Work samples

  • Cerridwen_20190709.jpg
  • DarkSideOfTheMoon_20190709.jpg
    Dark Side of the Moon
  • ForEmilyU_20190709.jpg
    For Emily U (with thanks to Will Shakespeare)
  • HeartToHeart_20190709.jpg
    Heart to Heart

About Daniel

Baltimore City, Baltimore City - Station North A&E District

I was born at home in a second floor apartment at 219 1/2 East North Avenue, and did much of my growing up in what is now the Station North Arts District. I have been a resident of Charles Village since 1980. I worked for about a dozen years as a commercial photographer, and spent over 30 years doing apartment restoration utilizing a variety of trade skills. I also write poems.

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Work in Progress Poems

  • Burst Of Day.pdf
  • If I Could..pdf
  • Fear Of Heights.pdf
  • Gratitude.pdf
  • mt vernon.pdf
  • the source.pdf
  • this pain.pdf
  • where love is quick.pdf