Work samples

  • sunspot sunflower6.jpg
    Sunspot Sunflower is 45 sheets of cut and colored paper. It is 60" x 60" x 3".
  • Definition of Monoculture (detail 2).JPG
    "Definition of Monoculture" is a depiction of a panoramic view of a corn field. Underneath the drawing is etched into the paper the dictionary definition of "Monoculture". This piece is about the pervasiveness of corn in our diet and culture. Monsanto is dropped out of the definition under the drawing, to say how much control they have over our food supply.
  • DEep Inelastic Scattering 2.JPG
    "Deep Inelastic Scattering" Two panels of cut and painted aluminum.
  • GloArt 2.jpg
    Cut Aluminum (2 panels) in collection @ Glo'Art in Belgium.

About Blake

Baltimore County

Blake M Conroy is from Aberdeen, Maryland. He holds a BFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Blake is a recipient of a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award. In a world that commodifies nature, Blake shows us the individuality of every living thing. After drawing and laser-cutting images of the same subject viewed from different perspectives, he layers these multimedia sheets atop each other, forcing the viewer to look closely enough to… more


Collaboration with Vicco von Voss and Sara Bakken
  • DSC06371.JPG
  • DSC06377.JPG
    Collaboration with Vicco von Voss, Cut Aluminum, Chestnut
  • DSC06382.JPG
    Collaboration # 1, with Vicco von Voss, Sycamore Burl, Yellow Wood, Cut Brass
  • DSC06396.JPG
    Collaboration # 2, with Vicco von Voss, Maple, Cut Brass and Copper
  • DSC06378.JPG
    Collaboration # 3 with Vicco von Voss, Curly Maple and Cut Brass
  • DSC06387.JPG
    Cut Copper, English Walnut

Deep Inelastic Scattering

Two sheets of Cut Aluminum
  • Deep Inelastic Scattering 2.JPG
    Cut Aluminum
  • Deep Inelastic Scattering no frame.JPG
    Cut Aluminum Sculpture

Field Study Project

This is a series of Cut paper Sculptures. They are abstractions from a larger project that I am still working on.
  • Field Study, Swallotail Size 2.JPG
    Cut Paper Sculpture, 30" x 50" x 3"
  • Field Study, Background Radiation 2.JPG
    Cut Paper Sculpture, 30" x 20" x 3"
  • Field Study, Blue Gold 2.JPG
    Cut Paper Sculpture, 30" x 20" x 3"
  • Field Study, Ode to Jackson Pollack 2.JPG
    Cut Paper Sculpture, 30" x 20" x 3"
  • Field Study, Bikini atoll 2.JPG
    Cut Paper Sculpture, 30" x 20" x 3"
  • Field Study, Penumbra 3.jpg
    Cut Paper Sculpture, 30" x 20" x 3"
  • Field Study, Blue Cascade.JPG
    Cut Paper Sculpture, 30" x 20" x 3"

Sunspot, Sunflower

cut paper depiction of a sunflower
  • Large Sunspot.JPG
    Cut Paper Sculpture
  • DSC01299.JPG
  • DSC01301.JPG
    Cut Paper Sculpture, Detail
  • DSC01303.JPG
    Cut Paper Sculpture, Detail


I have started collaborating with wood worker Vicco Von Voss. To date we have completed 2 projects. The first is a table with inlaid brass in a sycamore burl top with cut brass connections between the legs of the table. The second is a shelf with for layers of cut brass and copper in the center knot hole. The top layer of copper is inlaid into the wood.
  • DSC03491.JPG
  • Collaboration #2
  • DSC03493.JPG
  • DSC03494.JPG
  • DSC06371.JPG
    "Symbiosis", 400 year old chestnut tree, cut steel, cut brass, and formed silk.Dimensions 6 foot tall by 7 foot across. Collaboration with Vicco von Voss and Sara Bakken.


panoramic view of a cornfield, going from abstract patterns to representational views of corncobs.


Series of abstract Cut Paper Sculptures. They are colored layers of cut paper stacked so the viewer can see down multiple layers.
  • Sunspot, Blue Sunflower 3.jpeg
  • Sunspot, Swallowtail Size.JPG
    Cut paper Sculpture, 30" x 50" x 3"
  • Sunspot, Orang Tang 2.JPG
    Cut Paper Sculpture
  • Sunspot, Emergent Red 2.JPG
  • Sunspot, Sunset 2.JPG
  • Sunsot, Copper Vortex 3.JPG

John M Conroy 3rd

tribute to my Grandfather who fought in ww1. This image is 9 layers of paper hung on a bracket so it floats an inch off the wall.
  • johnconroy-web.jpg
  • 1_johnmconroy.jpg
  • ConroyB3.jpeg
    Cut Paper Portrait

Elizabeth Hollingsworth

Cut paper Portrait of my Grandmother, 8 layers of stacked and cut paper
  • elizabethbigdetail.jpg
  • elizabethhollingsworthdeatil.jpg
  • elizabethbig.jpg
  • betty-detail.jpg
  • bettydetail2.jpg
  • betty.jpg
  • ElizabethHollingsworth.JPG
    Cut Paper Sculpture


cut paper murial
  • swallowtaildetail1920.jpg
  • swallowtail1920.jpg
  • swallowtail2small.jpg