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Chung-Wei Huang is a Taiwanese writer-director currently based in Baltimore. Her creative work explores outsider narratives and character-driven experiences of “othering,” with an emphasis on further exploring intersectional storytelling related to Asian-American and Asian culture in a cross-cultural context. Right now, she teaches at Towson University while working on her next project,  Squeegee Boy, which is supported by the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund. She is one of the ... more

Chung-Wei Huang's portfolio

Buck (Narrative Short, 14m, 2020)

Credit: Writer/Director

Set in an impoverished neighborhood of Baltimore, Buck tells the coming-of-age story of an unruly boy, Noah, whose negligent father cancels on him at the last minute on his birthday. Accompanied by his single mother, Noah pays his father an unexpected visit, only to discover that his half-sister has acquired his dream birthday gift.

Midnight Carnival ( Narrative Short, 19m, 2018)

Credit: Writer/Director

Midnight Carnival tells the story of Andrea Lin, a confused Taiwanese girl in her late teens struggling to find her place in the world. In search of the adventure that is missing from her life, she takes a summer job in America working for a traveling carnival, where she is confronted with the harsh realities of life as a migrant worker. After struggling to connect with her “carney” co-workers, including Julio, a young, free-spirited Mexican man, she must come to terms with her feelings of wanting to belong, yet never feeling at home.

Gold Remi Award/ 51st Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival 2018
FFIFA Award of Contemporary Images  2020
FFIFA Award of Entire Cast  2020

Official Selection:
Big Muddy Film Festival 2019
Asian American International Film Festival 2018
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2018
Chinese American Film Festival
Taiwanese American Film Festival 2018
Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival 2018
Reading Film Fest 2018

Invited Screening:
BMA Screening Room-The Necessity of Tomorrow(s), Baltimore Museum of Arts Initiative, 2020
Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize - Semifinalist Exhibition MICA, Baltimore, MD July 2018
Taiwanese Association of America Minnesota, Mid-Autumn Celebration and Film Screening, Minnesota University, October 2018
University Film and Video Association 2017 National Conference Los Angeles, CA August 2017
University Film and Video Association 2016 National Conference Las Vegas, NV August 2016 (WIP)
Philly Film Showcase, Prince Theater, Philadelphia, PA August 2018

Hopscotch ( Narrative Short, 11m, 2015)

Credit: Writer/Director

It was always easier to go with the flow of the game as a child. But as an adult, Matt begins to question the game in search of self-identity.
Matt and Emma have known each other since childhood. The tension in their relationships has been building and it finally explodes at the Halloween night with a kid's prank. At the moment when he decides to walk away, Matt's recollection of the past moments continuously materializes while he, as a child, is playing a game of Hopscotch.

Best Student Drama/ Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards April 2015
Kodiak Awards/ Alaska International Film Awards 2016

Official Selection:
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2016
Media Film Festival 2016
BLOW-UP · International Arthouse Film Fest 2015
Chinese American Film Festival 2015
Amarcort Film Festival 2015
Cape May Film Festival 2015

Invited Screening:
University Film and Video Association 2015 National Conference Washington, DC August 2015
Temple Shorts, Ambler Theater, Ambler, PA (October 2015)
Filmadelphia, Roxy Theater, Philadelpiha, PA (November 2015)

Cookie Scout ( Narrative Short, 8m, 2018)

Credit: Co-Writer / Co-Director 

After a same gloomy day of selling cookies, Ben takes the bus home as usual. Emily, a 12-year-old girl scout, gets on the bus with her mom and other girls as a group for next day of cookie selling. Fed up with her hysterical mother’s behavior, Emily strategizes to be apart from the group without her mother’s notice. Being alone on the bus, Emily and Ben have a hostile yet playful battle with each other. Startled by the appearance of a middle-aged creep, the two are forced to set aside their differences to aid one another. Ben is put to the test of what it means to be an honorable man.

WI ING WI ING ( Dance Perforamnce Video-Excerpt, 3m, 2016)

Credit: Video Director
Choreography by Cheng Long 

WI ING WI ING is part of the video dance accompaniment, created in collaboration with dance choreographer Long Cheng, to play in synchronization with her live dance performance. The video sheds new light on the traditional Mongolian bowl dance by using a juxtaposing fluidity of moving images.  This excerpt also functions as a looping gallery piece.


    Aside from producing narrative work, I also enjoy creating interdisciplinary screen dance videos. For me, it is a purely visual experiment without the limitations of narrative structure. WI ING WI ING (2016) is created in collaboration with dance choreographer Long Cheng, to play in synchronization with her live dance performance. This was also screened at Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize - Semifinalist Exhibition at MICA, 2018.

Seeing ( Dance Performance Video, 4m, 2017)

Credit: Video Director 
Choreography by Muyu Yuan

Seeing was originally created with dance choreographer Muyu Yuan as a stand-alone video projection incorporated into the dance performance Double Horizon (2017). Seeing plays with the visual aesthetic of the kaleidoscope while examining the female body. The video also functions as a looping gallery piece.

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