Work samples

  • Coordinates Revealed
    Every moment that passes through us can offer a variety of choices; this chart depicts some of the plausible outcomes and the trajectory their course may take.
  • Tableau
    This is a portrait of a single instance in time. The glyphs represent individual moments that are folded into that instant and their consequential outcomes and trajectories.
  • The Alchemist Rattle
    The rattle is an instrument used by the alchemist to keep time through rhythm while engaged in the trance dance. The shaken device produces a rhythm that harmonizes the frequency of the surrounding environment making it conducive for inner growth.
  • Shrine of the Peace Flame
    Within each of us flickers a soul flame. This Devine fragment guides us back to Source. So precious that it requires a shrine to house the flicker during the journey home.

About mike

Baltimore County

    As a young student at the Maryland Institute, I pushed myself to draw as accurately as possible. I wanted to use line and shadow to depict what I saw as realistically as I was able. I arrived at the realization that this path would lead to photo realism. It was at this point that I chose a different path and began to draw with my eyes closed. I wanted to capture what I saw in my mind's eye.  
   The controlled line that I was comfortable with gave way to an explosion of scribble… more

Temporal Footprint

     As time passes through space we are caught in its wake. Evidence of time passing can be found in the three dimensional  space that is all around us. 
This project seeks to capture the moments just before an event occurs, the preceeding moment. The constructions portray the unseen domino effect of situational collisions that go unnoticed in dailey life.
    These intuitive constructions  suggest mapping techniques, manuscrits and colorfield geometry as the basis for what is more a constructed device rather than a painting. These devices do not calculate time, they display times footprint.
  • Tableau
    This is a chart like depiction of any given moment and the consequential cascade of unfolding events deflecting off one another.
  • Incomprehensible
    A wooden device used to ascertain the accumulated events occurring at a singular moment in time.
  • Multiple Dualities
    This double star spectral depiction hints at the inability to see the coexisting dual phenomena of simultaneous events.
  • Intercession
    This objects allows us to observe the interaction and impact on a cascading event sequence by an individual disruptor event. A pebble in the pond is the intercession for this event with divergent cascade sequences.
  • Receptors
    As time passes through our perception, we grasp some percentage of what is happening. This device assists in the gathering of relative information.
  • Mirrored Variation
    The mandala displays the reflective nature of reality and its beautiful symmetry.
  • Coordinates Revealed
    This chart shows the different options available to each of us at any given moment.
  • Circumambulation
    This is a static depiction of the continuous and interchangeable frequencies that influence our lives.
  • Frequency
    Behold an attempt to use fractal symmetry to capture the complexity of the temporal unfolding.

Temporal Entities

     Time is both tactile and  conceptual, my efforts to focus and visualize the fleeting moment and try to illustrate that moment as if  giving the moment an identity.  Shadows, scars  and foot prints  are examples and indicators of its passing. This project goes a little deeper and a lot more abstract as these works explore in a non-linear  means of how time can be broken into individual parts or moments.
    These creations have come to be  through  an editing process  where the use of materials, combined with acknowledged unconscious intention form a 3 dimensional stamp of sorts. The energies of the universe coalesce through the artistic act to manifest these objects securing them in a single moment of time. Arriving at this moment through the creative journey brings out a form of identity by their mere existence.
  • Decision and The Scepter of Madness
    The scepter is designated to one on in a place of power and here the act of decision making is personified. This scepter appears as a double edged blade, perfect tool for cutting the choice to be weighed. The pain of long deliberating can cause madness and the scepter also acts as a means to freedom. The Choice is yours.
  • Universal Calculator
    Given any point in the field of space there can be found activity. The unseen fields permeate our entire universe and this crafted apparatus helps one to determine from which way what is comimg.
  • Micro.-Macro.
    This is as that, as that is this as well, and so the myriad relationships and interconnectedness of all things are simply portrayed in this device used for magnifying and reducing items of concern to equal sizes.
  • Chronometric Calibrator
    The wheels of cosmic time do not stop as they quietly grind through the ever expanding fields of infinite space. This construction produces a means to bring the wheels into sync with one another.
  • Floral Constellation Apparatus
    Our world produces floral geometry to show us the unity of all things.
  • Hierarchy of Occurence
    This construction speaks of the notion that all things are not equal yet exist is relative balance. The harmony of a bee hive measured against the chevron of geese. All united in proportion to the totality.
  • Covid Peace Allignment
    The outreach of survival raised against the perilous consequences of existence find peace and silence here in this mandala of Covid meditation.
  • Cosmic Distribution
  • No.1
    This is the first marker to be found in the open waters of the unknown. Beyond which one cannot see.
  • A.21 focal point
    With its arm deep in the sea of contemplation, this buoy keeps one on track as the journey widens with knowledge.

Trifold Identities

    Modern quantum mechanics allows us to acknowledge the multi-verse of known reality. This broader perspective allows us to realize the intricate complexity of each woven moment that create the fabric of time. These  small and intimate constructions capture the harmony that lies hidden in that weave. Color, shape and symbols draw together the balancing elements of a few tendrils of reality that can be detected.  This series uses various concepts and forms to explore how we are a reflection of the universe.
  • The Alchemist Aid
    The Alchemist works with in a crucible of oneself as signified by the octagonal scepter and reflected geometric form. The self, under scrutiny cycling back into itself works to refine its existence.
  • Grace Bestowed
    The multiple depiction of the cosmic knot in this piece acts as a reminder of the vibrational energy that is carried in all things.
  • Karmic Charm
    The crystal scepter is presented in its clarity, carried by the divine balanced being. This state of balance and harmony can be only briefly captured as the universe falls in and out of balance as if engaged is a cosmic dance.
  • Persona
    The tuning fork and the eternal knot comprise the essence of person. The vibration of ones existence manifest through frequencies and the complexity found hidden in the eternal knot.
  • Coordinates
    Time and Space are identified through the use of the X and Y coordinates making up the grid. These distinguishing lines work to identify a given location.
    The mechanism of reflection captures an image that is representative of a single moment is time. The single moment rest somewhere in space. The Kamara itself is the image as well as the space.
  • Time Stamp Tiki
    This painting represents the axis of time and space that has a similarity or influence to the Tiki god of the South Pacific.
  • The Burgeoning Sequence
    Knots are like coinciding moments that at some point give way to events that depict how things come together. Following the linear path the lines intersect and overlap forming a 2d representation of the events that have occured. This is a type of time map or labyrinth.
  • Shrine of the Peace Flame
    There is a curtain of fire that separates the past from the future. The flame of peace exists as if captured in a shrine. Forever enthroned as the ever passing moment. This sacred essence of the present moment rests frozen for us to contemplate. Untouchable by design the illusion calls us to understand the gift of life's fleeting existence.

The Coincidence

The restrictions of three dimensional space inhibit our ability to perceive the constant pulse of activity unfolding throughout time and space. These paintings explore this concept using schematic and cartographic influences.
  • The Weight of Each Moment o8
    Be it here or there, each passing moment presses upon another.
  • The Fantastic Unfolding
    The span of history, built on top of itself buries the aspiration of our forbearers leaving behind their work.
  • The Chakra Chart
    All we have come to know is manifest within these cosmic energy wheels found in our body.
  • Time Oracle
    Hear the Now.
  • Light Bearer
    This a detail from the Grand Scheme. He shows all and lights the way, or not.
  • The Challenge of our modern time
    Go north two blocks, turn left at the light. Take the first left and follow the alley back down south and then turn left once again. Having returned, do you see the difference.
  • Magik Carpet
    Where and when would you like to go, just ask Jeff.
  • Chronometric Chartography
    Traveling through the time fields will require a map. This may work.
  • Great Moments Stand in Silence
    The giant oak that stands alone cannot tell us what has been and its acorn holds just as many secrets.
  • Analysis of an Ellipse
    Lines curve to become a circle , wider then thinner as they flow around, under and over. Always proving to be straight.

Time Stamps

In this project  I am subdividing moments and assigning them an identity. Moments are threaded together in an endless stream of ceaseless manifestation. The work in this project uses geometry and line to provide a visual format to use as a means to designate a location in both time and space. Thereby creating the "Time Stamp". Designating that moment as there and then. .
  • Visitation 2016.
    Into the physical plane a moment was successfully captured. As the time passed by a cooling occurred and the residue appeared in the form of a glass like ball.
  • Transmitter Receiver
    Agents within the materials conspire to defy change, they can go unknotted and unseen. Together they send as well as receive the message.
  • The Game
    Our colliding lives consumed by twisted strands of lifes woven cord. The current of moving energy found in the present now is like a veil separating the past and future for the present is where you find the tangible.
  • Transmissionion 330.14
    Transmitter and Receiver, imagine the simultaneous occurrence and its impact. A visceral exchange that creates the very energy that may bring about material existence.
  • Portal 27
    Results from the twenty-seventh test generated this image based on the information gathered. The test examined a timestamp by running a parallel moment alongside the primary stamp. Then identifying the variations that occur.
  • Ceremonial Chime 2016
    The placement of an event that is dedicated to a single location is much different then an event dedicated to a single moment. Some events may reoccur at intervals unknown to the viewer. This Ceremonial Chime may attempt to calculate and announce the moment of the event.
  • Wish Board 2016.
    An intention scribe on a matrix of ones choosing can be mechanically attached to this wish board in how of manifestation. The more focused the intention the greater promise of becoming into being.
  • Harliquenn 10.10.14
    Here! Then there is where the gaiety doth dance, say here, hear? The pattern of our lives and the dance we do is briefly portrayed here in this jaunty dance that appears to be a painting.
  • Natural Transmission 2016.
    Each passing moment brings into existence a some physical print of its being, however brief. This work represents a simple fossil of a short event that took place late one afternoon in the mid summer of 20160.
  • Transmitter Receiver 2016.
    This is an opportunistic device that seems to accumulate specific markers as it travels through the various vortexes encountered in the physical plain.

Game On

This project utilizes the grid as a means to map  the game like qualities of  life.  One step at a time each moment passes bringing the anticipated next moment as well as its unknowns. Between  one line and another the coordiates allow us to track the progess as we move through the temporal landscape.
  • Sequence A,B.C.D
    Each pathway is designated by a colored peg. Where you start and where it ends is unknown. All in a sequence of a,b,c,d.
  • The Swiftness
    Use the wooden sword to identify the path of thought.
  • Chroma Schematic
  • The Perpetual Game.
    Choice of departure is a continual option in this game that is in constant play. Simply place your attention on a given spot and the game is activated for your personal enjoyment.
  • Bisected cube 2015.jpg
    Through the act of vision, attempt to reconstruct the cube from the implied source of bisection.
  • Axial Format 2016.
    The axial format here provides an invitation top assume that there is a coorect orientation both in time and location.

paintings about math

Be it 123 or a plus b mathematics have been with us, hidden in the fabric of reality. These works have been an attempt to follow the weave of that fabric, following the various strands that we can comprehend.
  • Trifold Infinity
    Infinite directions emanate from every quantum grain of here and now. When Bernoulli lemniscate is expanded to the Trifold a greater range is comprehended.
  • Calculated Ascent
    Growth in an upward manner through the process of amelioration is all about the intricacies hidden within subconscious calculations.
  • Portal of Being
    Amongst all the greatness that makes up our universe, realize that we are part of that greatness and we containing its entirety.
  • The Human Condition
    From the cradle to the grave we leave dust in our wake. Footprints and dreams whispers and screams all in human from.
  • Brills Reach
    The straight river of organic geometry comprising our world flows perpetually into the great sea of the future.
  • Invisable Worlds
    This three dimensional grid is seen as a cube, each designated plain represents any given moment. The pathways between the points is where we live.
  • Time Cube Space Portal
    Using a set of designated coordinates this painting defines a specific place in time as well as space. This may help to understand our physical surroundings both in time and space. Here Now
  • Geometric Forms
    The utilization of geometric forms to create various identities to be applied to future moments requiring reference.
  • Mathmatical Santuary
    Solace can be found in the numbers. When applied to geometry we witness the birth of shapes and form. The shape and form define the illusion of space.
  • The Bicorn Frequency.
    The Bicorn Frequency provides one example of how our world is so interconnected. The curve of the bicorn shape rests in direct alignment to the ellipse. sandwich.

Allignment of Objects

I've begun to think that objects form their identity based on their relationship to the environment in which they are placed, thereby creating a new identity. "Things" contain implied function based on their shape. Objects by design have functional indication such as a point, threads, a hole handle or base. A plane, spherical nature and legs or feet are all indicators of function. These objects once removed from original function almost guide themselves toward their new function as they provide iconography for universal concerns such as time, space and thought.
  • Entry Alert System
    Each dial or lever when relocated or changed, adjusts the present demeanor at a given time as well as establishing a new present state.
  • Vacant Sigil 2016
    Ones individuality becomes important as the entity in question becomes aware of its own existence. This object is awaits this state of awareness.
  • Ganduer and Adjustment
    Taking a glimpse at the possible vastness of all that is known and unknown one must adjust their stance to take in such grandeur.
  • simultanious injunction
    In an attempt to compare one event to another it is important to stop the process of observation.
  • wish board
    Placing attention into the glyph scroll enacts the potential outcome.
  • intermittent focal point
    While in the process of event scanning, the mobile aspect of some transient events must be taken into consideration.

The Collective Synergy

     The fabric of reality is a tapestry woven by our perception, the perspective we have is as unique as our personal identity. We are limited in what we can perceive with our physical senses, but there are momentary glimpses of a greater weave. Simultanious occurences and coincidencs pop up from time to time providing that glimpse of some greater pattern. When these curious connecting events overlap for just the briefest moment there lies an alignment idicating the greater connections.  
    These constructed depictions attempt to illustrate these connections by identifying units of time and space (x+y) where the coinciding strands of colliding moments intersect. Once the convergence is identified additional data can be extrapolated helping to single out the given moment, at this point the object depicting the convergence thus becomes an icon or glyph of the convergence itself. The convergence is manifested within the object itself.

Geometric Frequencies

All things are vibrating at a certain frequency. These geometric structures are a reflection the harmony found when color and geometry harmonize. The subconscious mind calculates the collaborative result of sound and shape that emminates from the union in the form of frequencies. These structures are the outcome of the union. 
  • Emblem
    The moment has a frequency, this is a symbolic representation of an individual moment and its corresponding idiosyncrasies..
  • Navigational Chart
    This navigational chart is used to determine directional variations in the multidimensional universe. All directions are taken into consideration.
  • Variation in Frequency of Blue
    Catch a glimpse of the afternoon sky as it accepts the suns transit.
  • KEY
  • Glyph of Heat
  • Variant Edge
  • Variation in Green
  • Variant Frequency