Work samples

  • Clive Cheltenham
    Clive Cheltonham was a commission that i made using many of the artifacts that I have collected through the years. Clive is 46 x 34 x8
  • Cicada - 2021
    Components: Old gate hinges, steel rings, welded steel pieces and aluminum. 16 x 36 x 3
  • Easter Islander
    Components: Aluminum cutout, 1896 windmill pump base and truck jack base. 38 x 15 x 5
  • Ukraine
    Dimensions -77 x 18 Components- large aluminum beam,1898 cast windmill pump base, aluminum dicc , old tractor cutting wheels I created this piece in 2022 and I painted it yellow and blue . Little did I know. The owner has renamed it Ukraine

About Ed

Baltimore City - Highlandtown A&E District
I am a proud recipient of a 2014 William G. Baker, Jr. Artists b-grant ( Semmes G. Walsh b-grant award).

My path to being a full time artist has been unusual. Long before I was a working artist I was a meteorologist focusing on a wide range of environmental issues throughout my career with the National Weather Service. I have been working on my art now well over two decades. In 2007, I retired after 50 years of work and have been focusing all my time today as that working artist and… more

Garden Works and Outdoor Art -2022 -2023

Since 2019 I have been focusing on my Garden Works  ,as well as techniques which allow me to hang my collages outdoor. Using an Acrylic Gloss sealer for the wood backing and a acrylic spray for the front -----these pieces can hang beautifully on outdoor walls on patios. I also had a commission to produce a music conductor for my friends which is called Clive Cheltenham. This is one example of how my works will look in your garden.

  • Clive Cheltenham
    Introducing Clive Cheltenham Clive is 46 x 36 x 4 Clive is derived from my large inventory of found objects . Made with love for Robert and John
  • 3D Metal Collage 28
    3D Metal Collage 28 - First of my 3D Metal Collages to be hung outside Dimensions - 33 x 17 x 2 and 15 lbs Components -Copper , Aluminum and melted Aluminum (don't ask). Originally made in 2012 and commissioned in 2022
  • Copper Mosaic 3
    Copper Mosaic 3 Dimensions -26 x 12 x 2 Components:Copper ,Aluminum and Brass This piece of work is weatherproof and can live on your outdoor wall or wherever you please. There are more where this piece came from Commissioned by a friend
  • Ukraine
    Dimensions -77 x 18 Components- large aluminum beam,1898 cast windmill pump base, aluminum dicc , old tractor cutting wheels I created this piece in 2022 and it was named the Answer. At the time I I painted it yellow and blue . Little did we know. The owner has renamed Ukraine

Garden Works - 2019-2021

Covid19 and my art direction.

When Covid19 reached my doorsteps, I changed my direction again .  During the pandemic I was lucky to go to my studio daily, sometimes.

As I looked around my studio and my large collection of outdoor sculptures and realized that were dull and just getting dusty. But, they were still cool . For most of my art career I did not use vibrant colors on my pieces as I was trying to keep the integrity of the found objects by using interference colors. I loved them, but they began to look dull to me , just like our world was beginning to appear  at that time. I needed to brighten up my art. They needed some energy . So I started painting some of my old work as well as other found objects in the my studio and painted them in vibrant acrylic colors. It put energy in the studio and into me ,as we slowly  climb out of this abyss. I have created numerous pieces during the past year and a half and I'm ready to show them for the first time on my Baker Website

I am calling this collection ...Garden Works.  Each piece is sprayed with an acrlic sealer, and the pieces will maintain their beauty and energy all year long.

Any of my Garden  Works can be exhibited on a custom made mild steel  20 x 20 stand. See image below...

  • Aura
    Components: Part of old wood burning stove, part of fishing pole holder, steel rings, aluminum, brass and copper. 16 x 12 x 6
  • Grate Knight
    Components: Cast iron Oliver plowshare section, stove grate, steel spring harrow and jack base. 74 x 18 x 14
  • Walk on the wild side
    Components:- Ice prongs, auto engine heater, and various cast pieces 13 x 23 x 5
  • Gymnasium
    Components: Magnet, steel gear and steel mechanism. 27 x 7 x 2
  • Metropolis
    Components: Variety of aluminum and steel parts, brass, copper, cherry wood, and tractor parts. 34 x 14 x 4
  • Old Table Scale
    Components: Old table scale. 9 x 6 x 7
  • Plowshare 2
    Component:Plowshare -14 x 14 x 6
  • Plowshare 3
    Component: Plowshare - 14 x 14 x 4
  • Plowshare 4
    Component: Plowshare and plow part - 14 x 14 x 4
  • Sculpture stand
    Sculpture Stand - Welded mild steel Dimensions: 20 x 20

Garden Works 2 - 2019-2021

Garden Works 2  is a continuation of my series of my newly painted works for exhibit in your garden or your home. Custom made steel stands are also available for use with the sculpture.
  • Plowshare 1
    Components: Plowshare and steel spring harrow - 28 x 15 x 12
  • My Bedpan
    Components: Old bed pan - 20 x 14 x 4
  • One armed Jack
    Components: Steel car jack, cast iron plow parts - 28 x 15 x 12
  • My old hat
    Component: Just my old hat painted
  • Vice grip
    Component: Old vice grip - 12 x 12 x 9
  • My Froggies
    My Froggies
  • Farmcycle
    Components: Tractor seat, cast iron tractor wheels, plow parts, metal shoe lasts - 18 x 60 x 5
  • Red Cross
    Components: Cast iron stove part, stainless steel anodized aluminum - 22 x 15 x 2
  • Old Hanging Scale
    Component: Old hanging scale
  • Kenworth Man
    Components: Kenworth truck logo, green aluminum piece, cable, piston, sundial - 26 x 11 x 6

ArtDoors 1- 2015-2020


 I began  working on a series that I call ArtDoors. I began working on this series when I was given a gymnasium locker door and was asked to make something with it. That resulted in ArtDoor #1 and stopped  at ArtDoor #20 just as the  Covid19  pandemic began.
  • ArtDoor 1
    The first door and the beginning of a series. Components: Oak locker door, stainless steel scrap, copper, screening, spring parts and painted.
  • ArtDoor 2
    Components: Old Cabinet Door, stainless steel scrap , burnished copper and painted. 40 x 14 x 1
  • ArtDoor 3
    Components:Cabinet door, stainless steel skeleton, burnished copper- 35 x 12 x 2
  • ArtDoor 4
    Components: Old cabinet door, communications part, steel and painted. 35 x 15 x 2
  • ArtDoor 5
    Components: Old cabinet door,,aluminum cut out, copper, stainless steel, old door front lock and painted. 35 x 12 x 3
  • ArtDoor 6
    Components: Old cabinet door, stainless steel drain, copper and painted. 28 x 15 x 4
  • ArtDoor 7
    Component: old cabinet door, aluminum, burnished copper, painted. 45 x 14 x2
  • ArtDoor 8
    Components: Old cabinet door, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and painted. 45 x 14 x 4
  • ArtDoor 9
    Components: Old cabinet door, copper, aluminum and painted. 12 x 44 x 2
  • ArtDoor 10
    Components: old cabinet door, copper , stainless steel, copper nails and painted. 12 x 41 x 2

ArtDoors 2 - 2015 -2020

ArtDoors Continued
  • ArtDoor 11.jpg
    Components: Cabinet door, aluminum and stainless steel- 42 x 12 x 2
  • ArtDoor 12.jpg
    Components: Cabinet door, cast gate hinge, tractor part- 27x 16 x 9
  • ArtDoor 13.jpg
    Components: Cabinet door, gate hinge, tractor cleat, saddle part- 42 x 12 x 6
  • ArtDoor 14.jpg
    Components: Cabinet door, gate hinge, finial, metal button- 42 x 12 x 5
  • ArtDoor 15.jpg
    Components:Cabinet door, auto spring, tractor cutter and steel- 42 x 16 x 3
  • ArtDoor 16.jpg
    Components: kitchen cabinet door, aluminum skeleton , burnished copper, aluminum disks - 41 x 15 x 2
  • ArtDoor 17.jpg
    Components:kitchen cabinet door, aluminum skeleton and aluminum box - 48 x 16 x 3
  • ArtDoor 18.jpg
    Components: Kitchen cabinet door, aluminum skeleton, and copper - 48 x 16 x 3

Musicians and Commissions 1995-present

Musicians- in the beginning of my scrap yard hunts I came upon a box of crushed and cut up instruments. I bought a half dozen and began my compositions.

Commissions - I've only done a few through the years, as I just wanted to do my own thing.  

  • The Trio
  • Horney French Trombone Player
    Components: Parts of an old french horn and trombone, stainless steel, aluminum, old gas burner, and plowshare piece. 2016
  • Cool Too
  • Jazz Singer
  • Monica's Song
  • Mr. DJ
    Components:Copper, brass finials, steel, auto transmission part, 45 record. 18 x 16 x 13
  • One Eyed Mike
  • Reeling in the Past
  • Drifting Copper
    Components: Driftwood, copper and tractor cleats. - 18 x 24 x 28
  • Good Morning Sunshine
    Components: steel plant holder, three tynes, ax head, tractor blade, brass. 72 x 34 x 15

3D Metal Collage - 2007 - 2015

2007 - 2015

I began to move away from my sculpture period and began to exploring the use of copper ,copper Marquetry and other found elements in my work.

 It all started when I purchased a truck full of old patined copper downsproject and other copper roofing elements. I then aquired over 120 feet of 20in wide copper roofing material found in the rafters of our friends Yellow Barn Farm. The amazing thing that I found was that the otherside was painted a milk red and dated back to the late 1800's. These two materials , the greenish colored copper and the red painted copper , became the base foundation my new work. Last year I completed a series which I called RoofTop Views which incorporates piece of rusted corregated metal along with all the other found objects that I have around my studio. Today I am working with old copper and employing marquetry techniques constructed around a found object.
  • 3D Metal Collage 6
    Components- Aluminum block, brass, section from copper downspout, and a manufactured doodad. 15 ½ x 10 ¼ x ½ 2001
  • 3D Metal Collage 17
    Components – patinaed and painted copper, painted metal piece, electric strips 25 x 21 x 2 2011
  • 3D Metal Collage 22
    Components- patinaed copper, painted copper, old seed sower with nails 20 x 31x 2 2011
  • 3D Metal Collage 33
    Components- Patinaed and regular copper, cast model train wheel, stainless steel shelf and scrap aluminum 22 x 27 x 3 2011
  • 3D Metal Collage 49
    Component: Copper, patinaed copper, steel, aluminum, tractor part, cast wheel Dimensions:16 x 24 x 5 ...25 lbs 2012
  • 3D Copper Collage 38
    From Kandinsky's Accent in Pink 1926 Components - Painted and patinaed copper,washers, scrap copper and metal, 17 x17 x 2
  • 3D Metal Collage 39
    From Kandinsky's Red Oval - 1920 Components- Patinaed,painted,cut scrap and regular copper 16 x 16 x 2 2011
  • 3D Metal Collage 53
    Components: Found Objects - Aluminum Skeleton, patinated and milk painted copper. Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 1
  • 3D Metal Collage 54
    Components: Found Objects - Aluminum skelton, painted and patinated copper and cast wheel. 24 x 24 x 1
  • 3D Metal Collage Mosaic
    Components:Copper, cast wheel- 16 x 16 x 1

3D Metal Collage- 2007 - 2015

3D Metal Collages-    2007-2015

  • 3D Metal Collage 6
    Components- Stainless Steel, Aluminum, painted section from copper downspout and piece of brass. 24 x 24 x 2 2010
  • 3D Metal Collage 52 – Dyptyke – RoofTop View 6
    Components: Variety of copper and corregated metal. Size: each piece is 23 x 16 x 2 2013
  • 3D Metal Collage 46 – RoofTop View 3
    Components: Painted aluminum pattern, rusted corregated steel, patinaed copper, iron, cutout and tractor part Dimensions: 16 x 25 x 3 ...5lbs 2012
  • 3D Metal Collage 50
    Components: Variety of found copper pieces and a piece of corregated metal from old shed Dimensions: 26 x 20 2013
  • 3D etal Collage 56
    Components: Aluminum skeleton, copper. In this piece I began to introduce a marquetry technique 24 x 24 x 2 2015
  • 3D Metal Collage 45.jpg
    Components: corregated roof, copper, 1942 Chevy hubcap- 24 x 24 x 4
  • 3D Metal Collage 46.jpg
    Components:copper and corrugated metal- 24 x 24 x 2
  • 3D Metal Collage 5.jpg
    Components: Copper, aluminum- 25 x 23 x 1
  • 3D Metal Collage 18.jpg
    Components: Copper, electric strips :25 x 21 x 2
  • 3D Metal Collage 41 - Diptych
    Components: Copper, patinaed copper, steel, keyhole, door knob - 13 x 16 x 3

Functional Art - 1995 - 2020

My functional art period began early in my exploration period  - making lamps, mirrors and tables using a variety of found objects that I had in my studio. A friend of mine was rebuilding an old log cabin and I became the receipient of the ends of the logs. The logs are oak and from and old Indiana log cabin. I then clean the logs, and cut them to size for cocktail tables and lamps. The copper is incorporated into each piece. For the first time I am also doing commissions for the tables and lamps.
  • Art Deco Table
    Components: Aisle seat from an art deco movie theater in New Haven Connecticut , Welded steel and glass top. Dimensions:24 x 30 x 18 .... Custom Glass available 2013
  • Baffled Look
    Components – aluminum heating baffle, aluminum cutout, patinaed copper and steel tractor pieces - 39 x 19 x 4
  • Clocktail Table
    Components- stainless steel disk, tractor blade, clock, stainless steel legs,aluminum blocks. H 25 x 24 Diameter 10lbs 2004
  • Log Cocktail Table
    Components – Aluminum, sections from copper downspouts, oak base from 1850’s Tennessee log cabin, glass top and steel braces. Note: Glass table top can be designed and cut to your tabletop wishes H 17x W 60 x D 18 70lbs 2011
  • Art Deco lamp
    Component:Tractor gear, telescope base, titanium, gas stove element, copper, art deco lampshade- 25 x 12 x 12
  • Log Cabin Table Lamp 3
    Components: Oak log from 1850's cabin, patinaed copper, 1940"s green glass shade- 24 x 24 x13
  • Control Table
    Components: Aluminum legs, machine scrap metals, stainless steel- 18 x 24 x 20
  • Scythe Lamp
    Components: Scythe, antique Chinese hat, tractor chain, lab equipment- 69 x 10 x 6
  • Firewatch Mirror
    Components:Fireplace arch, steel trellis, mirror- 32 x 28 x 5
  • Table base
    Components:Oak piece from 1850's log cabin, aluminum, patinaed copper, custom cut glass top- 18 x 60 x 1

Indoor Art - 1995. - 2020

This series of indoor sculptures include totems which were made using wood from an old cherry tree that I had taken down and milled from my old home in Takoma Park, MD. Farm pieces and other renewable artifacts are integrated into this work.
  • Brazen Lady
    Components - steel, aluminum automobile transmission part, ironwood tree branch cut down by a beaver…check teeth marks,farm parts and brass fireplace tool holder. 51 x 16 x 12 1996
  • Shaman
    Components: Farm piece, steel, aluminum, railroad piece. 32 x 24 x 13
  • On Guard
    Components: Oil can, lamp base, old computer disc, copper, steel, shoe stay and potato grater.- 36 x 36 x 8
  • Ring Master
    Components - Steel, aluminum, computer circuit board, steel spring harrow, part of old outside drain 20 x 13 x 20 1998
  • Brass Ringer
    Components: Aluminum, brass, clamp. 10 x 9 x10
  • Painted Letter
    Components – Steel stove spindle, aluminum, brass mail box, small painted picture, bent steel and cherry wood plank 68 x 12 x 12 1998
  • The Prayer
    Components: Walnut, aluminum: 20 x 9 x 6
  • The Trance
    Components: Cast iron plow share, steel, adz: 16 x 19 x5
  • Lock and Chain
    Components: Cherry wood, steel, aluminum, lock, steel chain: 69 x 10 x 10
  • Tableleg Totem
    Components:Table leg aluminum, brass water sprinkler, computer disk, lamp base. 33 x 8 x 8