books: My House
A reading from a book for children by children

Dream Throat

Welcome to a room that has hosted numerous tenants. This room is a collector of dreams, aggression, love, lust, and pain. You are the subject of it's experiment, enduring, and participating in a brief document of these particular collected occurrences.The tenants change while the stiff taxidermy and rose wallpaper remain as viewers like yourself. You are invited to an in depth and darkened view of what these thorns have collected.
Here, stories stain the floor and soak into the mattress of a room we like to call Dream Throat.

Over the course of two years, Dream Throat has traveled with and been screened as part of an immersive installation. Written, shot, and edited all in one room, this film contained in the installation focuses on the altercations and ambiguity of the visitor’s relationships within a singular, yet dynamic space. Because the setting of this film is reminiscent of a hotel room, by placing the viewer also in a hotel room a mirror is created, allowing the viewer to actively experience the film as a situation, rather than passively view it as a spectator in a theatre.

Official Selection, 2014 New Orleans Film Festival
Official Selection, 2014 Borscht Film Festival
Official Selection, 2015 Maryland Film Festival
Official Selection, 2015 Cucalorus Film Festival

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