Chung-Wei's profile

Chung-Wei Huang is an award-winning filmmaker from a small town in Taiwan, now calls Baltimore her home. Chung-Wei's artistic pursuits encompass narrative films and dance for the camera video. She is drawn to ordinary lives and the beauty inherent in everyday moments. She wants to interweave elements of social commentary into her work and navigate the complex intersections of personal struggles, creating narratives that offer a nuanced perspective.

Her journey in filmmaking includes the premiere of her thesis film, "Midnight Carnival" (2018), at the Asian American International Film Festival, followed by selections in film festivals nationwide. The success continued with her second narrative short film, "Buck" (2021), debuting at the LA Shorts International Film Festival. Recognized for her work, Chung-Wei received the Rubys Artist Grant to produce the dance for the camera video titled "Days without End." Her film, "Squeegee Boy," was supported by the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund and is currently in film festival circuits. 

Chung-Wei was a semifinalist for the Sondheim Artscape Prize in 2018 and receiving the Baker Artist Awards in 2021. Holding an MFA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University, where she was a recipient of the Presidential Fellowship, Chung-Wei now imparts her knowledge and passion for filmmaking to students at American University.

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