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Eric. R. Cotten was born and raised in the projects of West Baltimore. Seeking a better life he put himself through college to become a critical care nurse. After an almost fatal accident he decided to diversify by entering real estate. It was through this business that he was introduced to the world of filmmaking.   Through his real estate business, he became associated with the HBO show – THE WIRE (2002- 2008). The time spent with the HBO production team reignited his long dormant creative... more

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Sea Monster

Sea Monster is a community collaboration between the Baltimore Filmmakers Collective and Filmmaker Miceal O'Donnell.
This is a "WTF" short examining a mundane idea taken to its unnatural uncomfortable ending.
  • Sea Monster - Short Clip

    Short clip from the short film, "Sea Monster." Heather dares Sydney to sleep with the "big man" on campus, and gets more than she bargained for. Starring Alexandra Clear, Aurora O'Greenfield, and Zach Michel. Produced by Eileen O'Donnell. Cinematography by Travis Whitworth. Music by Rick Szybowski.

Blue Light

  • Blue Light - web series - Episode 1

    This was a collaboration between the Baltimore Filmmakers Collective, writer director Miceal O'Donnell and students of his acting class. Blue Light is a psychological study of one woman's experience in a "Twighlight Zone-ish" world. Created for the Charm City Fringe Festival.