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Old New Worlds sample

Three countries, two immigrants, one woman’s search to find her ancestral soul mate.

“In this cross-genre work, Krummeck (Beyond the Baobab, 2014) interweaves a memoir of her immigration to America with a creative imagining of her great-great-grandmother’s journey to South Africa as a missionary’s wife. … Krummeck’s own story is written as a memoir, but Sarah’s reads like a historical novel, with factual material and imagined dialogue side-by-side. These forms elegantly dovetail when the author inserts her first-person perspective into Sarah’s narrative: “Sarah had conceived her fourth child around the time of their third wedding anniversary—I like to think on their wedding anniversary.” Krummeck also evocatively describes the landscape through her ancestor’s eyes: “The clean air was pure and rich, the redolent earth a tawny ochre.” The present and past meld well, creating a sense that the author has a foot in both worlds.”
—Kirkus Reviews

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A Chain of Voices sample

A shared childhood. A broken bond. A violent lunge for freedom.

"A Chain of Voices," a screenplay based on the novel by André Brink, can be likened to South Africa's version of "Twelve Years a Slave."

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BookNotes: D. Watkins

BookNotes is a monthly interview series, hosted by Judith Krummeck on WBJC 91.5. Listen here to D. Watkins.

Outside In: Dariusz Skoraczewski |

Outside In is a series that tells immigrants' stories—such as past Baker Award recipient and cellist Darius Skoraczewski—through words and images.

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Judith Krummeck is a writer, broadcaster, and immigrant. She is the author of  "Beyond the Baobab," a collection of essays about her immigrant experience. Her second book, "Old New Worlds," is a biographical memoir intertwining the immigrant stories of Judith's great-great grandmother and her own.  Judith is the evening drive time host for WBJC, 91.5 FM, Maryland's classical music station, where she also presents the monthly series, BookNotes. She holds a BA in Drama & History... more

Old New Worlds

"Old New Worlds" is a dual narrative that intertwines the immigrant stories of my great-great grandmother, Sarah Barker, and my own. Sarah and her new husband sailed from England in 1815 to minister to the Khoikhoi in South Africa's Eastern Cape. Two hundred years later, I left post-apartheid South Africa with my new American husband to immigrate to the United States. This is a human-interest story in the sense that I was drawn to Sarah in the context of my own immigrant experience. Through archives, letters, diaries, and site visits, I could gradually flesh out Sarah's life, and I found a soul mate in the process. Yet the story is set against the backdrop of profound social issues: immigration, colonialism, and racism. Sarah and her husband were witness to—and opposed to—the fledgling forms of apartheid under British colonial rule, and I grew up during the apartheid era. When I came to the United States, I believed that I was leaving behind the impact of racially divisive laws, and it was disturbing to discover that they were still a factor in American society. Equally disturbing is the global xenophobia and its impact on immigrants. It is my response to these issues, as much as my compulsion to find Sarah’s story, that undergirds “Old New Worlds.”

Old New Worlds audiobook

Writing "Old New Worlds" and recording the audiobook felt like two different projects. One is getting the words onto the page; the other is lifting the words from the page. They are two distinct, if complementary, skill sets, and even though I had written the book, bringing it alive through voice was both challenging and rewarding.

A Chain of Voices

A South African slave rises up against his Afrikaner master—his former playmate—in a fatal struggle that foreshadows the brutality of apartheid, while both men are driven by their passion for the orphaned woman who has grown up alongside them.

The novel, "A Chain of Voices," by André Brink ("A Dry White Season") is a searing account of a failed slave uprising in South Africa's Western Cape shortly before the abolition of slavery in the 1830s. Although based in historical fact, the universal themes—of human dignity, of bonds, of belonging—are timeless, and Brink’s period piece, carved out of history, still resonates with powerful lessons today.

The work is vivid in its setting, it characters, and its universal issues, and I felt it lent itself strongly to a film treatment. I have optioned the rights for my screenplay from the Brink estate, and I am currently working with a team in South Africa with a view to producing the film.


BookNotes is a monthly segment that I host on WBJC, 91.5 FM. It is broadcast the first Friday of each month at 5:15 pm and the first Saturday of the month at 10 am. This interview series is devoted to the world of books—writers, genres, bookstores, awards—anything to do with books.

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Outside In

Outside In is a web-hosted series that highlights immigrant experiences through words and images. Each immigrant chooses an image that somehow relates to their story, and I write up a profile based on their answers to a quasi Proust Questionnaire.

Outside In

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