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These sculptures reflect my interest in transforming objects from the physical environment that surrounds me. I reconfigure the common object into one of my own conceptual making.These works speak of the idea of making,work and process. 92"H x 92"W


Same ideas as first image. Industrial object as conceptual sculpture alluding to process, making, and biomorphic/industrial forms. 90"h x 36"W x 5"D


Same concept as other images. 60"W x 14"D


Same concept as other images. This piece represents forms which elude to the nautical environment (man-made). Also thinking in terms of process and multiples (Industrial and craft). 28"D x 9"D


About Lars

Anne Arundel County

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Lars Westby received a BFA in Ceramics and a BA in Art History from Penn State University. He earned an MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has taught at many colleges in the Baltimore area and is currently adjunct at AACC.  He has been in many exhibitions nationally and internationally and has received numerous awards and honors including three Maryland State Individual Artist Awards in 2005, 2007 and 2011. He was a resident artist at Baltimore Clayworks for a number of years and in... more

Ceramic Sculptures Current

These are sculptures I've created over the past several years. I take objects from my surroundings and transfigure them into industrial/organic implements that are slightly abstract in not being easily reconizable, Influences would include areas where I have lived and worked.  These forms refer to the industrial object as a vestige of  my physical environment.    More importantly these sculptures refer to utilitarian objects. Implements of work. Work as craft and craft as work. The process of making conceptually becomes part of the work. This is literal and figurative. Literal in my process of creating (as in multiples) and figurative ( as in form).  Many of these objects have been further transformed through subtle anatomical references as seen in their curvilinear forms and literal appendages. The Hand image and implied utilitarian motifs refer to concepts of this hand in work. They have become subverted in meaning and form as contemporary sculptures,  

Abstract Paintings

This is a new series of abstract paintings. I decided to make a pivot from my more well known work in ceramics to take time to explore new ideas and techniques I've been thinking of to abstract painting. They are heavily textured with a stalactite like surface. They elude to natural and constructed elements in nature.

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