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Todd is a national award winning artist and scholarship recipient to the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) While attending MICA he was a double major in illustration and graphic design with a minor in photography. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from MICA, State Certification in Art Education from the College of Notre Dame, and Associate's degree in Fine Art from Harford Community College. Todd has worked on a wide variety of creative endeavors that include but are not limited to: The... more

Graphic Novel and Game Art

These images are from a project I've been working on as a hobby. I wrote a motion picture screenplay then storyboard a full length feature film with a running time of 2 hours. The drawings for storyboard are around 5,000 images. I've transcended those images into a graphic novel which I hope to finalize in about a year. The other full color image was for game design. The visual design was based on real life experimental cybernetic research to generate a realistic killing machine effect. The graphic novel project turns out to be a 3 part mini-series and about 500 illustrated pages total. I didn't plan on that. It just worked out that way.

Photography: THE ROAD and other photo projects

These are some images taken with a digital camera. The image titled "The Road" is one I took when I discovered using Google Earth, a 27 mile abandon highway. These tunnels go 2 miles underground and are 2 miles long. Doing this photo shot; alone in the dark, captured the sinister mood presented. The others images are of Baltimore and my adventures in Alaska when I was flown in by a helicopter and I hiked this glacier.

Pabst and Crabs and Pabst Dream

This painting is the national art award winner for the Pabst Blue Ribbon art contest. This image is 1 of 2 artworks that I did for Pabst. This image won and was printed on metal. There were so many reproductions of this image, that I walked in a beer store- at random, and saw it in Alaska. They are collector items. The other is titled "Pabst Dream". This too, has been published and printed on many things including a building as seen in one of the photos.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Recycled Art

The was part of a Pabst Blue Ribbon promotion. Found objects are used to shape the image. Spoons, metal, glass and whatever I could find I used in this piece.

My Art Studio in Canton

This is where I live and work. I re designed, cut in half, rebuilt and painted this mural while living in it and working as the art teacher at Digital Harbor High School. Much of the materials for making of this project were invented by me ( for example: I created a process to make hardwood floor stain using oil paint and a stain processing system made of discarded lab equipment.) The railing, kitchen cabinets and a slider trap door that transforms in a bar stool are inside. I built large windows and glass block to capture the sun which grow herbs in the kitchen. Green Technology...sort of. An urban garden grows along the side of the house which is showcased by the mural and is the subject of much positive interest by the community.

Teacher /Student Collaboration: Lana Del Rey vs. Lady Gaga Recycled

Both of these projects were statewide recycle art contest sponsored by The Department of the Environment. For these projects, I share with students my techniques in creating art from trash. To collect found objects, my students at Digital Harbor High School collected found objects for the project and were rewarded community service hours which is a requirement for graduation. Lady Gaga took 1st place statewide. My students cash prizes and received a teacher award. The Lana Del Rey piece was also part of a feature newsletter put out by the department.

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