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Patterson Observatory

Minas Konsolas, Patterson Observatory
Patterson Observatory, Acrylic on canvas, 24x24in, 2019.

Mr. Trash Wheel

Minas Konsolas, Mr. Trash Wheel
Mr. Trash Wheel. Collage on canvas, 24x24in, 2019.

Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge. Collage on canvas, 24x24in. 2019

Rawlings Conservatory

Rawlings Conservatory. Collage on canvas, 24x24in, 2019.


About Minas

Baltimore City

Minas Konsolas's picture
Minás Konsolas was born in Greece and has lived in Baltimore since 1976, where he graduated from the Maryland Institute, College of Art. He is the former owner of Minás Gallery, an outlet for poetry, both visual and verbal. The gallery, one of Baltimore's alternative art spaces, was a gathering spot for artists, writers and performers for twenty-two years. He subsequently sold his business and now works full-time from his studio in Charles Village. Konsolas has participated in three public mural... more

A Place Under the Moon

In his series, A Place Under the Moon, Minas Konsolas recalls locations he has visited, during his life and travels, from a perspective of poetic sentiment and love. Each image – a combination of paper collage and pastels on canvas – shows a vibrant outdoor setting where nature predominates, and solitude and quiet are implied through the calm and harmony of the visuals. Though it is a world inhabited by humans, their presence is only implied by structures or paths they have left behind. In one image, Great Blue Heron, humanity has no foothold at all.
Each image is almost a motion picture: flowing, dynamic lines suggest gentle wind or movement of water while reds, oranges and earth tones evoke warmth and vibrancy. While the subject matter and placid tone of these images unite the series in terms of content, their flowing and dynamic visual style speaks to a larger world – playful, evocative, inviting, and spanning the globe.
Finally, each picture is a mosaic of smaller pieces, like fragments of a mirror, implying multiple ways the viewer might interpret the larger image. Form and content are thus intertwined, giving each scene both a physical and a stylistic presence, speaking at once to the particular and the universal. A Place Under the Moon presents us with vivid, magical landscapes which are both real and imagined…their ultimate meaning left mostly up to us.
---Richard Brett , Associate Professor of Cinema and Communication, McDaniel College.


Architecture is an integral part of our culture. It has been called the mother of all arts. It touches the soul. It is a tangible manifestation of human imagination. It is a major influence on a city’s image and its people, in both positive and negative ways.

By working with collage on canvas, I am trying to  create a warm, patchwork effect, reminiscent of a comfortable quilt. These pieces are my way of embracing the city that I love so much.

This is my attempt to express a heartfelt connection to Baltimore, my adopted hometown. Please join me in celebrating the beauty of Baltimore’s architecture.


Inherent to every culture era, typographic VERNACULAR is expressed in the commonplace objects that surround us. A street sign. A storefront. Children's block toys and advertising billboards. Each evokes a distinct typographic image. Comfortable and familiar, these letter forms have become so much a part of our visual vocabulary that as a culture we understand their pourpose even when we can't fully read the the words. 


Vision is a tool for artists. Its normal and abnormal characteristics may influence what an artist can do. My high- risk glaucoma and dry eyes diagnosis has a lot to do with what you see in this series .

Pointillism, or divisionism is a style which involves the separation of colors into individual dots.  A thousand points of light made by a spectrum of diverse shades, hues and intensities. Once on the canvas, the viewer is invited to optically mix them into one image. Chromoluminarism is a term used in mosaics.

This body of work will be exhibited at the Hamilton Gallery in March- April 2018 in conjunction with Baltimore's  Light City Festival.


Repetition, rhythm and pattern are part of every action of labor, every form of expression and many parts of nature. There is no golden ratio in this body of work, unless you see one. What appear to be more obvious are the playful color motifs in a sequential mathematical order. My intent is to create a field of energy that engages the viewer in more than one way. Roll with it!

Frame of Mind

Immersed in the mystery of all that exists. Unable to read the bird’s eyes, I wonder ‘til the brightness of the sun blinds me. As if light and darkness were not opposites, but they exist as one.

I am interested in the idea that we all see things differently because we filter things through our own frame of mind. Your opinion matters.

As an experiment, I asked six literary friends to write one sentence about each painting. The writers were: David Beaudouin, Betsy Boyd, Tracy Dimond, Amanda Fiore, Nancy Murray, and Alan Reese.

The results added an intriguing layer of perspective and interaction. Will what they see change what you see?

  • Frame of Mind 13

    Acrylic & ink on canvas, 30" x 40", 2015 ________ David: That surrounds us for this moment, not unlike life ________ Betsy: Don’t ever be afraid to walk straight ahead, into yesterday. ________ Tracy: wear a white dress in the rain / a canvas for color of the sky ________ Amanda: First, tear your hair out, then laugh, then lay in the grass, in love with the sky. ________ Nancy: When I am ready I will walk through the gate, leaving a swirling clutter of clues behind me. When you are ready, come find me.
  • Green Against the Sky

    Acrylic & ink on canvas, 30" x 24", 2015 ________ David: Like that first day with you:r funny blue hat and green bumbershoot ________ Betsy: Not her face—it was her playful cap and her patience when you asked for directions that made you know. ________ Tracy: after long conversations / the face becomes / the face of another ________ Amanda: Come! You are me, and we are one. Yes? ________ Nancy: Behind every city window is a face, without reflection, waiting to be seen.
  • Frame of Mind 11

    Acrylic & ink on canvas, 36" x 24", 2015 ________ David: Where I find you, waving hi on a bicycle of all things ________ Betsy: “Flame your hair,” he called to her, so she stood up and pedaled, then stilled her body on the bike. ________ Tracy: trouble breathing in / side with your lonely gravity ________ Amanda: So many days, all wild with light, and changing. ________ Nancy: There is a great and delightful difference between industry and growth. _________ Alan: The wind purifies our present. We outrace the smoke of the past.
  • Frame of Mind 10

    Acrylic & ink on canvas, 30" x 40", 2015 ________ David: Because everywhere you are, a vase of blue hydrangeas, sunlit water ________ Betsy: A ladder of sunlight on the waves is not something you have to work to climb ________ Tracy: a bird cries over the ocean: solidarity / the sun covers all of us ________ Amanda: Some other evening, more incredible than the one you left me on, will come singing. ________ Nancy: Whether the sun rises or sets is irrelevant to the nature of tranquility. ________ Amanda: And in this place may we find everlasting peace.
  • Frame of Mind 8

    Acrylic & ink on canvas, 24" x 18", 2015 ________ David: Where any odd thing with feathers makes perfect sense ________ Betsy: “The people here build intricate nests outside the birds’ houses,” she told him. ________ Tracy: where is your social turn signal / standing above the water ________ Amanda: Autumn, and the crack of dry leaves. ________ Nancy: Art and nature will not be contained. ________ Alan: The electric snow goose is mute for the moment.
  • Frame of Mind 6

    Acrylic & ink on canvas, 30" x 30", 2015 ________ David: Not blue at all in this green place, day folding ________ Betsy: At twilight a soft pencil line and small glass of wine are all you really need. Tracy: comment from the sky: the leaves belong to no one ________ Amanda: What I found about the wind sharpening, and the last moments of light. ________ NM: Step away from your contemplation and watch nature swoop down and perch in your place. ________ Alan: Lost in this moment, I am inside my outside and outside my inside.
  • Frame of Mind 5

    Acrylic & ink on canvas, 30" x 30", 2015 ________ David: Where we leave but return to always, like a great painting ________ Betsy: The sailboat returned after Hanna’s death—she was sure she saw it. ________ Tracy: try to address identity / taste the color you wear / dripping from the walls ________ Amanda: There is no beginning or end to speak of that could hope to possess either you, or I. ________ Nancy: If you have no art to hang on the walls, look out the window and find it there. ________ Alan: I am always sailing to reach you, the full moon of my dreams.
  • Frame of Mind 4

    Acrylic & ink on canvas, 30" x 30", 2015 ________ David: As it makes us, greenly, in its eye _______ Betsy: The light on the porch bronzed on her face—like she’d drunk cups of golden wine. ________ Tracy: in this dream / I drink to everyone I’ll never meet / in collected thoughts before the sky ________ Amanda: There has been you, there has been beauty. ________ Nancy: It is what is cultivated that grows. ________ Alan: Gazing over the fertile fields, I find the world meets me at my window, washing over me with its light.
  • Frame of Mind 1

    Acrylic & ink on canvas, 36" x 48" , 2014. ________ David: Into another stroke of memory to flood a wall with light ________ Betsy: Please exit through any available artwork. ________ Tracy: clean up worthwhile scraps / the money from the floor ________ Amanda: Everywhere I look, comes alive. ________ Nancy: Let art spill outside of the frame and follow it wherever it takes you. ________ Alan: Here, memory and experience interleave like synaptic tree branches, urging and yearning.
  • Frame of Mind 3

    Acrylic & Ink on canvas, 36" x 48" , 2015 ________ David: Outside of it is another world we make ________ Betsy: When she thought of their friendship, she tended to see them through open windows, a road welcoming their footsteps. ________ Tracy: purple lights the heart pillars / hold a chest tight ________ Amanda: When you turn your back, trust the wind, and sail through this, to that. ________ Nancy: Spaces, minds and hearts must remain open for light and love to come and go as they please.

Unreal Abstracts


I am interested in the relationship between the painting and the viewer. The painting doesn’t exist without you, the viewer. Your opinion matters. Because it’s not about what I painted, it’s about what you see.

Einstein said, “Logic takes you from Point A to Point B. Imagination takes you everywhere.”

Dream City

Due to connectivity and the loss of privacy in the electronic age, the city setting no longer offers anonymity.

The mountain village comes full circle in my paintings, where each one of them becomes a unique entity of intimacy and community. The Dream City Village, if you will.

I asked Baltimore writer Jen Michalski to write a meditation about this series. This is what she wrote: 

Minas speaks of being influenced by painters Picasso, Braque, Cezanne, and Derain. When I view his work, I am reminded of the Romantic poets Keats, Whitman, Wordsworth, and Shelley, who I have referenced liberally. We are interconnected and trapped by ourselves, closer than ever and simultaneously farther apart. Nature seeps into Minas’ work like an insanity, breaking through cracks and weaving through windows, breaking down all that we have built, like it always does, beckoning us back to its paradise of the mind and soul.

  • Dream City Interior 6

    Inks and Acrylics on canvas, 30"x 40", 2013 --- "We unfurl our feet, our tendrils to the sea. The wind whispers what we remember, that the cities were just the pillars, the beacons of our dreams."
  • Dream City Interior 1

    Inks and Acrylics on canvas, 36"x 48", 2013 --- "My blue room of clipped words/birds. In the house, a million window mirrors."
  • Dream City Interior 5

    Inks and Acrylics on canvas, 36"x 24", 2013 --- "If you leave, you will slip away, neatly in the grey world, the rain world, neat as a drink, always a part of its unending motion."
  • Dream City 11

    Inks and Acrylics on canvas, 36"x 48",2013 --- We dream dormant while time feasts. Its leaves climb our walls, returning our brick to crumble, scattering our mortar to dust. Its life after life, our afterlife
  • Dream City Interior 2

    Inks and Acrylics on canvas, 30"x 40", 2013 --- "Inside your forests, the world is so small, so far. An open-ended invitation; my answer before the question".
  • Dream City 1

    Inks and Acrylics on canvas, , 30"x 30", 2013 --- "Who knows where we sleep? Who knows what we dream? "
  • Dream City Interior 3

    Inks and Acrylics on canvas, 30"x40", 2013 --- "This is not a sleep dream. This is the dream that I open our eyes to. You are the dream to which I open my eyes. You grow inside; the warmth of you keeps me awake; the pulse of you keeps me alive."
  • Dream City 5

    Inks and Acrylics on canvas, 30"x 30", 2013 --- "Little engines, we hum, blinking eye windows. We stoke our room fires. We gnash our building teeth. We dream awake. Awake, we dream."
  • Dream City 6

    Dream City 6, 2013. Mixed media on canvas, 30"x 30".
  • Dream City 7

    Dream City 7, 2013. Mixed media on canvas, 30" x 30".


I am very lucky to live in Charles Village, surrounded by beautiful architecture. But instead of painting one more pretty picture of our front porch, I decided to use the inspiring moments and my love for architecture to make a statement about the current state of division that keeps our ideas and actions stagnated on the drawing table. These paintings are inspired by architectural drawings of structures that have never been built or restored.

Distant Relatives


I needed a change after painting on canvas for the last four years. In this case, the mask was my tool for impersonating a sculptor and re-working all the cardboard boxes that came through my business.

  • Bacchus

    Mixed media on cardboard, 18" x 11", 2009
  • Peggy

    Mixed media on cardboard, 20" x 12", 2009
  • Ralph

    Mixed media on cardboard, 19" x 13", 2009
  • Barbara

    Mixed media on cardboard, 16" x 12", 2013
  • Mickey

    Mixed media on cardboard, 18" x 9", 2009
  • Cretan

    Mixed media on cardboard, 19" x 10", 2009
  • Felicia

    Mixed media on cardboard, 19" x 11", 2009
  • Joe B.

    Mixed media on cardboard, 27" x 19", 2009
  • Acrobat

    oil on canvas 48 x 36 inches 2005
  • Nef

    Mixed media on cardboard, 21" x 14", 2009

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