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Baltimore City

Elissa Blount Moorhead is an artist and producer exploring the poetics of quotidian Black life, to emphasize gestural dialectics of quiet domesticity and community building.    Moorhead has created public art, film installations, and cultural programs for the last 25 years. She is currently a principal creative partner at TNEG film studios, Moorhead co-founded Red Clay Arts in NYC. She has co-produced and curated over 20 exhibitions and multimedia projects including Random Occurrences... more


Ms Hill Short Film 2016

Teaser . (Co-Director/Producer ) A view into the multiplicity of Ms. Lauryn Hill, musician, artist, thinker, mother . A modernist stream of consciousness take on her interior dialogue . Shot between NJ and Nigeria.
Co-Directed with Arthur Jafa

Paul Coates Mini Documentary 2015

Clip from the Documentary (Director) about publishing icon, activist, and founder of Black Classic Press. He discusses family, culture, business, and raising his son Ta-Nehisi and his siblings outside of mainstream ethos in 1980's Baltimore. ( not mixed or CC)
DP Arthur Jafa

  • Paul Coates

    Mini-Doc - Paul Coates, publishing icon, activist, and founder of Black Classic Press, discusses parenting, culture, the written word and raising his son Ta-Nehisi Coates and other sibling outside of a mainstream ethos.
  • Dreamed Up

    Coates Still

P is for Pussy Animation 2014

P is for Pussy (Author /Creator) is a raunchy alphabet picture book of double entendres. The racy and humorous illustrations contain double meanings which supply learning and fun for the kids and illicit (covert) laughs for parents. The illustrations are animated and with Meltem Sahin, MICA graduate and award winning illustrator.

The Terribles Documentary 2012

The Terribles, is a documentary (Director) film told through a four part vignettes woven together by a 10-minute narrative. The four interview subjects are the now-adult, children of artists, activists, and “revolutionaries”, raised in alternative (anti- establishment) environments during the 1960/70’s through early 80’s. They share their funny, dark, and unexpected anecdotes about the isolation, family practices, and the ethos of growing up on the often quirky and very counterculture fringe.

AS OF A NOW Spring 2018

As of A Now is a 3-D mapped film projection installation depicting the imagined quotidien movements of a Black family in Baltimore over 150 years. As of A Now has received full funding from Robert W. Deustch Foundation, Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund, and Light City Fund.

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