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Brown Material: Jimmy Joe Roche In Collaboration with Yoshi Sodeoka

In a dystopian near-future, a conspiracy theorist-turned-bath-salt-inhaling-messiah has his “I’m Mad as Hell” mental breakdown. Lost in the reactionary clickbait static of 21st century information overload, Jimmy Joe Roche’s “Brown Material” is a terrifyingly hopped up vision of the embattled American spirit.

Leather: Jimmy Joe Roche

Leather" is released in conjunction with the opening of Jimmy Joe Roche's solo exhibition CRIMCRAW at the Erin Cluley Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Inspired by Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Begotten, Dog Star Man, Phil Solomon's films, and Peter Kubelka's 1958 Schwechater Beer commercial, Roche's dark distortions provide the perfect nightmare fuel.


give me the money assholes.

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click on this link to watch the video, YOU WONT REGRET IT :


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Baltimore City

Jimmy Joe Roche is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses video, sculpture, and performance. Video screenings include the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, J. Paul Getty Museum, and Museum of the Moving Image. Roche has had five solo exhibitions in New York, Texas, and Colorado. His artwork is in the permanent collection at the the Baltimore Museum of Art. Roche has created commissioned work for Adult Swim, Dazed and Confused Magazine, Incubate Arts... more

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