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  • Rise UP!


  • The Distinguished Mister Frederick Douglass

    Frederick Douglass,  as a former slave,  was the most photographed person of his time.  It was paramount to his integrity that no portrait showed him smiling.  He felt it inappropriate to present anything less than a dignified black man.

  • Rise UP!

    George Floyd was murdered by police in May 2020 and the country was in an uproar 

About Bryan

Baltimore City

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, writing has been a passion since the age of 9. I have been a poet, singer, songwriter and budding novelist. Words have been my weapon of choice in the fight for equality, with Baltimore being my home base for over 20 years. It is my desire to bring inspiration, knowledge and thorough understanding of the experiences of a young, black man, living and surviving in the USA.

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The Storyteller's Mixtape

A self published collection of spoken word pieces written and performed from 2008

  • the Mixtape

Songs of Freedom

Poems about my Black experience