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Lehna Huie - Leatherette
ink on paper


Lehna Huie - Watching
ink on paper

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Lehna Huie Installation Image
Moment in Time Installation Shot


About Lehna

Baltimore City

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Lehna Huie is a multi- disciplinary artist and cultural worker of Jamaican heritage from New York City. Huie works in painting, installation and video on themes of diaspora, memory and fragmentation, creating atmospheric portraits that document her lineage. Lehna is an alum of the Mount Royal College of Art at MICA 21’. Lehna was recently named an Artist Changemaker with the Global Fund for Women and was most recently a resident artist of the inaugural STONELEAF Retreat Family Residency as well as a... more

Wood and Water

In July of 2020, I began my research based installation titled Wood and Water. The Indigenous name for Jamaica is Xaymaca and it translates to the “ Land of Wood and Water.” I have been studying the history of colonization in relation to nature on the island. In my research I am learning about the socio- political complexities of that space while mapping where my family and communities narrative is in conversation with that history.

My approach stems from a series of family interviews, gathers clusters of accumulated disparate materials representing home and my ancestral geographies. I utilize materials such as cut strips of moving blankets coated in bright acrylic paint, ribbons, bottles and beads, shells, leaves, recycled clothing and drop cloth.

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