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  • The Take
  • Tori - Trailer
    A successful Type A security expert has to have a home monitoring system installed and realizes that her biggest problem maybe what happens in her own home. Official selection 2020 Maryland Film Festival
  • Insocially Milo
  • The Love Within
    The Love Within 2016 was our first attempt at a festival quality movie utilizing the best cast and crew available in the greater Baltimore area highlighted by the opportunity for onset training for numerous students of film outside a university setting.

About Eric

Baltimore City - Pennsylvania Avenue Black Arts & Entertainment District, Baltimore City - Station North A&E District

SUMMARY: As a native of Baltimore. I am passionate about the viability and sustainability of an active world class film community in the greater Baltimore area. 

Eric was born and raised in the low-rise projects of West Baltimore. Seeking a better life, he put himself through college and became a critical care nurse. He was always torn between the practical world of making money, helping others, and his creative side which revolved around storytelling. 

After a near fatal… more

Ashburton - 2025

This is a very personal story for me. I was raised in west Baltimore. Moved away from the area as a young adult and didn't return until 2010. 

I have spent a considerable amount of my life in the downtown real estate world in addition to my nursing career. 

In 2010, I purchased a bank foreclosure house in the Ashburton neighborhood.  We spent years renovating it from the ground up. 

In 2016, the city announced massive infrastructure plans for West Baltimore and the entire western region of the city was inundated with predatory real estate agents looking for a quick sale. 

These real estate agents and their unscrupulous behaviors formed the genesis for the series. To help the audience comprehend the concept, I wanted to tell this story assisted by an outsider's point of view along with a long-term residence's perspective. 


ASHBURTON is a ten-part episodic examining the changing cultural and socio-economic pressure on a middle-class family in west Baltimore.

The story revolves around Dean Reed, investment community marketing genius and his loving dentist wife Terri, as they suffer through the downturn in the California housing industry compounding the loss of their crypto investments. At wit’s end they decide to return to Baltimore to re- calibrate their careers and support Dean’s aging parents.

Terri is a dedicated wife, who supports her husband’s failed attempts at financial success.  Her dental career is stable but second to her role as wife.
Glenn and Rose, Dean’s parents are solid foundations of the Ashburton community. They pride themselves on setting an example for their children. They encouraged honest hard work. They are physically strong, and work on their health on a regular basis.

Returning to the family home stresses Dean because of the success of his sibling, his history of business failure and his internal sense of failing his family.

The environment he returns to is loving and supportive but challenging because of the strong personalities of the family and their naïve attitude towards the pending gentrification of the community. His siblings are all developing dynamic careers while supporting his parents.

Upon returning to Baltimore, Dean realizes that many of the socio-economic realities that he faced in his California career are also pressuring his family and parents into difficult decisions. The primary one being the rapid gentrification of his community - Ashburton.

How will Dean navigate his questionable career in marketing which destroyed Black communities in California with supporting his family and community in Baltimore?

The tone of the series will be:


Educational as to how gentrification works on a granular level.

Family love

Exploration of Black middle-class culture in Baltimore.

A deep dive into the history of the Black middle-class development in West Baltimore. 

  • Ashburton PD Final 4.0.pdf
    Ashburton is a project rooted in my own childhood and the legacy of my community. The community of Ashburton has been the traditional epicenter of the Black middle class in Baltimore. The home of mayors, nurses, doctors and business leaders. The Ashburton production will serve multiple functions: It will provide the viewing public with a very positive, historically accurate portrayal of one the most important areas of Baltimore. The production team will incorporate as much local talent as possible with a goal of elevating their resumes and provide essential on camera footage. In cooperation with several local film groups (including the Baltimore Filmmakers Collective) we will provide "on set" skill training for Baltimore residences who want to develop marketable skills so that they get jobs in the non - union film community.

The Take - WTF! 2024

The Take is in the experimental/WTF genre.  Not my usual narrative format.  Just trying to expand my range. 

The genesis of the concept is the effort an artist will take to bring an authentic performance to life and the consequences. Here we are simply pushing the boundaries. 

The concept of the film is as follows:

An actress decides to write about her life changing abusive moment with a past boyfriend. She double downs on her commitment by agreeing to play herself in a bio-pic. The film reenacts the critical moment when she realizes the relationship is toxic beyond repair and she has to physically defend herself.  While her acting and execution are celebrated by her fellow cast and crew. Her reaction to that TAKE indicates a deeper trauma that she may not have completely healed from.

As a writer/director I wanted to experiment with the idea of showing the most severe emotional arc a character could experience. The lead actress goes from love to confusion to fear to survival mode, in a manner of three minutes. This situation duplicates real life stories of abused wives, love partners and work entanglements.

I worked as a critical care nurse for over twenty years and witnessed many victims post assault.  I wanted to tap into that emotional tsunami.

The experimental/WTF genre allows this kind of "shock/ in your face" drama. 

We prepped the film with input from Kristin Michelle Williams our lead actress- Eve.  We leaned on her own emotional history in understanding the pain that women experience at the hands of man who are supposed to love and nurture them.  

Historically my films have focused on positive experiences of strong Black middle-aged women. Unfortunately, they are the prime age range for abusive relationships, either due to economics, employment changes, failing marriages or mid-life crisis. 

While the film is mildly off beat and raw in its presentation. The positive message is that all women have to be aware and their own best advocates.  

The film was shot on a Red Dragon.  

The entire production team and Derek Quick the lead actor, worked extra hard to make Kristen comfortable with the level of intimacy and physicality involved in multi- hour shoot. 

  • BTS
  • The Take

He's A Big Boy Now (Work in Progress) 2024

As a Baltimore native and advocacy for a vibrate local film community.  Part of my process is to nurture and support other creatives in the community.

First-time writer/director Zachery Michel and I became friends via his development of the Baltimore Charm City Fringe Festival.  I was asked to volunteer a film for their first attempt at adding a film component to the festival format (2021). I gladly agreed. 

Recently Zach has decided to add film maker to his impressive resume. I have totally supported him. 

He's A Big Boy Now was shot January 2024- final edit is still in progress.  

My close film associates contributed equipment, crew labor (free) and script advise to the production.

I acted as associate producer, arranged volunteers and also served as an extra. That's me hiding at the bar :)  

The WIP/completed film will be submitted to the Maryland film Festival 2024.  


  • He's a Big Boy Now (Work in Progress)

Church Hat 2024- In development

Church Hat is based on personal experiences in my extended family and the family of the book's author. 

It's the heartfelt story of how an Afro-Caribbean middle-class parent deals with the natural gender curiosity of her son.  Does she stick with the traditional Caribbean values and punish the child or does she listen, consider, show respect and guide the child in managing his new feelings?

I met the book's author Debra Williams at the Toronto International Film Festival (2022). She had just self-published the book to much local acclaim.  We discussed the further development of the book into a short, animated film, along the lines of the Academy awarding winning HAIR LOVE (2019).

Since September 2022 an amazing team of Sundance alum, Baltimore creators and Canadian funders have signed on to the project.  

I am of Jamaican heritage. Debra Williams the author and executive producer was born in Jamaica, educated in the United States and currently lives in Toronto Canada.  

We have passionate support from the Jamaican film office which is promising to provide financial support.  

An A- list television actress is currently negotiating to provide the mother's voice- over. 

The Canadian based Sundance/ Tribeca/ SxSW alum production of Sunflower Studios is working to provide production/marketing and festival support. 

Miceal O'Donnell has joined the team as Director of Animation. He has written/directed or produced five features and over 45 short films. He is a skilled stop motion animator. 

I was tasked with adapting the book into a short script and signed on as a producer.  

The goal is having filming completed by August 2024.

This project is supported by the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund (2023). 

We hope the film can be used as a learning tool and educational moment for parents and children. The story's message is this. In this difficult of world of quick judgement and abrasive comments. That our children need love, gentle guidance, nurturing and to understand they their parents will always accept and support regardless of whether the parents like the decision that the children ultimately make. 

  • Church Hat Cover Art
    Church Hat Cover Art

    This is a Canadian-US co-production based on the children's book "Church Hat" which was selected for the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund 2023. This project is currently in development with TV Actors hired to perform voice over services and Canadian based Sunshine Studios assisting with production. Local animator Miceal O'Donnell will create a seven-minute stop-motion version of the book.


    The goal of the film is a fall 2024 major festival run. Followed by extensive use of the film and book as an education tool to encourage conversations among family and friends in dealing with children experiencing gender fluidity issues.

  • CHURCH Hat Baker Award.pdf

Cloud Nebula 2024

Scott Patterson and his team have begun to turn his epic Afrofuturistic sci-fi opera-ballet Cloud Nebula into a film. He became a Baker Award winner (2019) and Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund Fellow in 2020 and was selected to participate in the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund’s 2020 and 2022 screenplay lab for Cloud Nebula. Under Patterson’s direction, Cloud Nebula, the theatrical work was performed in both traditional and non-traditional venues, including festivals, such as Artscape and Brilliant Baltimore, The Peale and The Walters Art Museum, the Afro House Concert Series and WTMD as a live radio broadcast.

I have signed on to the project as one of the executive producers of the short - proof of concept film -Cloud Nebula - currently in post-production. 

This film shows and represents a sample of the wide range of positive Black creativity that is being fostered in the Baltimore creative space. 

Included are stills from the short film production.  

  • Cloud Nebula
  • Jakub_through_Pod_1.5.1
  • IMG_6561
  • IMG_5827
  • Ebon_Pod_1.7.1 (1)
    Ebon_Pod_1.7.1 (1)
  • Cor_Pod_Medium_1.10.1 (1)
    Cor_Pod_Medium_1.10.1 (1)

Insocially Milo

This is an ultra-short script that I wrote and produced for the Baltimore based community group ACTING GROUND. 

Acting Grounds is based on the concept of providing local actors with on camera experiences.  I have supported at least 70% of their productions, either with funding, coaching the actors, crew assist or location.


The contrasting styles of social interactions is highlighted when an anti-social boyfriend finds that he needs his girlfriend's " friendly to strangers" demeanor to retrieve his lost wallet. The message is that in this TikTok selfie world - slow down and be nice to strangers.  It doesn't hurt and may actually benefit you in some way.


I wrote the script to the specifications of the director.   

I worked with the actors to refine their interpretation of the characters. 

Provided the location. 

Crewed the shoot. 

The most interesting element of this shoot was watching someone else shoot their interpretation of my script.  This was kind of new experience for me.


  • Insocially Milo


This was a short film concept that had been brewing for several years.  The original concept involved a large budget, cast of fifteen, multiple locations. etc.

The concept is based on observations of many of my family members and their microaggressions whenever any family member experienced any type of individual success.  The range of acting out was usually influenced by alcohol. Several of my successful family members have had to deal with drinking issues. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic stopped all film production. 

As the pandemic slowed down the desire to create was difficult to suppress.   

We adapted the concept to the realities of filming during a pandemic.  A compressed concept, limit the location to one room, reduce the cast to three and the crew to six.  We limited the shooting days to four from the original twelve. Everyone was Covid tested every session.  The reality of close quarter shooting was developed and enforced.


A bitter failed writer is tasked with completing her dead daughter's television treatment but first she has to overcome her demons related to the death of her daughter and husband, which she caused.


A failed female writer has "that child", the child that is the sparkle of the world. The child that you know is destined for greatness.  The mother deals with her own failure with alcohol and undercutting her daughter's success. 

The daughter becomes a media star and much to her mother's chagrin. She lands the lead in a television show about kids her age. The show is called SCRUNCHIES. 

Unfortunately, the daughter never lives to see the show made because she dies in a DUI - her mother was the drunk driver. 

The film's focus is the pain, grief, and dealing with the memories as the grieving mother is offered the opportunity to complete the daughter's script.

This film could not have been made without the faith, patience and professionalism of the cast and crew. 

It played at a number of festivals including the Maryland Film Festival.   

  • Scrunchies
    Password: scrunchies
  • Scrunchies
    A failed writer is tasked with completing her dead daughter's film treatment but first she has to overcome her demons related to the death of her family, which she caused.
  • Scrunchies


Tori was my first exploration of my skills as a writer/director/ producer with a fully paid professional crew. I paid everyone out of my own funds. 


Tori is an existentialist exercise in examining the juxtaposition of reality and fantasy as filtered by career expectations, exhaustion and inherent personal fears.


I wanted to examine the pressure that Black professional women feel internally.  I developed the concept after talking with numerous professional Black women and hearing the same refrain - that's it's a daily struggle in their professional life, but then they come home and sometimes the struggles are not easier at home. There is a loss of a safe space during the pursue of success.

I took that concern and converted it into the idea of a Black businesswoman, a world renown security expert, who realizes that her closest threat may be in her own bed. Leaning into a little David Lynch for tone and Rainer Werner Fassbender for concepts of personal isolation we developed the tone and aesthetic of the film.

This film played at over 20 festivals, winning acting and genre awards.  The film played at BronzeLens and the Maryland Film Festival. 

  • Tori
    A successful Type A security expert has to have a home monitoring system installed and realizes that her biggest problem maybe what happens in her own home. Official selection 2020 Maryland Film Festival
  • Tori_stillz_Official Selection2 - Copy.jpg
    Tori_stillz_Official Selection2 - Copy.jpg
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  • Tori_still3.png
  • Tori_still4.PNG
  • Tori_still6.PNG

Sea Monster

Sea Monster is a writing and directing collaboration between myself and Miceal O'Donnell, who I consider a mentor and friend. 

This was also my first attempt at anything related to the WTF genre. 

The film is a cautionary tale of be careful of what you ask for. 


Two college students invite the big man on campus over based on his reputation. Afterward, they regret fining out why he is considered the BIG man on campus. This was my first experience with gross out humor and over the top visuals. 

Amazingly, this film got accepted into several festivals. 



I learned so much about efficient shooting from Miceal during this experience. From lighting set-ups to crew and cast management, the entire shoot was a short film 101 class. 

  • Sea Monster - Short Clip
    Short clip from the short film, "Sea Monster." Heather dares Sydney to sleep with the "big man" on campus, and gets more than she bargained for. Starring Alexandra Clear, Aurora O'Greenfield, and Zach Michel. Produced by Eileen O'Donnell. Cinematography by Travis Whitworth. Music by Rick Szybowski.
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  • Still2.PNG
  • Still3.PNG


Lucid, written and directed by my good friend Travis Whitworth, was one of my best experiences working on someone else's set. 

I agreed to produce, assist with location and PA but Travis was the master teacher.  

Travis taught me lighting, shooting outdoors, and operation of the Blackmagic camera. 


A paralyzed woman agrees to take a drug to induce a LUCID state where she can interact with her mother. 

This film won best Sci-Fi at the Baltimore International Black Film Festival. 

  • Lucid
    Lucid tells the story of Dawn and the road she takes to cope with the loss of her mother. There are worlds where things can seem so real. BIBFF Audience Award "Best Narrative" Winner 2018
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  • lucidstill1.PNG