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Wood, Foam. 10 x 144 x 144


Wood, pigment. 12 x 14 x 5

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Wood, Pigment. 100 x 72 x 60


Wood, Pigment. 18 x 16 x 16


About David

Baltimore County

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David is an Irish born artist living and working in Baltimore/Washington. He received his BFA from the Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick, Ireland and his MFA from The Pennsylvania State University.  Throughout his 35-year career, David has exhibited extensively in Maryland, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, including exhibitions at Anton Gallery, Washington DC;  C. Grimaldis Gallery,  School 33 Art Center,  Maryland Art Place and Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore... more

Recent Works 2016-2020

In my current body of work, I frequently reference objects such as bridges, tunnels and walls as metaphors for my observations on human behavior, particularly behavior relating to power and subjugation. Much of the inspiration for these works revolves around the reality and inevitability of loss; the lengths we go to to protect the things that are meaningful to us, and the intersection between  power, subjugation, gain and loss.
You will see structures with elaborate outer shells, these are interventions designed to protect fragile interiors, sometimes at the expense of radically altering the inner core in the process.
There are barriers intended to control, protect, divide and separate, and there are cross sectional ‘landscapes’ where life forces are mostly hidden or driven underground.  
Amidst all this, there are many moments of ubiquitous hope and defiance.


A selection of  works that explored the conflicting actions of destruction and salvation in one process. These works were mostly a response to the Irish Government's token efforts towards maintaining historically significant national monuments.

Projects 1990 - 1995

A selection of projects from 1990 - 1995

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