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Colorful , Magic Realism , New Romanticism,Hope,Volcano,BMRE 4th Biennial accepted entry.
ESPARANCE acrylic on canvas 48" x 36" 2019

Leda and the Swan.jpg

Colorful , Magic Realism , New Romanticism,Hope,Volcano,Leda and the Swan,Columbine,bull-rushes,Greek,myth
LEDA and the SWAN acrylic on canvas 48" x 36" 2019


Colorful , Magic Realism , New Romanticism,Hope,Love ,Greek,myth,Goddess,Pets,Fountain,Blonde
WOLF MOON SNOW ANGEL acrylic on canvas 48" x 56"


Colorful , Magic Realism , New Romanticism,Hope,Love ,Family ,Gardening,England,Digging,Koy pond,Clematis,cat,Memories,childhood
Those Who Do Not Believe in Magic,Will Never Find It.


About Jonathan

Jonathan West's picture
Jonathan West is a Baltimore area artist known for his large expressionist work.  Following his "It's Time To Run Like Hell" series, his "Paintings of Heaven" and vividly painted landscapes, portraits and still lifes employ a brighter, more optimistic pallette and viewpoint.  Jonathan shows actively and paints constantly in different series.  His goal is to capture the essence of a moment and create an object that radiates. Statement: With the occurrence of the death of my... more


My DREAMSCAPES are designed to evoke an anigmatic sense of wonder,a psychic narrative of the sublime journey through my imagination.Instilled with elements of New Romanticism and Magic Realism,enchanted figures are found confronting mysterious space and timelessness as colorful positive expectation.

Time to Run Like Hell Series

Communication and awareness are of the utmost importance to the artist today. Advances in technology have placed the entire world in our homes and studios and, in my case, spur an empathetic reaction to the world?s tragedies and human foibles, and, specifically, to our inhumanity towards one another.

As a contemporary artist, I cannot separate myself from this place and time. In my paintings I seek to define this reaction in cathartic, expressionistic and poignant notations that reflect on life and the finality of death. In my Time to Run Like Hell series, with titles such I Don?t Want the World, I Just Want Your Half, Nirvana (for Virginia Tech), The Smell of Death, and Buzkashi, I hope to present the viewer with uncomfortable, often horrific, situations in a sympathetic yet striking artistic manner that provokes both thought and compassion. The series extends to natural disasters with work such as Tsunami, The Big Easy, and Earthquake.

Paintings Of Heaven

With the occurrence of the death of my childhood best friend, my paintings evolved from the “It’s Time To Run Like Hell” series to the “Paintings Of Heaven” series. These spirited expressions of light and color express my cathartic impressions of life and the inevitability of death. Often inspired by tragic current events, these paintings are guided by emotion, fate and subconscious spiritual principles.


    Acrylic on Canvas , disaster,floral ,colorful,abstract ,expressionistic
  • We Become Birds When We Die

    Acrylic, Painting, Abstract, Expressionistic, Freedom, Hope, Reincarnation
  • More

    Acrylic, Painting, Abstract, Expressionistic, Nature, Power
  • Bubbles

    Acrylic, Painting, Abstract, Expressionistic, Newtown, Hope
  • English Garden

    Acrylic,canvas,colorful , floral,landscape,colorful,bright ,insiprational
  • Destiny

    acrylic,canvas,landscape,bright,green ,expressionistic
  • Flow Blue

    LARGE,acrylic,canvas,abstract,blue,white,space, disaster,mural
  • Captured Angels

    Acrylic, Painting, Abstract, Expressionistic, Light, Color, Freedom
  • Sugar Town

    Acrylic, Painting, Abstract, Expressionistic, Rhythm, Nature
  • Pretty Land

    Acrylic, Painting, Abstract, Expressionistic, Light, Color, Spiritual Awakening

Nature Morte

This body of work celebrates the age-old tradition of still life painting with a modern twist.
The popularity of these paintings has encouraged me to continue with these smaller works.
I find the intimacy of their creation almost addictive.

Return to Figuration

A recent return of the figure and landscape paintings,including "En plein Air"have enriched and broadened my perspective.I intend to pursue painting the figure in a landscape setting.

  • Those Who Do Not Believe In Magic,Will Never Find It

    Colorful , Magic Realism , New Romanticism,Hope,Love ,Family ,Gardening,England,Digging,Koy pond,Clematis,cat,Memories,childhood
    Those Who Do Not Believe In Magic, Will Never Find It acrylic on canvas 36" x 48"
  • Falling in Love

    acrylic on cradled board 20" x 16" colorful,landscape,fall,leaves,bright
  • Je Ne Regrette Rien

    Acrylic on canvas painting 75" x 58" My reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris 2015.
  • Why No

    acrylic on cradled panel painting of grapes and their essence.
  • Heavenly Waters

    acrylic on canvas painting 48" x 116" depicting childhood memories of the woodlands near my home.
  • The Road to Joy

    acrylic on cradled board 20" x 16" en plein air painting of Tounge Row in Ellicott City,Maryland. Completed in 2 hour time limit. Landscape ,spiritual,colorful
  • Sanctuary

    acrylic on cradled board 16" x 20" en plein air painting of the Icehouse at Liriodendron.
  • Self Portrait

    acrylic on cradled board. searching my inner self
  • Liriodendron-Blood Moon Eclipse

    A painting of Liriodendron Mansion which was started en plein air and completed during the blood Moon Eclipse.Colorful,landscape,architectural.spiritual
  • The Creation of Eve

    acrylic on cradled board 20" x 16" An image born of spiritual messages derived from a found seashell.


My fascination with seasonal changes led to the creation of my Spiritual interpretations of the Four Seasons...Winter,Spring ,Summer and Fall.
I completed the final painting in 2019 and look forward to exhibiting them together someday.

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