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Immortality Trailer

A short visual film in the tradition of the Black Arts Movement and Afrofuturism that captures the birth of two divine beings from future dimensions sent to earth by Mother (creator of the universe) to destroy the faces of white supremacy and establish a non-greed-driven civilization in sync with humanity, the spirit world, and nature with the help of four revolutionaries. Written and directed by Bashi Rose and Michelle Rodwell.

Son Of Nun - "It's Like That"

Performed by Son of Nun. Directed by Bashi Rose. Filmed in Baltimore. While the song focuses on past and present uprisings and their causes, the mini-documentary, directed by Bashi Rose, reveals the visions various organizers have for the city and the work they're doing to manifest them. The video features interviews with people like former Black Panther Marshall "Eddie" Conway, who's still active after serving 44 years in prison, and Tawanda Jones the sister of Tyrone West who was killed by police 3 and a half years ago.

Eze Jackson Un-Apologetically Black

Directed by Bashi Rose, Will Arenas and Eze Jackson. Edited by Bashi Rose. This video celebrates Blackness within its cultural, radically political, spiritual, and beautiful multifaceted existence.

George Jackson: Releasing the Dragon (a video mixtape)

Bashi Rose and Jared Ball, part of the imixwhatilike crew, have created this video mixtape in commemoration to the life and politics of George Jackson, field marshall of the Black Panther Party. Author of "Blood in My Eye" and "Soledad Brother". His analysis of U.S. imperialism and ability to inspire and organize though confined within prison walls is just as relevant now as it was then in the early 70's.


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Bashi Rose, founder of Nommo Theatre/film and Konjur Collective is a theatre artist, musician, and filmmaker. He was raised in West Baltimore and was nurtured, inspired and trained in is his  craft by the Baltimore arts community.  His works have been produced in numerous venues including the San Francisco Black Film Festival, HipHop Theatre Festival, and the Shomburg Center.  However, his work is often community based. In  2007 he began facilitating a prison theatre program, Direct... more

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