Work samples

  • Doug Playing Yellow Guitar
    Doug Playing Yellow Guitar
    20x24 Oil on Linen
  • Portrait of Bob
    Portrait of Bob
    18x24 Oil on Linen
  • Portrait of Helen
    Portrait of Helen
    16x20 Oil on Linen
  • Dianna and Riff-Raff
    Dianna and Riff-Raff
    18x24 Oil on Linen

About Damon

Howard County
Damon was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, but moved with his family to Catonsville, Maryland.  His parents often took him to the many Fine Art museums in the surrounding cities.  He visited museums in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. where he developed a deep appreciation for art at an early age.  From this appreciation Damon went on to study art in college, and graduated with a BS in graphic design from Towson State University in 1993.  After graduation he worked as a graphic… more

The Self in Portraiture

The Self in Portraiture is a group of fifteen paintings where I created three portraits of five different people.  I used multiple paintings of an individual that together express how we see that person and how that person sees him or her self.  Each painting in a series of three shows a distinct view that represents how conscious the person is of being observed depending on the amount of face that is shown.  When all of the face is shown it represents when the person is fully aware of being observed and the most external characteristics of that individual are seen.  When less of the face is shown the person is less aware of being observed and more internal or intimate characteristics are revealed.  While each painting stands on its own individual merit, each portrait works together in its series of three to create a more intimate, insightful, and convincing depiction of the person.
I used what I learned through conversations with each person to guide me to a meaningful moment and the ideal setting for each distinct view.  I then conducted three or four photo sessions to create the mood and atmosphere best suited to convey each individual's characteristics on canvas.  
During my time studying in Italy I had an opportunity to go to Venice for Carnevale.  People were packed shoulder to shoulder as they moved through the city's narrow streets.  It was easy to get swept up in the steady flow of the crowd and lose yourself in the festive atmosphere.  When people put on masks their demeanors changed.  Unlike an actor who dons a costume to become a different persona for an audience, the masked people at Carnevale acted like no one was watching.  The masks gave people a sense of anonymity that allowed them to relax and be themselves.  I understood that it is in these moments when we feel alone, even if surrounded by other people, that we feel comfortable enough to allow more of our inner character, thoughts, and feelings, to be outwardly expressed.  When we are not alone and are aware of being observed, we lose this anonymity and tend to present ourselves differently.  How other people see us then may be different than how we perceive ourselves.  In The Self in Portraiture I use each series of three paintings to show a range of perceptions of each individual, from how we see that individual to how that person may see him or her self.  By doing so I create a more complete depiction of each person portrayed.
  • Doug 1
    Doug 1
  • Doug 2
    Doug 2
  • Doug 3
    Doug 3
  • Helen 1
    Helen 1
  • Helen 2
    Helen 2
  • Helen 3
    Helen 3
  • Bob 1
    Bob 1
  • Bob 2.jpg
    Bob 2.jpg
  • Bob 3
    Bob 3

The Self in Portraiture (cont)

These are the reamaining six paintings in the Self in Portraiture series.
  • Bruce 1.jpg
    Bruce 1.jpg
  • Bruce 2
    Bruce 2
  • Bruce 3
    Bruce 3
  • Dianna 1
    Dianna 1
  • Dianna 2
    Dianna 2
  • Dianna 3
    Dianna 3

Sanguine and Pastel Portraits

A Series of portrait studies done in sanguine and white chalk on toned paper as well as two that were done in pastel.
  • Sanguine Portrait 1
    Sanguine Portrait 1
  • Sanguine Portrait 2
    Sanguine Portrait 2
  • Sanguine Portrait 3
    Sanguine Portrait 3
  • Sanguine Portrait 4
    Sanguine Portrait 4
  • Sanguine Portrait 5
    Sanguine Portrait 5
  • Pastel Male
    Pastel Male
  • Pastel Female
    Pastel Female