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Baltimore City

Born in Lincoln, Nebraska. Grew up in the Midwest--Kansas & Michigan. Also the east coast--Virginia & Maryland. High school Detroit, Michigan: Jesuit taught. Michigan State University--one year. Hitchhiked around the country for months. Influenced by Jack Kerouac. Joined the merchant marines. Influenced by Jack Kerouac. Graduated from University of Michigan. Worked a dizzying number of jobs. Found stability as a waiter. Wrote stories and novels. Got a real job as a... more


Jason Foxx stumbles into a nightmare world when a fellow teacher starts a campaign to get him excessed for inexplicable reasons from the school where he has taught for many years. Once admired, he now fights to maintain his good name among a growing number of staff intent on ostracizing him. The principal, a long time supporter, has been blackmailed and joins the enemy camp.

The Note

A note addressed to a teacher, John Davidson, left by a female student who committed suicide, prompts him to question his commitment to his profession and wonder why her death has caused a muted reaction by the school and the local police. He decides to visit the group home where she lived to inquire about her life. What he finds out opens a dark world in which officials in the group home and school system compete to stifle the truth. In pursuing that truth, John Davidson learns to navigate outside the jurisdiction of the norms of his teaching profession and society.

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