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A Visceral Pursuit

exhibition, mixed-media painting, rug tufted paintings
An Exhibition, "A Visceral Pursuit" The Painting Center, NYC 2020

Prowling the Undergrowth

Textile art, rug, painting
Rug Tufting and Reverse Punch embroidery on Canvas; A Tufted Painting 20Ft X 5Ft. 2020

Lift Off

rug tufting, textile art, painting
"Lift Off" Rug Tufted Painting, 5' X 4' 2020

Hue 250

textile painting
a Rug tufted painting with reverse punch needle embroidery. 62" x64" 2021


About Randi

Baltimore County

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Originally from Boston Massachusetts, I am a artist focusing primarily on Painting, Printmaking and mixed-media works. After completing my undergraduate degree in Painting and Printmaking at Cornell University, I spent a year in Paris working in various Printmaking and Painting Studios until relocating to Baltimore to earn a graduate degree at The Maryland Institute, College of Art. I currently live and work as an artist and adjunct professor in Maryland and I am the Associate Director of Sol Print... more

A Visceral Pursuit, an Exhbition The Painting Center NYC

A Solo Exhibition, "A Visceral Pursuit"  at The Painting Center in Chelsea, NY.  September 2020
This exhibition was a mixture of Mixed-Media Paintings and Textile works in Rug Tufted paintings.
The works in this exhibit explored the multiple processes and substances I use to create a painting.  The flow between different materials and a rhythmic play between the unconscious and the real substance is integral to these abstractions. I called this Visceral Pursuit because the work attempts to make visible what I feel is a feeling or thought just beyond words.

Prowling the Undergrowth

A Rug Tufted Wall Piece, designed for The Greenbelt Art Center, Nov.2021-Jan. 2022. Rug Tufting and Reverse, Punch embroidery on Canvas. 2021 with Mixed Media Paintings.

A bit about this textile work...

‘Prowling the Undergrowth’ is a piece that was realized in 2020 and worked on intensely for a matter of months. I relish my time time moving through woods, observing the structures and shapes of, and between,  trees and plants that loosely hold together, recognizing the duality of stagnation and movement. Trying to capture many moments in time, in one piece, is always a puzzle to solve and a constant element in collage, a form that enters into my painting format frequently.  Nature  certainly has a steady and profound effect on us and I wanted to relay this through a physically large, tactile work. I love that it is finally installed in a community, a word that has been hard to realize in the physical sense, these past two years. I hope the viewer brings their own experiences when surrounded by this tactile work.

Rug Tufting Paintings

I continue to work using embroidery in my works on canvas, working with punch needle and rug tufting.  I see these as paintings in yarn and plan to continue with mixed media sewn works combining paint on canvas with rug tufting and using both sides of the loom.

  • hue250.jpg

    textile painitng
    a Rug Tufted painting with reverse punch needle embroidery, 64" X 54"
  • Prowling the Undergrowth

    wall mural
    rug tufted and reverse punch needle wall piece, 20 ft. x 4ft. 2020.
  • That Hour.jpg

    textile art
    Rug Tufted painting with reverse punch needle, 35" X 30" 2021
  • Walking the Dog

    textile art
    rug tufted painting with reverse punch needle on board, 12" x 18" 2021
  • Lift Off

    rug tufting, embroidery and painting
    rug tufting, punch needle and embroidery. 5' X 4" 2019
  • detail of "Lift Off"

    detail rug tufting, embroidery
    detail of "Lift Off" rug tufting, punch needle and embroidery
  • detail of lift off

    rug tufting, painting
    detail of lift off, yarn and canvas, rug tufting
  • Fool's Gold

    rug tufting
    rug tufted painting 30" x 30" 2019
  • tuftedterrain.jpg

    ruf tufting, paint
    rug tufting on panel, 18" X18" 2020
  • Moonlight

    textile art embroidery on cloth
    Reverse Punch Needle Embroidery, 28" x22" yarn and canvas 2019

Recent Paintings

These latest works combine abstraction and illusion in a somewhat theatrical or surreal event. Working in a collage sensibility, images coalesce and collapse almost simultaneously, skirting the edge of illusion and abstraction. Fragments of paintings, drawings both hand and digital, play a big role in the crafting of space in these works. Each painting attempts to hold on to a moment led by the subconscious and bordering on slipping away.

Pulp Painting Experiments

This work was made in a short residency at Reading Road studios.  These are pulp paintings made with similar stencils used in the approach  of the painting " Pink Moon" 

Recent experiments in Paint

These works are a contination of fusing moving elements of abstracted narratives into dense paintings.  Multiple media are used to combine for a sense of constant movement and change.

Study series

These paintings were experiments on a small scale experimenting with ideas that play out in   the larger paintings in later series.
These were all done between 2016 and 2017.

Recent prints

This series represents recent work in printmaking.  They are primarily Artist proofs 1/1 as they are experiments from some recent artist editions. Specifically, three of these prints are chine colle experiments and all are some form of photopolymer etching.

  • Paper Boy

    etching on Rives BFK
    Paper Boy, AP1/1, 22” X 30” (unframed) solarplate etching with chine colle and stencils, 2016
  • The Dive

    copper etching and aquatint on Rives BFK 22" X 30"
  • Return of Screaming Donkey

    Copper etching, soft ground and aquatint
  • Plaid paper tree

    chine colle
    chine colle and etching on Rives BFK 22" X 30" 2017
  • Looking for a Herd

    monoprint and photopolymer etching on rives BFK
  • Swim

    etching on Rives BFK
    photopolymer etching on black Rives BFK with Chine colle, 29" X41" 2017
  • the anonymous swimmer

    etching on Rives BFK
    photopolymer etching on Rives BFK with chine colle, 11" x 17" 2017
  • plaid swimmer

    etching on Rives BFK
    photopolymer etching on rives BFK with chine colle linoleum print.
  • Splotchy

    etching on Rives BFK
    etching and stencils on Rives BFK 29" X 41"
  • Relentless redo

    etching on Rives BFK
    photopolymer etching with stencils, 29" x41" 2017

Randi's Curated Collection

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