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Magnolia Laurie was born in Massachusetts and raised in Puerto Rico. She received her BA in Critical Social Thought from Mount Holyoke College and her MFA from the Mount Royal School of Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art.  She has been awarded fellowships and residencies from the Vermont Studio Center, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, and the Jentel Foundation in Wyoming. Magnolia has also been a recipient of an Individual Artist Grant from... more

Surface Coverings

These are posters, floor coverings and wall coverings.

  • Wallpaper Panels Installed in Showroom

    Furnished Room Wallpaper, 7 sections, 102� x 35� ea This series of six 8 by 3 foot printed panels are a study in integrating previously produced object drawings with surface drawings. In this case the 7-Eleven wall section has been tiled to create what may be a brick wall in a den. Three of the interior object drawings have been placed on this surface to produce a semblance of a furnished room.
  • 7-11 Wall Section Poster Installed

    7-Eleven Wall Section Poster, 36" x 48" This authentic scale reproduction of a 3 by 4 foot section of a brick wall from a 7-Eleven Store in Baltimore County will hopefully give its owner a warm feeling and a memory of a good moment. Maybe it was that pack of cigarettes that got you though a tough time, or that Slurpee that cooled you on a hot day, or maybe itâ??s that 16 ounce cup of Mountain Blend that gives you the strength to walk into work each morning.
  • Cinder Block Wall Poster

    Cinder Block Wall Section Poster, 48" x 66" This poster enables the purchaser to alter his or her living space so that it can feel like a basement, institutional stairwell, Laundromat, prison cell, back of shopping center, or other cinder block related space. This poster is a Xerox blowup of a hand drawn scale rendering of a section of block wall. It is constructed of 20 hand trimmed Xerox panels that have been taped together and folded into an easily transportable package. We feel that the impact this poster will have on your living space will more than warrant the price tag.

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