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Work Samples

The Gang

The Gang, various figures constructed from bamboo, winter stone, feathers , paint, silver leaf.

Tippy Toes

Tippy Toes. Treated bamboo, finished with paint, gold leaf, and feathers.

Ancient Dragonflies detail

Large Mobile. Treated bamboo and other grasses, watercolors on handmade paper, paint.

Cicada Greeters

Large figures constructed from bamboo,winter stone, Mylar, paint.Greeting the arrival of the 2021 cicadas.


About Susana

Baltimore City

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Susana Harris explores her own inner mythology - a world of characters that she brings to life in the form of mobiles, sculptures and animations. Susana gathers and manipulates bamboo and other grasses by heating, curling and painting them. Sometimes adding watercolors on handmade paper, gold leaf and found feathers, she constructs forms full of movement. Early memories of the Roman ruins along the coast of Libya, to the galleries of the Prado and the Uffizi, the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum... more