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A current resident of Howard County who has travelled a long way. I am a wife, a parent, a teacher, a daughter, an immigrant and since a very young age have considered myself an artist. However, throughout my life, being an artist has played second fiddle to the other roles. At least until now as I fully embrace this artistic role. While I have always considered myself an artist it is difficult to maintain a consistent studio pactice when life's other roles demand so much time and attention.
Now that my children are all grown up and independent, I have been teaching a long time and other involvements are falling into place I am determined to focus on my artistic career. What does this mean? First and foremost, I try to focus on  studio work  every day.  Not only that but I spend  time, energy and money to get my work out there. Prior to  immigrating from Ireland I worked in the Belltable Art Center in Limerick, as the Visual Arts Officer. Now as I mature and reconsider the role of the artist in society I realize that community art is essential to society and I want to be an advocate for that.  To this end I want to work on community art projects to build that relationship.
So here I am in 2023  an artist and community arts advocate.
My artwork consists of  sculptures, paintings, and mixed media works based on the theme of existence. Existence in the sense of  'fleeting' versus  ' permanent'.  Some works are in bronze representing a very permanent material depicting 'bog bodies' from the bogs of Ireland.  These people are gone but are still here. Other works in mixed media honor forgotten 'discarded' objects either through a natural process (pinecones, natural debris) or discarded manufactured objects, (toys, broken metal, wood and plastic findings). I collect these found objects and embed them in my artistic expressions. Enjoy the journey.

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