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MESHELLE on TruTV 2018

TruTV has a new Hit late night show, "Laffmobb's Lafftracks" featuring comedians who vividily share funny stories. MESHELLE's comedic wit, writing and impeccable timing are a perfect fit as the Director's opted to cast each bit as a short! What a great idea and fit for MESHELLE and with over 500,000 online/social media views since it aired on the network, notably, her funny take on Motherhoood is a huge HIT!

SOLD OUT Performance @ Joe's Pub at THE PUBLIC THEATER NY/NY 2018

MESHELLE's SOLD OUT Performance of her Award Winning SOLO Play, "Diary Of A MILF" (Mom I'd Love to FOLLOW) Joe's Pub at New York City's lauded THE PUBLIC THEATER (Summer, 2018)

MESHELLE in Diary Of A MILF (Mom I'd Love to FOLLOW) Joe's Pub @ THE PUBLIC THEATER NY 2018

Just a glimpse of a few of MESHELLE's characters and Stand Up in her award winning One Woman Play, "Diary Of A MILF" (Mom I'd Love to FOLLOW) at the internationally acclaimed Joe's Pub at THE PUBLIC THEATER (July, 2018) NY/NY.


MESHELLE (WINNER, Best Stand Up) during the UNITED SOLO THEATRE FESTIVAL(The World's Largest Solo Theatre Festival) on THEATRE ROW [42nd Street] for her award winning One Woman Play, "Diary Of A MILF"(Mom I'd Love to FOLLOW) Directed by Rain Pryor. [September-November, 2018]


About Meshelle

Meshelle The Indie-Mom Of Comedy's picture
MESHELLE "The Indie-Mom of Comedy" Innovative, Independent with Individuality are the words that best describe MESHELLE "The Indie-Mom of Comedy". With a style that makes you stop and in your tracks and say “she looks like “the Girlfriend, not “the WIFE” and certainly not anyone’s “MOM”. MESHELLE is a wife, mother of 3, and sought after comedienne whose appearances include: Nickelodeon's Search for the Funniest Mom in America 3 (Hosted by Roseanne Barr), Martin Lawrence Presents: THE FIRST AMENDMENT... more

Evolution of an Indie-Mom of Comedy:The Incubation

The bodacious, unapologetic Art that is; Stand- Up Comedy, has led me to places that I could’ve never imagined, as the youngest daughter of an unwed Baltimore inner-city teen mom. At-a-glance; the ebb and flow has been obtuse; from sharing a panel with the former past president of the NAACP (Benjamin Todd Jealous) and the late great Ossie Davis; in the syndicated documentary; Walk a Mile in My Shoes: A 90 year Look at the NAACP (1999) to the becoming a Social Justice Fellow of the Open Society Institute, (2010-2012). From Baltimore’s, Center Stage (Stoop Story Telling: Across The Great Divide; and Open Society Institute’s BIG CHANGE 15 year Anniversary) to the cast of an inaugural musical based on a nationally syndicated comic strip (Zippy the Pinhead; Baltimore Theatre Project). In the traditional stand up comedy sensibility, while surfing channels; I may pop up on current premium and network shows such as Nickleodeon, BET( Black Entertainment Television), STARz and CBS. And as if this weren’t amusing enough, it’s afforded me the title of Goddess/Comic Momma by the Founder, Rebecca Hoffberger; of the American Visionary Arts Museum.  Never would I imagine that my angst and mishaps as a mom determined to live her dream as a Stand Up comedienne, would become an award winning, one-woman play, written and performed by yours truly, Directed by Image Award Winner,  Rain Pryor.  Diary Of A MILF (Mom I'd Love to FOLLOW) chronicles a day in my life in one act . Yet, when I consider the extent of the journey thus far, it seems farfetched that stand up would introduce me to stages and performance spaces with the likes of the legendary, Dr. Maya Angelou, BB King, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kathy Kinney and Stevie Wonder to name a few. Most surprisingly, an unlikely invitation to THE OVAL Office for face-time with President Barack Obama (2009) only to be serendipitously thrilled nearly a year later (2010) to receive an invitation to a women’s only intimate gathering in Washington, DC; where I performed and met the FIRST LADY, Michelle Obama.
There was no way to ever imagine that an art form as pure and unadulterated as, stand up comedy; could provoke, kidnap and incite me, after 3 years of matriculation in a doctoral program (Temple University, Department of School Psychology), to take an extended leave-of-absence, to immerse myself in a quest to study, perform and someday carve a niche in the world of Stand Up Comedy; and yet it most certainly did! The road from 1999-2018 was extremely uncertain, with no true precedent. It took 10 years of standing on stages, in between, the beautiful surprise of marriage and motherhood (3 times) before I discovered and proclaimed to be, the Indie-Mom of Comedy. This is a glimpse of my Artistic hajj thus far!

The INCUBATION: This content, shares the rough, rocky, road, to finding my voice as a Stand Up Comedienne. While its brutally honest and pure, at best; its humbling, cringe-worthy at times and simultaneously enlightening and refreshing to see my beginnings. I unapologetically share them to place the inaugural blots on the canvas.

  • Promotional Photo

    Funny As A Mother... Comedy Album Promotional Photo By Erin Scott Photography Washington, DC
  • Post-Pregnancy Photoshoot...with 3 month old baby #2 in Tow

    Photoshoots a neccessary EVIL!
    In the midst of creating comedy reel in hopes of gaining representation and gigs, I was challenged with a morphing pre and post pregnancy body. In an effort to keep all of my marketing and promotional content current, I was faced with the challenge of accurate depictions of my self-image. Our second daughter was less than 3 months old and with me in her stroller (au pair? Not a chance!) as I worked with the make up artist and photographer during this 3 hour shoot.
  • The Quest for Representation: Creating Reel/ Electronic Press Kit

    An early attempt at creating an authentic representation of my comedic voice (circa, 2004). Yet, the content shows the raw grit of gathering thoughts, stories and hoping to make a connection. Trepidation is never an option, the Art suggests we let the chips fall where they may. Hoping for another chance to edit, refine and share again. While I have birthed two children at this juncture, I have yet to embrace or create, the Indie-Mom persona.
  • DC IMPROV:Audtioning for TV Executives for Nickelodeon Search for the Funniest Mom in America 3

    Pregnant with my third child, I auditioned for Nickelodeon's Search for the Funniest Mom in America 3 Hosted by Roseanne Barr. Still not certain of my "comedic voice", not yet a proclaimed "Indie-Mom of Comedy"; this is the actual reel from my audition as the executives journeyed across the country auditioning over 300 moms/comediennes, and hopefuls. From here; I was tapped as a contestant on the show! *Note, the Art of Stand Up, charges a comic to repeat the same content until there is fluidity, impeccable timing and universal response.
  • Enlightened: The second incarnation of creating a comedic reel

    An amalgam of old content, snippets of LIVE productions, and taped to LIVE countdown show appearances made for television. At this juncture, with my third child in tow, the Indie-Mom of Comedy is emerging, yet, the familiarity of tried and trusted cadences, stories, and punch lines, over-ride the Indie-Mom point of view. A rare look at the authentic life of a working stand up Comedienne is offered on camera, with my infant son in tow, during a post-production interview.
  • MESHELLE "LIVE" @ Burbank Comedy Festival 2017 August 16

    MESHELLE was selected to perform at the Burbank Comedy Festival 2016 and 2017. Hundreds of comedians submitted and MESHELLE "The Indie-Mom of Comedy" was hand picked by the festival executives in Los Angeles and Burbank, CA.
  • MESHELLE "LIVE" Funny As A Mother...Album recording for COMEDY DYNAMICS Record Label

    MESHELLE is now among the elite roster ( Tiffany Haddish, DL Hughley, Bill Burr, Kevin Nealon, etc.) of the Largest Comedy Record label in the Country "Comedy Dynamics" based in Los Angeles, CA. The label executives gave MESHELLE the option to record her "LIVE" album in LA, CHICAGO, NY and all points between, as a true lover of "Charm City"; MESHELLE opted to record her albume in Baltimore at the Creative Alliance to a SOLD OUT Audience.
  • MESHELLE The Indie-Mom of Comedy @ Warner Theatre (Washington, DC) July 2013

    MESHELLE " The Indie-Mom of Comedy" was featured at the 100 year Cenntennial Anniversary (1913-2013) of her esteemed 'service -driven" Sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc in Washington, DC at the Historic Warner Theatre.
  • Funny As A Mother...Promo shots for Album on Comedy Dynamics

    Funny As A Mother Album Promo Pics
    MESHELLE photo shoot for Funny As A MOTHER... for Comedy Dynamics Record Label
  • MESHELLE - The Indie-Mom of Comedy FEATUERED at the Black Women's Roundtable Awards Event, Washington, DC

    March 1, 2017 - WASHINGTON D.C.: Meshelle, The Indie-Mom of Comedy, entertains, the attendees of SisTARS Leadership Awards Ceremony & Reception. Hosted by the Black Women's Roundtable The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation (NCBCP)’s Black Women’s Roundtable (BWR) will host its Sixth Annual BWR Women of Power National Summit (BWR Summit) on Wednesday, March 29 thru Sunday, April 2, with events taking place on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC and at the Summit’s headquarters hotel, the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington, Virginia.

Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET (NYC DEBUT) to the Creative Alliance "Annual Signature Event" April 2018

Midtown International Theatre Festival "Variety" is proud to bring you MESHELLE IN FUNNY, FIERCE, FABULOUS: THE CABARET MESHELLE, 2014 winner of “Outstanding Solo Performer” shares another stage persona with the festival. A child of musical comedy from Carol Burnett, Jackie “Moms” Mabley to Lena Horne; MESHELLE will share tales from her life through song, funny stories and all points in between. Accompanied by Mike Scott Jr & Friends, this CABARET will make you laugh, sing and maybe share a gag or two! (Cabaret)

Performance Dates: Sun 8/2, 7:00pm

Running time: 45 minutes

Venue: Davenport Theatre, 354 W. 45th Street, NYC, NY 10036, US
Black Box, Second floor, between 8th and 9th Avenues

Since it's orginal debut at the Midtown International Festival, MESHELLE has  had annual SOLD OUT Performances of  Funny, Fierce, Fabulous; THE CABARET which has become not only a touring show but an annual signature event at Baltimore's Creative Alliance.  This event has been SOLD OUT for 5 years at the Creative Alliance, MESHELLE serves as HOST and Key Performer bringing comedy, and award winning musical talent to this Artist Incubation and Performance Space in SouthEast Baltimore.  Previous featured artists have been: 
Grammy, Oscar and Dove Award Winning Songstress - Regina Belle
Stellar Award Winner- Y'Anna Crawley
Multi-Platinum Selling R&B Artists- Ruff  Endz
As well as Comedians as seen on HBO, Comedy Central, BET, and TruTV.  

It has been a NIGHT to remember for all who attend!

  • Funny Fierce Fabulous 2018 SOLD OUT flyer.jpg

    Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET [SOLD OUT] @ Creative Alliance
    MESHELLE performed at the 5th Annual Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET during this SOLD OUT Signature event, along with special and invited guest, at the Creative Alliance, April 7, 2018.
  • Funny Fierce Fabulous 2018 The Lobby Creative Alliance.jpg

    Post Performance "meet and greet" for the 5th Annual Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET Signature event "SOLD OUT" at the Creative Alliance (April, 2018)
  • Funny Fierce Fabulous Cabaret 2016.jpg

    GRAMMY AWARD WINNER, REGINA BELLE Special Guest at 3rd Annual Funny, Fierce, Fabulous :THE CABARET Signature Event
    3rd Annual Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET Signature Event Hosted by MESHELLE was a huge success with a SOLD OUT performance by MESHELLE and Special Guest, Grammy, Oscar, Dove Award Winning Songstress, REGINA BELLE. It was a night to remember with laugthter and music ringing through the halls and theatre of the Creative Alliance.
  • Funny Fierce Fabulous Cabaret 2017 Final .jpg

    4th Annual Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET  2017
    4th Annual Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET Signature Event Hosted and Featuring MESHELLE and Stellar Award Winning Singer, Y'anna Crawley with Special Guest, Comedian Mike Troy as seen on ABC's " All My Children", Comedy Central (Chapelle Show), HBO, BET and TruTV. This SOLD OUT event left audiences laughing, inspired and dancing in the aisles at the Creative Alliance (2017)
  • Funny Fierce Fabulous The Cabaret Save the Date 2018.jpg

    5th Annual Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET Signature Event
    5th Annual Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET (SOLD OUT) Signature Event Hosted and Featuring MESHELLE and Special Guest, Multiplatinum Selling R&B Duo " Ruff Endz" and the return of Comedian Mike Troy. The night was filled with laughter, music and messaging that we can all serve and support the arts and social change. The Creative Alliance theatre and hallways were bustling with guests.
  • 3rd Annual Funny, Fierce, Fabulous; THE CABARET 2018

    MESHELLE Host and Performs at the 3rd Annual Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET Signature Event with Grammy, OSCAR and Dove Award Winning Songstress, REGINA BELLE. The Laughter and Music filled the Theater of the Creative Alliance.

Indie Mom of Comedy Collaborations and Art

Partnerships, Collaborations and Design Highlighting Indie-Mom of Comedy Events
Over the years working with some of the entertaiment industry's top exeucutives and comedians have allowed my comedy and reach to expand exponentially from appearances at the World Famous, APOLLO THEATRE in Harlem, NY to the theatre mecca of Midtown Manhattan gracing the stage at the THE PUBLIC THEATRE and Theatre Row's 42nd Street.  What an amazing journey it continues to be!

  • Gotham Comedy Club, NY, NY (residency)

    Currently the host of a monthly comedy residency in New York City at Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan. The club is noted for its own show seen nationally entitled "LIVE AT GOTHAM" and features the biggest names in Stand Up Comedy from Jerry Seinfeld to Chris Rock. What an honor it is to host my monthly show entitled, "Mayhem & Martinis" right in the heart of Chelsea!
  • Soul Train Cruise 2017

    MESHELLE Performing on the 2017 Soul Train Cruise
    Performing on the 2017 Soul Train Cruise alongsid featured artists such as: Chaka Kahn, The Commodores, Kool&The Gang, Chic with Nile Rogers and many more Grammy Award Winning Artists. Setting sail to Belize, Cozumel and the Bahamas. This is sure to be an exciting series of performances. I will have several performances while on board. Honored to be included. ( March 2017)
  • Heart of School Awards @ THE HIPPODROME

    Host of the inaugural ' "Heart of School Awards" what an honor. The Fund for Educational Excellence describes it as such: The Fund for Educational Excellence, together with Baltimore City Public Schools as well as business, foundation and community partners, is hosting the first annual Heart of the School Awards to celebrate Baltimore City Public Schools' Principals.
  • World Famous APOLLO THEATRE (Harlem, NY)

    My debut performance at the WORLD FAMOUS APOLLO THEATRE in Harlem, NY came during Women's History Month, March 2016 and what a thrill it was! To see my name on the marquee is a feeling I will not soon forget. And what and honor to be invited back this June, 2017!
  • MESHELLE Hosts University of Maryland's Founder's Gala 2016

    Founders Gala
    HOST of the University of Maryland's Founders Gala, the culimination of a week of scheduled events: Descibed as such: Each year the University of Maryland, Baltimore celebrates the achievements and successes of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and philanthropic supporters and pays tribute to UMB's 200-plus-year history with a series of Founders Week events. (November, 2016)

    Play- It-Forward, an annual event held by Port Discovery as its signature fundraising event which also honor those who support kids! Its organizers describe it as such: Join us as we honor Coach John Harbaugh and Lenny "Batman" Robinson (1963-2015) with the Great Friend to Kids Award! Enjoy a fun-filled, adults-only party featuring fabulous food and engaging activities and laughs inspired by: Meshelle, The Indie-Mom of Comedy (May, 2016)
  • BIG CHANGE Baltimore (Centerstage)

    Grateful to be a part of the inaugural event at Baltimore's Centerstage (2013)
  • MESHELLE on GRAND MARQUEE of the [World Famous] APOLLO THEATER (Harlem, NY)

    MESHELLE "The Indie-Mom of Comedy" on the GRAND MARQUEE of the WORLD FAMOUS "APOLLO THEATER" in Harlem, NY (2017)

    ARSENIO HALL and MESHELLE at the Dover Downs Casino for 1 Night Only!
    LATE NIGHT KING of Televsion talk Arsenio Hall and MESHELLE "The Indie-Mom of Comedy" for 1 Night Only at the Dover Downs and Casino (SOLD OUT) and a great night of Laughter!
  • Funny As Mother Final Album Cover 2016.jpg

    Funny As A Mother Album Cover 2016
    THE FINAL touch ...Funny As A Mother.... (Album cover for Comedy Dynamics Records) 2016

Diary Of A MILF :Mom I'd Love to FOLLOW

Fully immersed and actualized as the Indie-Mom of Comedy, no longer searching for "how I show up" on stage. Delving deeper into the nuances that created this "Stand Up Comedy" point of view, my laugh and art started to unconsciously integrate and resonate with women from all over the globe. Charged with sharing the universality of the messaging, the theatre became and continues to be the natural progression. After a 24 hour melt-down, consumed in tears and post nursing trauma, I was feeling as if my MOM life was taking over my innovative, independent spirit. The stage was a distant but faithful lover and I really needed its panacea for the pain. My husband couldn't bare my mom-induced "funk" and ordered me to...WRITE! "Write your way to the theatre and I will find a space to perform!" That's exactly what I did. I wrote until the tears dried and I began to laugh. I wrote as an insider looking out of my life; and an outsider looking in. Those writings became what is now my treatise of sorts, and an award winning play and performance. Diary Of A MILF: Mom I'd Love to FOLLOW; suggests that, while we are coerced into following moms on reality television who don't cook or seem tonprovide one-to-one care for their children, there is an authentic alternative. While my life seems fabulous to some, the day-to-day could easily grant me a stay-cation in the nearest psychiatric ward. Which could possibly be great fodder albeit a little restrictive and inconvenient.

MESHELLE "The Indie-Mom of Comedy" invites you to experience the balancing act that is her REAL LIFE! Can women have it all marriage, a dream career, and maintain their MILF status with 3 kids in tow? MESHELLE’s Diary boasts three key ingredients: a little mania, a touch of OCD and lots of laughs. FOLLOW as she juggles 24 hours during the Christmas holiday season; from the first grade classroom Kwanzaa presentation; to the country school secret Santa swap and holiday family dinner at Nana’s house, all of which birth 5 unforgettable characters refusing to take a backseat in her Hybrid SUV! MESHELLE closes the show in the one place that provides the panacea for her pain; the comedy club: performing her signature “Indie-Mom” Stand Up; fearlessly sharing some of the funniest stories you’ve never heard! After a day in her life you'll certainly want to FOLLOW her!

Chronicles: Articles, Clippings, Laugh Lines

There is a saying, " There is no such thing as BAD PRESS". Having never had a publicist, marketing team or even a town crier; getting the word out and sharing my artistic journey as a stand up comedienne, has been arduous. Relentless in my work ethic, and always ready to share a laugh, the word has begun to trickle. Sharing this part of the Indie-Mom journey has been revealing.
I began as a single graduate student, simply Meshelle Foreman, once married two years later the brand and name changed , Meshelle Foreman Shields, taboo in the industry. And when I was told I HAVE IT, the one name personality, I went for it, dropping all but MESHELLE. Three children later, it became apparent, that there were more layers to this onion, thus, MESHELLE "The Indie-Mom of Comedy" and the buck stops there! Therefore, my press, had a bit of identity crisis, up to now. I embrace it all, and someday it will make for a great late night show couch story. Yet, another blot on the canvas.

  • Baltimore Grill:MESHELLE

    The so-called "Indie-Mom of Comedy" on her funny husband, getting material from her kids and staying sane.
    Edited by Max Weiss

    Microsoft Office document icon Baltimore Grill:MESHELLE
  • Oprah and MESHELLE

    Local comedienne steps out on faith to become Oprah Winfrey's next big television star

    Lynn Pinder
    Baltimore Religion & Politics Examiner

    Microsoft Office document icon Oprah and MESHELLE
  • Baltimore's Child Magazine December 2012

    Meshelle: Baltimore's 'Indie-Mom of Comedy'
    By Michele Wojciechowski??In her material, local comedienne and mom of three Meshelle uses experiences straight from her life: everything from dealing with the uppity moms at the private school her daughter used to attend, to her son waking her up in the middle of the night because he has to pee.|?She offers sage advice for the other mothers out there who are stressed out and could use a laugh.

    Microsoft Office document icon Baltimore's Child Magazine December 2012
  • Copy Line Magazine

    Greensboro, NC ( — Mentoring is a conscious choice to dedicate time, energy and effort to help another; and, the ability to turnkey that mentoring into mentorship for others in need is life-changing. The Save A Girl… Save A World program does just that. The fourth annual Save A Girl… Save A World is a reciprocal mentorship program retreat where college-aged students mentor high school students, who in turn are mentored by professional women. This life-changing experience titled: “Building Bridges & Learning Together” will take place Nov. 7-8 at the Bennett College Global Learning Center, in Greensboro, North Carolina. The event is sponsored by Ford Motor Company Fund.

    Microsoft Office document icon Copy Line Magazine
  • US Dream Academy Article

    The legendary Patti LaBelle helped the U.S. Dream Academy celebrate it’s 10th Annual Power of a Dream Gala at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Wednesday night. The academy helps children with incarcerated parents, who need an extra push to excel in school.

    Microsoft Office document icon US Dream Academy Article
  • Insight News

    Black women assert their agenda on Capitol Hill and at the White House during Women of Power Summit
    MONDAY, 18 MARCH 2013 13:30

    Microsoft Office document icon Insight News
  • Laughlines Baltimore Sun

    Laugh lines for everyday zpeople Comedian: When Meshelle Foreman tells tales from her life, people chuckle in recognition.

    December 18, 1997|By M. Dion Thompson | M. Dion Thompson,SUN STAFF

    Microsoft Office document icon Laughlines Baltimore Sun

Birthing The Indie-Mom of Comedy: I think. I speak. I write. I am

Moments shy of a decade of marriage with three midwife assisted home births under my belt, I finally grasped the notion that being a Mom was dominant in my life and was screaming for a space on stage, never to back away again. The stage continued to be my paramour, beckoning me daily, as any stand up will confess, once its in your system, detoxing is not a option. It will manifest and have its way with its courier no matter what. Previous incarnations became unlikely allies for the stage. Over 20 years of mentoring, advocacy, program development and implementation for inner-city and underserved girls and women, gave me license to speak and support individual and organizations who sought to serve. As a daughter of a teen mom raised by conservative southern transplants, living in the once working class community of Park Heights, now openly marginalized by post Vietnam drug disease, I shared my story in hopes of garnering support. My professional predisposition, stand up, made the stories palpable, often building empathy with the most sensitive issues and challenges. From race, education, social change, gender specific content, to fund and friend raising. Stand Up and social justice, uncommon bed fellows for my contemporaries, became an organic progression for this self-proclaimed "Indie-Mom of Comedy".

Why and Indie-Mom? Moms are loved and yet boxed into a paradigm, of nurturing, playing it safe for the sake of their children of partner. An Indie-Mom, debunks the notion. Independent. Innovative. Individuality. I never fit the stereotype and stand up is believed to be commandeered and dominated by men. Essentially, I allowed the gift of humor to speak truth to power, with a burst of laughter to soothe the sting.

Birthing shares the emerging and transcending presence of my stand up. Declaring; I think. I speak. I write. I am...The Indie-Mom of Comedy. A myriad of writings, humorous talks, and clips add to the canvas and make the case for the maturation of the Indie-Mom of Comedy.

  • Baltimore Magazine: THE GRILL

    Like any other artist, I have taken jabs from media outlets, while adamant about creating space for the Indie-Mom of Comedy persona. This is the image attached to an article featured in Baltimore Magazine.
  • Indie Mom of Comedy Logo

    This logo was designed by Susan Hough of Octavo Designs, based in Frederick, MD. The logo is used for all public relations, marketing collateral, paraphernalia, and text materials.
  • Baltimore's Child Magazine December 2012

    This photo of my children and I was featured in Baltimore's Child Magazine, December 2012. It was featured in "A Woman's Place" entitled; Meshelle: Baltimore's Indie-Mom of Comedy, and written by the award winning writer, Michele Wojciechowski. pg. 16, December 2012
  • TEDxTalk: The Truth About Goaldiggers

    This is screen shot from a TEDx Talk organized by the YMCA and Open Society Institute-Baltimore. The talk illustrates my passion for serving while using stand up and humor to build empathy and support.
  • Bubbles and Brains Event at the Four Seasons -Baltimore

    Boutique Events and the key board members of Port Discovery Museum, curated a fundraising event, entitled Bubbles and Brains, February 2014 at the Four Seasons -Baltimore. This photo was captured during my performance.
  • TEDxTalk: The Truth About Goaldiggers

    TEDxBaltimore Theme: The Future We Make Every day, we create the world – and the city – we live in. This inaugural TEDxBaltimore event will celebrate the people and ideas who are making Baltimore a better place to live. From artists to thinkers to activists, we'll highlight the people who are doing things that matter. Gather and glimpse our bright future – together.
  • BIG CHANGE Baltimore (Centerstage)

    Big Change Baltimore: A Forum of Ideas That Are Reshaping Our Future Big Change Baltimore 2013 celebrated the Open Society Institute–Baltimore’s presence in the city over 15 years. Hundreds of business and civic leaders gathered to hear engaging conversations and ideas, led by some of the nation’s most extraordinary thinkers, researchers, and visionaries. Listen to the Audio of my humorous talk.
  • BIG CHANGE taking to the stage

    BIG CHANGE tipped the scales as I shared the stage with international leaders and change agents. Screen shot of my talk. BIG CHANGE 2013, Centerstage.

Derivatives: Discovering Layers of Laughter

Creating a distinct comedic voice and allowing it to breath, stretch, morph, fail, restore, ascend, only to go deeper into the abyss; that is the art, of Stand Up. My naïve fearlessness offered more opportunities. While I found space on television through traditional stand up showcases, touring the country as a result; it was the non-traditional invitations that insisted I trust my Indie-Mom instincts. Peppering my bits with self-discovery, epic mom failures, marital jousting and chronicles of a social change agent, I discovered derivatives of the art that had only been considered by a few.

Story-telling on the Stoop to sold out audiences at CenterStage, co-hosting and guest appearances on PRI affiliated talk radio shows (Marc Steiner Show, Michael Eric Dyson Show, Dan Rodricks Show); soap-box moments (Women of the World with Mary Chapin Carpenter) laced in laughter at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, and crowned a Goddess alongside Kathy Kinney by American Visionary Arts Museum Founder, Rebecca Hoffberger ushered me into a new light. From the Jewish Community Center's, Gordon Performing Arts Center, to the Oval Office of the White House, there seemed to be a contagion for laughter.

  • Marc Steiner Show: Masculinity, Media Violence

    February 13, 2014 – Segment 2 We turn to the topic of violence, its representation in the media and culture, masculinity’s role in violence, and violence’s effects on our youth. Our panel of guests includes: Dr. Lawrence Brown, activist, public health consultant, and Assistant Professor of Public Health at Morgan State University; Meshelle, The Indie Mom Of Comedy, former OSI Baltimore Community Fellow and Founder of Goaldiggers, The Sankofa Project; and the Rev.
  • Marc Steiner Show: The Joy of Making Art

    April 8, 2014 – Segment 1 This week is the WEAA Spring Membership Drive, so tune in for compelling topics and wonderful premiums! Now is your opportunity to support the station you have come to love: WEAA, THE Voice of the Community. Call 410-319-8888 or visit to make your pledge of support during the show. We start the show with a roundtable of artists, musicians and performers. Our guests talk about their work, why they express themselves through their art, and the joy of performing and making art.
  • Marc Steiner Show: Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET

    We talk to Meshelle, “The Indie-Mom of Comedy” and Founder of Goaldiggers The Sankofa Project, about an event coming up this weekend at 7pm on Sunday, April 7th at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore. The event, “Funny, Fierce, Fabulous: THE CABARET,” explores Meshelle’s musical theater roots and is a fundraiser for Goaldiggers. For more information, visit the Creative Alliance.
  • Marc Steiner Show: MESHELLE on Valentine's

    Love is in the air at the Marc Steiner Show! Meshelle joins us to talk about the trials and travails of negotiating Valentine’s Day.
  • Marc Steiner Show: Sharing about 101 Things

    Join Marc and Meshelle for their always-lively monthly hour together, as they discuss Meshelle’s book, 101 Things Every Girl/Young Woman of Color Should Know, family, and current events. Meshelle is local author, comedian, and mental health advocate.
  • Stoop Story Telling: Across The Divide

    February 22, 2010 Across the Divide: Stories about Race in Baltimore. Seven storytellers get seven minutes each to tell how race has colored, shaped, and affected their lives. In partnership with Open Society Institute—Baltimore. "We were delighted to have Meshelle tell a story at "Across the Divide: Stories about Race in Baltimore." Her humor is warm, funny, and truthful, qualities that make her a performer who unites people, rather than divide them. This is an essential quality, now more than ever.
  • Marc Steiner: MESHELLE on African American Women

    Today we weigh in on the controversial study “Why are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?,” which was released and subsequently taken down from the website of the popular journal Psychology Today last week. The study was shown to have been conducted with little scientific integrity, in addition to receiving strong criticism from feminist and African American groups.
  • Gefilte Fish and Double Dutch

    Listen as I share my funny story of growing up in "two" Baltimore(s), during the Stoop Story Telling Series, Across the Divide. Discussion about race and culture made palpable through laughter.
  • Marc Steiner Show: MESHELLE on Female Politcians

    Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 In light of the recent Anthony Weiner scandal, Meshelle stops by to talk about why female politicians are almost never involved in sex scandals. Marc and Meshelle explore how the differing natures of female and male politicans contribute to this disparity.
  • Woman Talk LIVE Radio Show: Are Women Funny?

    When three amazing, lively and funny women who have definitely taken the road less traveled – becoming professionals in the field of comedy – joined me in the Conscious Conversations Café, they had plenty to talk about. Each of them have used their funny bone that showed up when they were youngsters and have developed it to follow their passion of creating humor and laughter for others.

National Comedy Album Debut: Comedy Dynamics

Meshelle, the “Indie Mom Of Comedy” records her LIVE debut national Comedy Album, “Funny As A Mother…” at Creative Alliance, October 8, 2015; 7:30pm. A native Baltimorean, Meshelle is an off-Broadway award winning comedienne/actress whose television appearances include Nickelodeon, STARz, BET, TV-ONE, ASPIRE TV, ABC and NBC. For her national comedy album debut, MESHELLE has signed with Comedy Dynamics out of Los Angeles, CA and opted to record in her hometown of Baltimore!

  • Promotional Photo

    Official Photo shoot for Funny As A Mother... National Debut Comedy Album Erin Scott Photography Washington, DC
  • Online Promotional Photos

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  • Comedy Dynamics Logo

    Comedy Dynamics is the #1 independent producer and distributor of comedy content in North America. Comedy Dynamics works with A-list comedic talent including Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, Chelsea Peretti, Katt Williams, DL Hughley, and many more. In addition to collaborating with top notch networks, the catalog is available on several video streaming platforms including, but not limited to: Hulu, Roku, iOS, Amazon, and Android
  • Official Naional Debut Album Cover

    Funny As A Mother... Album cover design for Comedy Dynamics. January, 2016
  • Promotional Photo

    Funny As A Mother... Comedy Album Promotional Photo By Erin Scott Photography Washington, DC
  • Comedy Dynamics Press Release September 2015

    Meshelle, the “Indie Mom Of Comedy” records her LIVE debut national Comedy Album, “Funny As A Mother…” at Creative Alliance, October 8, 2015; 7:30pm. A native Baltimorean, Meshelle is an off-Broadway award winning comedienne/actress whose television appearances include Nickelodeon, STARz, BET, TV-ONE, ASPIRE TV, ABC and NBC. For her national comedy album debut, MESHELLE has signed with Comedy Dynamics out of Los Angeles, CA and opted to record in her hometown of Baltimore!

    Microsoft Office document icon Comedy Dynamics Press Release September 2015

NPR: Hidden Brain

With Host Shankar Vedantam, NPR Science Correspondent
MESHELLE "The Indie-Mom of Comedy" is a reoccurring contributor.
August 10, 2015; Washington, DC – NPR listeners have consistently expressed their love for Shankar Vedantam’s Hidden Brain social science stories with comments ranging from “a morning Hidden Brain segment is like a shot of thought-espresso” to “I stop talking to the cats when Hidden Brain is on.”
The fans have spoken and NPR listened: Starting September 22, Vedantam’s (full name pronounced SHUN-ker veh-DAHN-tahm) insights on human behavior will be available for download anytime, anywhere in a weekly 20-minute podcast. A teaser is available now at
Like Shankar’s engaging radio reports, the Hidden Brain podcast will connect science with listeners’ everyday experiences. Linking psychology and neurobiology with art, music and literature, Hidden Brain will reveal patterns that drive human behavior, biases that shape our choices, and imperceptible forces that influence our relationships.
“The goal of Hidden Brain isn’t merely to entertain, but to give you insights to apply at work, at home and throughout your life: the way you park your car, the way you read restaurant reviews, will be different once you listen to Hidden Brain,” said Anne Gudenkauf, Senior Supervising Editor of NPR’s Science Desk. “Shankar has been covering these topics his entire career and will bring not just his knowledge but his humor and personality to the show.”
“You can take ideas seriously without taking yourself seriously,” said Vedantam. “We hope the podcast will help you see your life differently, with fresh eyes -- like a tourist. And provide excellent fodder for dinner table conversation!”
Each episode will find creative ways to make social science research accessible. Recurring segments include “Mad Scientist,” where guests try to predict what an experiment found, and “Stopwatch Science” – a rapid-fire exchange of ideas. Topics from early episodes include “Switchtracking,” which is what happens when two people think they are talking about the same thing but are really on their own tracks, why the bond between students and teachers makes a big difference in education, and how a female poker champion learned to use the stereotypes her rivals had about her to her own advantage.
ABOUT NPR PODCASTS Since 2005, NPR has produced and distributed some the country's most popular podcasts – longtime favorites Fresh Air, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, Latino USA and All Songs Considered, as well as newer shows including Invisibilia, Microphone Check and TED Radio Hour, one of the most downloaded podcasts in the English language. Hidden Brain is the newest add to NPR's podcast catalogue – more than 30 programs covering science, music, pop culture, comedy and news which together account for an average of 72 million downloads each month. Each week, more than 26 million radio listeners tune into NPR programming and nearly 9 million unique
visitors access, making NPR one of the most trusted sources of news and insights on
life and the arts.
Press Contact: Isabel Lara / mediarelations (at)

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