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  • GUN SHOW Trailer 110818
    1.5 Minute Trailer for 30 Minute Documentary. Coming Soon 2019.

About Richard

Baltimore County

I am incredibly grateful to be a Maryland filmmaker.

As a career documentary cinematographer, I typically shoot for and collaborate with others. I am now actively exploring the making of my own films. I recently completed Gun Show, a documentary on guns and gun violence as rendered by the interactive sculptures of David Hess who created a collection of (non-functional) assault rifles. We traveled to various locations, recording people's personal thoughts and feelings about guns while… more

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Gun Show

GUN SHOW is a new thirty minute documentary directed by Richard Chisolm, released in 2020. 

After assembling mock assault rifles out of everyday found objects, sculptor David Hess goes on the road to explore America's obsession with guns. When ordinary citizens are allowed to handle these weapons, a fresh and meaningful dialogue results. Gun Show is a film about the power of art to advance a conversation on a subject of dire importance. The sculptures become ‘weapons of mass discussion.’               
"I'm striving to allow the pieces to be as neutral as possible. I think their value is in letting people have conversations on their own terms. From the start I decided the guns would definitely not be for sale. I felt strongly that selling them would distort my role and the meaning of the objects and that they have more power as a collection."   -David Hess
  • GUN SHOW Trailer
    1.5 Minute Trailer for 30 Minute Documentary. Coming Soon 2019.
  • Gun Show Poster
  • Production Still
    Richard Chisolm shooting Sculptor David Hess talking to people in Washington, DC.
  • Man with gun NYC
  • David Hess in studio
  • David Hess working
  • Woman holding gun sculpture
  • Woman holding gun sculpture
  • Man holding gun sculpture
  • New York Production Still

Cafeteria Man

CAFETERIA MAN is a documentary feature film about visionary chef Tony Geraci's radical transformation of school nutrition in Baltimore city. The film chronicles his pioneering efforts to implement a system-wide recipe for reform in a sluggish bureaucracy over a two year period. Geraci's successful ability to coordinate people and energize a city's desire for social change around issues of school food becomes a nationally recognized model of aspiration and possibility. The film premiered at the AFI Silver Docs festival in 2012,  was screened at 19 additional film festivals, and  nationally aired on the Documentary Channel and PBS. 

Directed and photographed by Richard Chisolm. Produced by Sheila Kinkade. Edited by David Grossbach. 

  • Richard Chisolm With Camera.
    Filmmaker/Cinematographer Richard Chisolm
  • Cafeteria Man Poster
  • Greenhouse Kids.
    Students learning greenhouse growing techniques.
  • Classroom Filming.
    Filming classroom education about sources of food.
  • Michael Pollan Interview
    Food author Michael Pollan reflects on the Baltimore school food situation.
  • Chef Tony Geraci
    Director of Food and Nutrition, Baltimore City Public Schools

Bach and Friends

Bach and Friends is a new documentary feature film that celebrates the music of Bach as interpreted by living musicians. Producer: Michael Lawrence. Director of Photography: Richard Chisolm.
  • bm21.jpg
    Bobby McFerrin discusses Bach's influence.
  • m-32-bridge-10-fingers--.jpg
    Cellist Matt Haimovitz plays Bach.
  • glass-74-w-copy.jpg
    Philip Glass interview.
  • joshbell2pix101.jpg
    Violinist Joshua Bell, interview.
  • sc00133c9e.jpg
    Director of Photography Richard Chisolm.
  • joshbell2pix74.jpg
    Violinist Joshua Bell playing Bach's Chaconne.
  • Bach & Friends
    Excerpt from feature documentary on the work of J.S. Bach featuring living musicians.


A seven-part national ABC television documentary series on the real life drama of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Director of Photography/Field Producer: Richard Chisolm.
  • abcerphoto.jpg
    Richard Chisolm films medicine resident Dr. Ann Czarnik and patient at Hopkins Emergency Department/
  • "Hopkins" Trailer
    From the 6-part ABC TV series about Johns Hopkins Hospital.