Work samples

  • Red and Gant.jpg
    Red and Gant.jpg
    Mr. Gant and his assistant Red from the upcoming Film, 'Heavy Duty Man'
  • Grant at Law office.JPG
    Grant at Law office.JPG
    Lawyer Mr. Grant at his law firm in the film, 'Souls of Black Pebbles'.
  • 56119654_10214080707318076_5939644774834241536_n.jpg
    Dave is a drug addicted house renovator who is working for his next fix.
  • Nasty.JPG
    Holding a prisoner hostage to get the heroine to give herself up in the film 'Stormraven'.

About Bob

Anne Arundel County
Bob is a Satellite Operations Engineer working for Peraton at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. His career in the space business is eclipsed in length only by his hobby of performance art. Since starting in 1973, he has performed on stage, screen, TV, radio, and now the internet. Bob has been in more than 46 movies and television shows, from Year One (2009) to Souls of Black Pebbles (2021), and from Evil Stepmothers (2016, Discovery Network) to House of Cards (… more
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Stage and Screen

Performed in over 45 plays and 49 films. 

  • Assholes Anonymous

    How one man owned up to he problem and made friends who helped him with his girlfriend. 

  • Underground Glee Club

    A student film showing the violecne and competativeness of the Glee Club scene, long before the Bellas were born. 

  • Left4Dead: The Movie

    A group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse try to escape with supplies from a school. This film was produced in Italy, in Italian, and this is the English Voiceover version. I provide the voice of Bill, the veteran. 

  • Revisions

    A  screenwriter struggles to find the proper ending for his film, and maybe his relationship. 

  • The End

    A final meeting of a husband and wife. 

  • April 15th 1915 A monologue

    The recollections of an Armenian grandfather of the Armenian Holocaust of 1915. 

  • Murder, Well Done

    A man is tired of his abusive wife and decides to take care of the problem at an upcoming BBQ

  • Paralyzed

    Two movies melded into one, Hoodie and Paralyzed. 

  • Prostitute Help! CRAYON FASHION Ep.3 /scene7

    Clips from some of the 49 films I've performed in. 

  • The Rise of King Asilas: Eviscerate
    The Rise of King Asilas: Eviscerate

    Part of the interrogation and murder of my character Luthor for the film The Rise of King Asilas: Eviscerate