It is through my landscapes and cityscapes that I seek to connect place and identity, the timeless and the temporary. I am curious about the natural biology of towns and cities. I find identity in the places I inhabit, and explore that aspect in my works. I investigate the ways in which plants, nature, and ecology are intertwined within the landscape, and how the local environment shapes one’s identity. This series investigates my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, and the surrounding landscape.

Nature soothes. It grounding to be within it. It's familiar. I find bringing it in my home through plants offers a similar experience.  I want to paint abstracted nature to offer the viewer a potential soothing to their nervous system.

Things that are enclosed  seem to flow from my painting. I am not sure where this comes from.  It could be born from my clinical background as a sex and couples therapist.   Attachment theory.. connection..boundaries.. all suggest closeness while maintaining separateness. Knowing where one begins and ends is the building block of great relationships.  I like to see distinct boundaries in painting but like a painting better if the shapes are organic and not at all perfect.  I love a wobbly sphere it invites the non perfect part of me to be welcomed in.

I love atmospheric paintings because they provide the space to allow me to superimpose a meaning when viewed. Despite loving them they often elude me! When I capture one I feel lucky because painting without shapes is difficult for me. I haven't figured out how to manifest one on demand.  This project will be challenging.

I have come to realize that the rhythm of my creative practice fluctuates between conceptual
curiosity and an intense need for material discovery. Over the past year I have swung towards
material discovery and have become obsessed with learning metalsmithing and jewelry making
techniques. Although my past work has been characterized by larger scale sculptures and
installations, I now want to explore the profoundly different gesture and relationship to the
body and to the mind that jewelry inspires.

In my series of paintings, I explore the provocative juxtaposition of nude women smoking cigarettes amidst vibrant colors. Utilizing both acrylic and oil mediums, I delve into the complexities of femininity and societal taboos. Each canvas depicts the female form in various poses, exuding confidence and defiance, while the act of smoking adds an element of rebellion and allure. The bright colors serve to intensify the atmosphere, drawing viewers into a world where beauty and controversy collide.