Damon's profile

Damon was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, but moved with his family to Catonsville, Maryland.  His parents often took him to the many Fine Art museums in the surrounding cities.  He visited museums in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. where he developed a deep appreciation for art at an early age.  From this appreciation Damon went on to study art in college, and graduated with a BS in graphic design from Towson State University in 1993.  After graduation he worked as a graphic designer for several years and later as an art editor.  When the opportunity arose to study at The Florence Academy of Art he was excited that he could both connect with his Italian heritage and follow his love for painting.  Damon travelled to Italy in 1998 where he studied for over a year.  He then returned to Maryland to resume his art editor position.  In 2002 he travelled back to Florence, Italy for another year of study.  He returned home to work and later began his Master of Fine Art studies at the Academy of Art University.  Damon graduated in 2016.  He has shown his work in exhibitions such as Art MD 2006, Academy of Art University's 2015 Spring Show Student Showcase, and most recently at Art Howard County 2019.

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