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Sarge Says Farewell

Deep in the forests of France, during WWII, a soldier struggles to fulfill the multiple dying wishes of his badly wounded Sergeant. Written by Michael Harris. Performed by The Siegfried Olsson Band.

Ricardo's Sizzle Reel

A long time telenovela star attempts to restart his career as a VoiceOver artist after 15 years of churro addiction has ruined his once svelte body. Written & Performed by Michael Harris

Warren Harding on Women's Suffrage

Presidential candidate, Senator Warren G. Harding, does an after hours commercial in support of his (somewhat misguided) understanding of Women's Suffrage. Note the sketch begins at the :35 second mark of the video. Written & Performed by Michael Harris.

Christie Gollum

One of the first sketches produced by the Siegfried Olsson Band, Chris Christie goes through a Smeagol/Gollum personality split when considering who he has been and who Trump expects him to be. This sketch was done before the 2016 election. Written by Zach Brewster-Geisz. Performed by The Siegfried Olsson Band. Sketch starts at the :36 second mark of the video.


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Baltimore City

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Michael Harris is an actor, improviser, writer, and teaching artist. A member of Actors' Equity, he has performed locally at the Kennedy Center, Studio Theater, and Signature Theater amongst others. Roles played include Tevye, Falstaff, Hamlet and Bottom. A 15 year member of the Baltimore Improv Group (BIG), he spent 7 years as Executive/Artistic Director of BIG. He continues to be a performer/teacher/director with the company. He wrote the sketch shows "Prayer Ain't Nothin' But Talkin'" and "Too Hip... more

Improvised Projects with KAL

I have been fortunate to collaborate with a variety of local artists in creating collaborative Improvised shows. Amongst the artists have been beat boxers, dancers, body painters and musicians. However the most exciting collaborations have been from working with Baltimore based cartoonist, KAL. A longtime artist with the Economist magazine and Baltimore Sun, KAL and I have created multiple shows combining improv and cartooning including: Improvised Election shows, Anyone Can Draw, and the Xavier DuChamp Holiday Extravaganza. DuChamp is a 12 time winner of Baltimore's Most Sensual Lounge Singer. These shows are primarily improvised. In addition to clips from the Holiday Show and ads, I have also placed an improvised set with my friend Prescott Gaylord. He and I performed as the duo Evan the Loyal as well as developing multiple interdisciplinary shows together. I included a link to what I think is one of the best shows he and I ever did.

Too Hip for the Room

A sketch show written for 4-5 performers covering topics from Proper Barbecue to Love Between Football Coaches to the Limits of Deathbed Requests. First performed in its entirety as part of the Charm City Fringe Festival in 2018. Sarge Says Farewell was the first piece written and has been performed in multiple shows in DC and Baltimore as well as being recorded by The Siegfried Olsson Band (see Work Samples). Sunset was first performed at a Valentine's Day Sketch show by the Baltimore Improv Group (BIG).

Bah Humbug

Bah Humbug began as an almost fully improvised version of A Christmas Carol designed for four improvisers. It is structured as if a film company is rebooting the Dickens' Classic and presenting their work in front of a focus group. Some of the characters are played by audience volunteers. This show was performed multiple times at the DC and Arlington Drafthouses.

Currently, I am working on a mostly scripted version of Bah Humbug for theaters that have actors but not improvisers. The script received a reading as part of the 2019 Page to Stage at the Kennedy Center. In the scripted version, Scrooge was once a pro wrestler who now runs a psychiatric practice for pets in Miami Beach. The ghosts he meets are in order: Queen Victoria (Past), Charles Dickens (Present), and a Grim Reaper who communicates through dance (Future). The Crachits have almost four dozen kids, and the structure allows for more than four performers.

Bah Humbug is designed for adults and not meant to be for the whole family. My next goal would be to create Family Friendly version of the Improvised and Scripted Bah Humbugs.

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