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online publications

"la vida"  (2021)
orignally published in
NYC's Center exihbit "Queer Artists of Color Paint the 21st Century"

 "Man with shotgun and alien" (2021)
    orignally published in Shenandoah

"tender-headed" (2021)
    orignally published in Shenandoah

"of two minds" (2020)
    orignally published in DIAGRAM_20.4

"turning the head of a rake" (2020)
    orignally published by Spilt Milk

"on a line by Wojahn" (2020)
    orignally published in Spilt Milk

PDF icon online publciations w pages

Ponder Review, Fall 2019

"straight people are the reason" (2019)
        orignally published by Ponder Review

PDF icon Ponder Review, Fall 2019

forthcoming pubs - hopkins review (2) and poet lore (1).pdf

"first black cop bop" (2022)
    forthcoming in The Hopkins Review 

"perpetual resin" (2022)
    forthcoming in The Hopkins Review

"on the tiniest of budgets"
    forthcoming in Poet Lore

PDF icon forthcoming pubs - hopkins review (2) and poet lore (1).pdf

print pubs fast backwards, family crowds, and edible but ugly.pdf

"fast backwards" (2019)
   originally published in The Santa Clara Review
"family crowds around open oven" (2018)
    originally published in Black Mountain Press

"edible, but ugly" (2015)
    originally published in Amendment Journal

PDF icon print pubs fast backwards, family crowds, and edible but ugly.pdf


About Sylvia

Baltimore City

Sylvia Jones's picture
Sylvia Jones is a writer, educator and prison abolitionist. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland with Agata Ambrozewicz her partner and their buff tabby, Theo. She earned her MFA at American University in Washington D.C. where she served on staff for FOLIO. Over the course of earning her degree she worked as a summer teaching artist with The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts and interned with the Maryland Center for History and Culture. Sylvia's writing has appeared or is forthcoming in DIAGRAM... more

DIAGRAM ISSUE 20.4 (2020)


The germ of this poem came from two places :

1) a quote by David Shields from his book, Reality Hunger : A Manifesto (Knopf‎, ‎Vintage, 2010): "'I'm interested in the ways in which stories of suffering might be used to mask other, less marketable stories of suffering."

2) The 2019 film adaptation of Richard Wright's novel Native Son (Harper & Brothers, 1940)


WINDFALL ROOM ISSUE 36 Baltimore Series #7

Each issue Windfall Room publishes a poet reciting one of their own works in a high-quality audio/video format. There is no accompanying text version of the poem. Dora Malech reached out to me in the Fall and asked if I'd be interested in working with the Windfall Room for their upcoming issue, I was so elated to be asked and very much enjoyed all the various situational challenges that came with this elaborate attempt to stage a good recitation. Nevertheless, here's a link to the video recording Windfall Room Issue 36 wherein I'm reciting my poem "Turning the head of a rake on its side" facing lakeside in Druid Hill Park with my back to 83. The poem itself was originially published in 2020 by Spilt Milk an online publication run and housed by Milk Press Books and The Poetry Society of New York.

New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center

"3 POEMS" for “Different Strokes/Different Folks: Queer Artists of Color Paint the 21st Century”

“Different Strokes/Different Folks: Queer Artists of Color Paint the 21st Century” is a virtual exhibition of works by LGBTQ+ BIPOC artists that explore the intersections of gender and queerness, along with the interplay of race, class, ability, religion, sex, and sexuality—all against the backdrop of an organization that was founded at the height of, and in response to, the AIDS epidemic.

This exhibition seeks to unite LGBTQ+ BIPOC artists that identify on any part of the queer spectrum, challenging static notions of who is “allowed” to claim the queer identity as well as what it means to be an LGBTQ+ BIPOC artist producing work today. Through their work, artists consider topics that create space to re-contextualize history, the present, and the not-so-distant future for LGBTQ+ communities and spaces.

On View June-October, 2021
Curated by Richard Morales


Matías Alvial
LaTefy Dolley
Mx. Enigma
Nar Jes
Sylvia Jones
Rebecca Lee
Daniel Ortiz
Kevin Quiles Bonilla
Noelle Salaun
Fernando Vieira

audio recording of "Family crowds around open oven for warmth"

An audio file of me reciting a piece I wrote in response to another artist's work. Here, I'm responding to a photographic work from Gordon Park's, entitled, "Family crowds around open oven for warmth. Harlem, New York" which is where my poem also draws its title from.

Sylvia's Curated Collection

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