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Maryland Cloaked Singer

Maryland Promotional Demo, to the song “We Will Rock You” by Queen. Featuring flash photos of Maryland’s many great attractions!

American Drum Dancing

“American Drum Dancing” – Percussions and Tap Dance Personified - Auditioned by America’s Got Talent and Interviewed by three panels. Filmed 12/2/12

Primaton - Beyond Rap & Reggaeton

“Primaton Music – Beyond Rap & Reggaeton" – A concept of Reggaeton Music but 25% faster, with my original lyrics, percussions and dance. Contacted by "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Filmed 6/26/06

"Sometimes A Fantasy" by Billy Joel

Cover Song Video – Filmed at Video on Location, Rockville, Maryland. Soundtrack Recorded at Sheffield Recording Studio, Maryland. Song written and originally performed by Billy Joel. Filmed 1986


About Michael K.

Baltimore County

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Greetings,  my  name is Michael Primavera, the "Maryland Cloaked Singer."   Where our state sport is jousting and our state flag is a heraldic banner.  Mission - To entertain and inspire, while serving worthy causes and those in need.  Music Demo attached, along with my entertainment and public service history. Closing Note: Primavera means First-Truth in Latin. I was born in Fort Bragg, baptized on Independance Day and I am 70. Please let me know how I may be of... more

Metallic Enamel Fantasy Painting Series – "The Messenger"

Painted on heavy gauge paper, using "Testors" model paints.

  • "Creation"

    Painting #1 of the 4-painting "Messenger" series, titled “Creation”
  • "Awakening"

    Painting #2 of the 4-painting "Messenger" series, titled “Awakening”
  • "The Gathering"

    Painting #3 of the 4-painting "Messenger" series, titled “The Gathering”
  • "The Quickening"

    Painting #4 of the 4-painting "Messenger" series, titled "The Quickening"

Mechanical Arts

It is said, "The one with the most toys, wins." What if yours were the most inspired?"

  • Freehand Percussions

    “Freehand Percussions” – A 21pc portable and open-handed system that I developed specifically for simultaneous percussion playing with dancing. Featured in two music video works that are included in this portfolio. Resulting in being contacted by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and auditioning for "America’s Got Talent.”
  • BMW Flyer Motorcycle

    Implemented over 50 mechanical and esthetic improvements on my 2004 BMW R100R Motorcycle. Then, submitted a marketing proposal to Bob’s BMW, to produce more BMW Flyers.
  • Mountain Cruiser prototype

    1986 Raleigh Mountain Bike that I upgraded and converted into a “Mountain Cruiser.”
  • Custom Vintage Speed Skates

    Late 70s Riedell speed skates that I upgraded and customized.
  • GTO Model

    My first Mechanical Arts project. At 13yrs old, I built this Pontiac GTO car model, with parts from several different car kits. Accompanied by extensive adult-level modifications, such as chopped top, wired motor ect.
  • Primavera Specialties Logo

    Logo that I created, based on the Primavera Coat of Arms. Accompanied by the life motto that I adopted from my Dad.