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Baltimore City

Lola B. Pierson was born and raised in Baltimore City and is a playwright, writer, and director. A highly collaborative artist, she is the co-artistic director of The Acme Corporation and the creator of Baltimore's Ten Minute Play Festival. A graduate of Baltimore School for the Arts, Bard College, and Towson University, she is passionate about the intersection of language and presence. She is also passionate about using words like “intersection” in her bios. Other words she has used to apply for... more

Stranger Kindness

Baltimore City Paper's Top Ten Stage Productions 2016.

Assembled and co-directed by Lola B. Pierson, Stranger Kindness is a misinterpretation of the American classic A Streetcar Named Desire. Using the intentions and emotions of the original script, the piece alternates between a play and a video being live filmed for the audience. Incorporating language from canonical American plays, modernist existentialist writers, and Marxist feminism Stranger Kindness is much more interesting

than it sounds like it will be. The production considers the mythology created by the classical American theatre and how that mythology is impacted by plays being made into films. Using live video and inspired by the film version of Streetcar the piece explores how much we rely (or don’t rely) on language to convey meaning.

The World Is Round

Winner of Baltimore City Paper's Best of Baltimore 2015 "Best adaptation"
Baltimore City Paper's Top Ten Stage Productions 2015 "#1"
Baltimore Sun's List of The Best of Baltimore's 2015 Theatre Season

The World Is Round was directed and adapted from the Gertrude Stein children's novella by Lola B. Pierson. The piece chronicles the adventures of a young girl named Rose who does a lot of thinking and deciding and mountain climbing. Through her encounters with animals, the woods, school, and mountains Rose explores a very profound understanding of what it means to be human with a child’s understanding of the world. The show explored Stein’s unique writing style and its intersection with modern theatrical devices. Using presence, repetition, chance, and stream of consciousness the piece explored boredom, liveness, and believing in yourself. Original music for the show composed by Jenn Wasner.

The Determination of Azimuth

Directed by Lola B. Pierson with music by Andrew Bernstein as part of the BROS Six Pack. The story of Katherine Johnson, one of the true, but hidden heroes of the Space Age. Katherine was a human computer who rose above the limitations of color and gender to become one of the most trusted mathematicians in the space program and an essential part of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Thr3e Zisters

The Austin Chronicle's Top Ten Theatre Riches of 2015: #1
Austin Critics' Table Winner 2014/2015 "Best Production, Comedy"

Lola B. Pierson's Thr3e Zisters is an amalgamation of a modern adaption of Chekhov's Three Sisters, a literal translation of the original Russian text, and dramatic criticism of Chekhov's work. The piece explores the innate conflict between performing classic texts and the changing roles of gender and performance in contemporary culture. Oh, and the sisters are zombies.

  • Gesture

    The three sisters are taught gesture.
  • After the feast

    The three sisters relax after the zombie attack.
  • Preparation

    The three sisters get prepared for their performance.
  • Irina rebels

    Jenny Larson as Irina turning into a Zombie.
  • Script of The Thr3e Zisters

    "Olga: To-day thou all shinest, thou-seemest extraordinarily pretty. And Masha also is-pretty. Andre would be good, only he filled-out very, this to him not goes. And I grew-old, grew-thin strongly, from-that, it-must be, that am-cross in college, on girls. There to-day, I-am free, I at-home, and by me not aches head, I feel myself younger than yesterday. To-me twenty eight years only...All well, all from God, but to-me seems, if-I-should-go-out for-husband, and whole day sat at home, then this would be better."
    PDF icon Script of The Thr3e Zisters
  • Show poster

    Designed by Salvage Vanguard
  • Thr3e Zisters

    The three sisters, Andrei, and Vershinin pose for the audience.


Co directed with set design by Lola B Pierson. This show was a combination of theatre and performance art. It was performed on loop for 24 hours continuously by the same actors.Considered one of Beckett’s seminal texts, Play presents three characters trapped in a Purgatory-like situation.

Winner of Baltimore City Paper's Best of Baltimore for "Best Production of 2013"


Winner of Baltimore City Paper's Best of Baltimore "Best Use of Video In a Play"
Baltimore City Paper's Top Ten Stage Productions 2014

Directed with portions of the video production by Lola B. Pierson, the Acme Corporation's Kaspar was a contemporary version of Peter Handke's play from 1967. Using video, internet, and the audience members' own cell phones the show explored the idea that language and society simultaneously make us more connected, but less ourselves. Using over 60 local Baltimore artists the show parodied various shows and genres using the text of the original play. Included amongst them were Law & Order, exercise videos, the Eastern Motors commercial that plays on 92Q, movie trailers, soft core pornography, and unboxing videos.

A Day By Yourself

Winner of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance's Ruby Grant in Literary Arts

Written by Lola B. Pierson, A Day By Yourself is a collection of short stories embodying atypical narrative structure.

  • Skyrobics

    "I went to a thing called Skyrobics tonight. It happens at Sky Zone, which is a place made of trampolines where you bounce around and they have this exercise class once a week. It costs $10 + $2 for the socks. But the first class is half off. At 6:40 Dina and I arrive. We're sent to the waiver station where we sign waivers without reading them. 6:42 The lady at the desk asks if it's our first time doing Skyrobics. We say yes and she makes a face. I say "oh no! Will it be crazy?!" and she says, "No, but it's really fun." I don't believe her. She gives us socks in our respective sizes and sends us to go sit on a bunch of benches with some other women who also appear to be waiting for Skyrobics."
    PDF icon Skyrobics
  • You, The Married Man, and His Wife

    "Your last surviving grandparent dies and you realize, as people do, that everyone just got bumped up in line. You have just started getting used to something resembling a routine when The Married Man tells you once again that it’s over, and this time he Really Means it."
    PDF icon You, The Married Man, and His Wife
  • A Cool and Dark Place

    "Waking up is the worst decision and I make it every day. For the first half-hour I am awake, the labels on the bathroom products seem to have a profound meaning that extends past my daily understanding of the world and into some other realm entirely. For the first half-hour of every day I am a sponge, absorbing all of the wrong things and rubbing them around. Living is disgusting, everything just keeps getting dirtier. I read somewhere that for a while there were groups of butterflies destroying trucks that were driving through South Dakota. The butterflies would cover the windshield of a truck and get into the engine through the grill and destroy it."
    PDF icon A Cool and Dark Place
  • Good For What Ails Ya

    "It’s important to gain the reader’s attention from the start. Begin with a catchy sentence. My grandfather was crushed by a Mack Truck and survived. I am sure this means something, but I don’t know what."
    PDF icon Good For What Ails Ya
  • A Library For Bees

    "I get most of my thinking done in the shower, which is fine, I guess, except that you can only take so many showers a day before you dry up entirely. If you close your eyes in the shower you can really be anywhere and I guess that’s the whole point anyway, isn’t it? When I was five my mother and I got into a bad car wreck. I remember sobbing uncontrollably because I thought the car’s bones were all over the road. My mother hugged me tightly and chanted, 'the car couldn’t feel it. The car couldn’t feel it.'"
    PDF icon A Library For Bees

Office Ladies

Written and directed by Lola B Pierson, Office Ladies featured music composed and performed by Alex Scally. The show explores obsession, ants, the atomic bomb, and how we use art to construct meaning for ourselves.

  • Foumi's Ant Dance

    Sophie Hinderberger as Foumi dances about ants.
  • Self

    Jenna Rossman as Self talks to Rosie (Deirdre MacAllister) about holidays.
  • Midori makes it rain

    Caitlin Weaver as Midori sprinkles the lower level with rain made out of punched paper holes.
  • Script of Office Ladies

    "ROSIE: Hey, how is your ant infestation? FOUMI:Oh, you know what? I finally just decided to let them in the house. I mean if they want it that badly then as far as I’m concerned they can just come on in. It was easier than fighting them. ROSIE: I know exactly what you mean. We’re planning Christmas with my husband’s family right now and it’s just a complete nightmare."
    PDF icon Script of Office Ladies
  • Show Poster

    Designed by Jennifer Strunge
  • All six ladies

    Each of the ladies working at her desk.

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