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Musical Theater Reel | Emily Zinski

I've been performing musical theater for as long as I can remember. It's a uniquely American artform which expresses character and story through song and dance, and I absolutely love it. I grew up singing classically, earned my BFA in Musical Theater from Syracuse University, and went on to study and perform with Broadway artists in New York City. I'm very excited to join the vibrant theatre community here in Baltimore and the DMV.

Pop/Rock Reel | Emily Zinski

This demo reel showcases the hard-earned performance skills I learned during my time with AIDA Cruise Lines. As a classical singer, learning to perform in the pop/rock world was a huge challenge for me. I had to let my guard down and bravely step into a completely different style; and I'm so glad I did. Today, I gig around the Baltimore area with two different bands, and am working to develop acoustic and solo acts. People respond and relate so strongly to the genre, which makes it really rewarding... and a lot of fun!

Film Demo | Emily Zinski

Movies have been a lifelong passion of mine. I studied casting and film production in Los Angeles with SU in LA, and went on to perform in several indie shorts in NYC. In the DMV, I've had the opportunity to star in a commercial campaign and an independent feature film. I'm eager to continue expanding in the film industry!

E-Learning Demo | Emily Zinski

My acting and voice experience led me to the expansive world of voiceover. There are so many genres and applications for this work, and it has been very interesting to explore. While voiceover requires a strong foundation of performance technique, it also demands an understanding of sound engineering, which is an artform in and of itself. I look forward to growing in these areas and skills.


About Emily

Anne Arundel County

Emily Zinski's picture
Emily Zinski is a professional actress, singer, recording artist, and teacher with international experience. Emily earned her BFA in Musical Theatre from Syracuse University, and went on to study and perform with Broadway artists in New York City. A dynamic vocalist, Emily has mastered pop, rock, acoustic, musical theatre, and classical singing styles. Her versatile voice can be heard in major theatrical shows, cabarets, cruise line productions, bands, and original albums. Emily studied Film... more

Working: The Musical in DC

Working in DC (2021)
Directed & Produced by Shanara Gabrielle 
Choreographed by Ashleigh King 
Music Direction by William Yanesh

Working in DC was my first theatrical experience in the DMV after the pandemic.  The production was directed and produced by Shanara Gabrielle, who guided us with her expansive vision of inclusivity.  Working is a piece that explores our relationship with our jobs: from the good, to the bad, to the ugly.  The diverse characters vary in age, race, and socioeconomic class.  I played six characters: a grocery clerk, a receptionist, a prostitute, a waitress, a cleaning professional, and an unemployed activist.  The experience brought me so much growth as a performer and as a citizen of this country.  Working in DC was an incredibly special project that took place during a critical time in our nation's history.  I am so fortunate and honored to have been a part of it. 

"With a celebratory performance at BLM Plaza on the streets of DC and by sharing 'the extraordinary dreams of ordinary people' through the lens of history, justice, activism, and the arts, Working In DC brings the spirit of the legendary Studs Terkel to life for the Washington, DC community. Proudly presented in collaboration with Labor Heritage Foundation, this project uplifts the working class during our pivotal time of racial justice reckoning, COVID-19, and political unrest.

Our site-specific, multidisciplinary, outdoor performance of Working: A Musical is paired with Something To Point To – our civic engagement and education programming. Join labor leaders and local artists in this unique and joyful cross-disciplinary celebration of frontline workers and the American labor movement through the songs of Stephen Schwartz (Godspell, Pippin, Wicked), James Taylor, Micki Grant, and Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, In The Heights)."

"Working, A Musical is the sort of truthful theater that may prompt one to reflect on one’s own truth — the experience of one’s own workaday work life.  It’s also the sort of honest theater that makes plain the work it took to make it. After months of pandemic-imposed unemployment in the theater community, this outdoor production is a bold showcase of arts workers at work." 
- John Stoltenberg, DC Metro Arts

"The production’s vivacity is an asset, too. Backed by a four-member band, the cast imbues the 14 songs with charm." 
- Peter Marks, The Washington Post 

"To change the typical structure of theatre production, Gabrielle and her team are facilitating deep conversation, conducting extensive implicit bias and anti racism training, and creating consensus for core principles centered in social and racial justice. To ensure accountability for these principles, Working in DC has become the first official Allied with Broadway for Racial Justice (BFRJ) organization in the region, creating oversight and practices with BFRJ to deconstruct racism and create a new theatrical community." 
- Chloe Rabinowitz, BroadwayWorld

  • The cast of 'Working in DC'

    The cast of 'Working in DC' comes together in solidarity at the show's closing.
  • Working in DC

    Working in DC: The Extraordinary Dreams of Ordinary People -Studs Terkel
  • Emily Zinski in rehearsals for Working in DC

    Emily Zinski in rehearsals for Working in DC
    Rehearsals for Working in DC were monitored by Actors Equity Association, with extensive Covid protocols to ensure the safety of the cast and crew.
  • Casting Announcement

    The Cast of Working in DC: Alex Palting, Jay Frisby, Thomas Adrian Simpson, Chris Genebach, Alyssa Keegan, Carl Williams, Emily Zinski, Theresa Cunningham, Randyn Fullard
  • "I'm Just Movin'"

    Emily Zinski sings "I'm Just Movin," offering visibility and gratitude to essential grocery workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Jake Bridges, Development Director & Associate Producer

    "Working in DC is creating radical access to high quality arts and entertainment in the District." - Jake Bridges, Development Director & Associate Producer
  • Working in DC Stage

    Working in DC was an open-access performance hosted in Black Lives Matter Plaza. Tickets were free, aligning with the producer's concept of radical hospitality.
  • Quoc Tran, Administrative Coordinator

    "Working in DC is a collection of people who stand for justice and who understand the value of work." - Quoc Tran, Administrative assistant
  • "Just A Housewife"

    Emily Zinski, Theresa Cunningham, Alex Palting, and Alyssa Keegan perform "Just A Housewife," honoring stay-at-home parents and caretakers.
  • Isabella Benning, Social Media Management

    "Working in DC is an opportunity to use art to uplift underrepresented voices by telling their stories." - Isabella Benning, Social Media Management

AIDA Cruise Lines

AIDA Entertainment 
Borris Brandt, Managing Director 
Hamburg, Germany

From 2018 until 2020, I had the opportunity to travel the world as a lead soloist with AIDA Cruise Lines.  This was the biggest job that I booked while living in NYC, and I had fought hard to acheive it.  But I had no idea the challenges or the adventures that awaited me. 

AIDA is a German cruise line, and their entertainment headquarters are based in Hamburg.  I traveled to Hamburg to rehearse for two months, and then climbed aboard one of their many ships for six months.  We learned ten major productions in eight weeks, each show in a different genre: from rock, to pop, to disco, to Broadway.  At this point, my professional experience was limited to classical and musical theater - so I had a lot of new styles to learn, and fast. 

My team was made of people from all over the world: Germany, Sweden, England, Ukraine, Brazil, India, and the Phillippines.  Our cast consisted of singers, dancers, and acrobats.  I learned elements of their languages, cultures, ettiquette, and senses of humor; and I benefitted from their diverse experiences and expertise.  I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything.  

The shows were almost every night - days off were a rare luxury.  I was given the opportunity to build my skill and my stamina, and these were hard-won. 

But as time went on, I began to feel confident in this new skillset.  In my second contract with AIDA, I went on to lead my cast in our rock show "Addicted to Love."  I also performed weekly in my own solo program, singing the works of Lady Gaga, Adele, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, and more.  The effects of this work have been so rewarding. 

Popular music is a very accessible artform, and it carries immense emotional weight.  It evokes memories, feelings, and a huge response in the people who hear it.  It's incredible to create that experience for an audience.  Today, I perform pop, rock, disco, country, and jazz in the Baltimore area with two different bands.  I'm working to create my own acoustic sets and solo programs.  I'm so glad to have the opportunity and skillset to pursue this artform, and I'm eager to see where it takes me. 

Global Covid Collaborations

You've Got a Friend (2020) 
Written by Carole King 
Performed by Emily Zinski, Sarah Talbot, & James Cochran 

Prior to the pandemic, I was based in New York City.  On March 13, 2020, I came home to my family in Baltimore, expecting to wait out the virus for two weeks and flatten the curve.  As we all know, those plans would change. 
A few months into the pandemic, I was desperately missing performing and my friends in New York.  We decided to put our emotions to music, and collaborated on a video recording of Carole King's "You've Got a Friend." 
Uncharted 2020
Written by Sara Bareilles 
Arranged & Music Directed by Bryson Baumgartel 
Directed & Edited by Emily Zinski 

Shortly after "You've Got a Friend," I envisioned a bigger project that included my friends and colleagues all over the world.  This was a huge collaboration that tooks months to create, edit, and complete.  "Uncharted" is a very special personal project that showcases some of my favorite talent around the globe. 

  • Uncharted 2020

    "Uncharted" by Sara Bareilles. Covered by singers, dancers, and artists around the world in the year 2020. Arranged & music directed by Bryson Baumgartel. Directed & edited by Emily Zinski.
  • You've Got A Friend

    You've Got A Friend | Written by Carole King | Performed by Emily Zinski, Sarah Talbot, & James Cochran

Motivated Mornings Commercials

Motivated Mornings Ad Campaign (2021) 
Directed by Mwita Chacha & Justin Rossbocher 
Produced by Mwendo Films & CRY Productions 

Early in 2021, I had been a resident of the Baltimore area for a year, and was eager to get back to work.  After a casting process full of monologues, improv, and animated dialects, I landed the lead role in several commercials for Motivated Mornings

This was my first experience behind the camera post-pandemic, and my first-ever commercial.  I had two days to research the company, memorize several scripts, and create a clever & charismatic leading lady.  On set, we filmed many different scripts and takes on the character, and I learned a new skill: the teleprompter. 

The campaign was produced by Mwendo Films & CRY Productions.  After a great experience with these local filmmakers, I knew the Baltimore area had some really special opportunities to offer. 

Radio Commercials

Natural Bridge Caverns Radio Commercials (2021) 
Directed by The Wood Agency 
Narrated & Produced by Emily Zinski

My voice and acting experience led me to study voiceover technique at Edge Studio in New York City.  There, I began recording audiobooks and e-Learning materials.  Once I settled in the Baltimore area, I worked hard to rebuild my recording studio and get back to work. 

Before too long, I landed another commercial spot - this time for radio.  I recorded my first commercial for Natural Bridge Caverns in May of 2021.  In November, the company returned and asked me to record two Christmas commercials as well.  The technical aspects of voiceover work can be grueling, but the delightful energy of these scripts made the work so enjoyable! 

Session Vocalist

The Heat (2021)
Written & Produced by Tom Oelschlager
Performed by Emily Zinski 

Forgiveness (2021)
Written & Produced by Tom Oelschlager
Performed by Emily Zinski & Tom Oelschlager 

Once my Baltimore recording studio was up and running, I connected with local artist Tom Oelschlager.  He was writing and producing an original rock album and wanted to collaborate on two songs.  One song was raw, driving rock; and the other was soulful Americana.  I really enjoyed the creative process of building these pieces from the ground up, and I’m so honored to have collaborated with Tom on his original album.

The Best (2021) 
Written by Mike Chapman & Holly Knight 
Originally performed by Tina Turner 
Arranged by Noah Reid 
Performed by Emily Zinski
In August 2020, I met the love of my life in Sandy Point State Park.  Now, he's my partner, and we live together in Anne Arundel County.  As a passion project, I recorded this song for him. 

  • Simply the Best

    'The Best' | Written by Mike Chapman & Holly Knight | Originally performed by Tina Turner | Arranged by Noah Reid | Performed by Emily Zinski
  • The Heat

    'The Heat' | Written & Produced by Tom Oelschlager | Performed by Emily Zinski
  • Forgiveness

    'Forgiveness' | Written & Produced by Tom Oelschlager | Performed by Emily Zinski & Tom Oelschlager

Indie Feature Film

Go Away (2022)
Directed by Dave Kerr 
Produced by Slasher 15 Productions

In September 2021, I joined the cast of Go Away, a feature film produced by an independent production company in Virginia.  Here, I found myself on the set of my first horror film. 

It was a new and unique challenge, and I learned so much - from film acting, to camera technique, to special effects makeup.  I had the opportunity to work alongside indie stars Thom Mathews, Felissa Rose, and Tuesday Knight, who led the production with expertise, grace, and great senses of humor.  And I felt so welcomed by the warmth and professionalism of production team. 

I'm so happy to be a member of the Slasher 15 family!  The film will soon be heading into post-production, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the final product. 

  • Go Away Teaser Trailer (2022)

    A group of guests at a dinner party are put through a series of deadly games by a group of intruders. The night takes an even deadlier turn when the intruders realize they are also being hunted.

Reel Artistry Program

Reel Artistry (2017)
Kenny Metzger, Producer 
Ethan Paulini, Director 
Jay Binder, Casting Consultant 

The most difficult part about pursuing a career in the performing arts is blending passion with business acumen.  To that end, I participated in many casting, business, and education programs in New York City.  One of these programs is called Reel Artistry

Reel Artistry is designed to help musical theater actors understand the business, enhance their brand, and increase their chances of booking theater work.  The program involved casting discussion, repertoire coaching, wardrobe & makeup consultation, and the production of final videos to showcase your work. 

These videos are a view into my artistic & business development in late 2017. 

NYC Cabarets

I Have Confidence & How Deep is the Ocean (2017) 
Directed by Ben Holtzman 
Performed by Emily Zinski 
Metropolitan Room, New York City 

Early in 2017, I had been living in New York City for three years.  While I was fortunate to work with and learn from many Broadway professionals during that time, my own professional career was stalling.  I began to realize that I would need to create my own outlets and opportunities for my work to be seen. 

So, I went on to organize a musical theater cabaret in the Metropolitan Room, with the assistance of producer & coach Ben Holtzman.  This offered me and some of my friends & colleagues the chance to perform, and to record our work; filling our creative cups while also building our professional web presence and portfolios.  

Fiddler on the Roof at Weston Playhouse

Fiddler on the Roof  (2013)
Directed by Malcom Ewen 
Choreographed by Jacob Brent 
Music Direction by Robert Meffe
Weston Playhouse 

In 2013, I worked my very first theatrical contract with Actors Equity Association. I had worked professionally before, but this was my first union job. I was very nervous and green at the beginning of this production, but the foundational lessons I learned continue to stay with me in my work today. 

"The three oldest daughters, by selecting their own husbands, challenge and erode Tevye’s treasured traditions, at the same time nudge the inhabitants of Anatevka into a new world. They provide their own dramatic and musical joys ... Emily Zinski is lyrically bright as Hodel." 
- William Menezes, Brattleboro Reformer

  • Sunrise, Sunset

    Emily Zinski sings "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof at Weston Playhouse
  • Matchmaker

    A small break during tech rehearsals of Matchmaker in Weston Playhouse's Fiddler on the Roof
  • Sabbath Prayer

    The cast of Weston Playhouse's Fiddler on the Roof sings Sabbath Prayer
  • Hodel & Tevye

    Emily Zinski as Hodel & David Brummel as Tevye
  • Far From the Home I Love

    Emily Zinski sings "Far From the Home I Love" in Fiddler on the Roof at Weston Playhouse
  • Scene Rehearsal

    Emily Zinski in rehearsals for the wedding scene in Fiddler on the Roof at Weston Playhouse
  • Dance Rehearsal

    Emily Zinski in rehearsals for the wedding scene in Fiddler on the Roof at Weston Playhouse

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