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"No King"

The award-winning title track from Outcalls' second EP, No King.

"Skip to Sunrise"

"Skip to Sunrise" is the fourth track from Outcalls' second EP, No King.

Outcalls - En Sourdine (acoustic)

A live acoustic taping of "En Sourdine" from Outcalls' first EP, The Clay Mechanical


About Outcalls

Baltimore City

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Led by Peabody Conservatory graduates Britt Olsen-Ecker and Melissa Wimbish, Outcalls creates genre-defying pop music that counters the tired narratives pervading much of today’s popular songs -- especially songs that pertain to relationships and love. Dubbed Baltimore’s “electronic opera queens,” Outcalls has toured throughout the northeastern U.S. and Canada. The duo's latest release "Keep Falling Over" was voted the #1 song of 2018 by WTMD radio listeners. Outcalls is dedicated to actively... more

"Stay" Single (2019)

"Keep Falling Over" was released on May 28th, 2018 and named the #1 song on WTMD's Top 89 Songs of 2018 as voted by WTMD listeners. The funky, pop throwback expresses exasperation with the 24-hour news cycle, referencing discrimination faced by women in politics. The goal for this project was to create an unmistakable "pop" hit, while maintaining the group's signature unconventional choices in regards to form and instrumentation.

In an ongoing effort to feature Baltimore's finest musicians, Outcalls collaborated with tenor saxophonist Derrick Michaels. Multiple layers of sustained notes by the saxophone were stacked and delayed to create a unique, reedy, driving motive featured throughout the track. The vocal bridge is supported by a "sax choir" in which saxophone samples combine with background vocals to create a rich, chordal bed of sound underneath solo vocals. An explosive improvised solo by Michaels makes for a satisfying surprise ending.

Like the political arena, a recording studio can be an intimidating place for women to assert authority. Producing credits for women are scarce in the music industry. The woman-fronted production of "Keep Falling Over" was a milestone on the duo's path to recording and sound engineering independence.

  • Stay - Cover

    Photo by Simone Thompson. Lettering by Jeremy Friend.

Touring History

August 2018: EXPAND THE FAM Tour
March 2019: GOIN' DOWN SOUTH Tour
October 2019: NOTHING WILL GO WRONG Tour

Research, routing, venue booking, promotion, travel arrangements, and fundraising was done entirely in-house by Britt Olsen-Ecker and Melissa Wimbish to promote Outcalls' music catalogue and gain knowledge of best procedural practices for large scale tour management. Tour-related expenses were completely funded by personal donations from local fans and our meager bank account.

EXPAND THE FAM Tour Schedule, Venue Listing, and Cities Visited (2018)
8/9: One Longfellow Square (Portland, Maine)
8/10: The Columbus Theatre (Providence, Rhode Island)
8/11: Midway Cafe (Boston, Massachussetts)
8/12: The Skinny Pancake (Burlington, Vermont)
8/15: The Cavern (Toronto, Ontario)
8/16: Revolution Gallery (Buffalo, New York)
8/17: Bar L'entre Nous (Montreal, Quebec)
8/18: C'mon Everybody (Brooklyn, New York)
8/20: ShopRite (Wilmington, Delaware)
8/21: The Smiling Moose (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
8/22: Jilly's Music Bar (Akron, Ohio)
8/23: Milkboy (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
8/24: The 8x10 (Baltimore, Maryland)

GOIN' DOWN SOUTH Tour Schedule, Venue Listing, and Cities Visited (2019)
3/22: The Lazy Bee (Berea, Ohio)
3/23: Spot Tavern (Lafayette, Indiana)
3/24: Urban Artifact (Cincinnati, Ohio)
3/25: Bellarmine University (Lousiville, Kentucky)
3/27: Siberia Lounge (New Orleans, Louisiana)
3/28: The Attic at the Blind Mule (Mobile, Alabama)
3/29: Jade Fox & Co. (Atlanta, Georgia)

NOTHING WILL GO WRONG Tour Schedule, Venue Listing, and Cities Visited (2019)
10/5: T-Bar Social Club (June Lake, CA)
10/7: Harvard & Stone (Los Angeles, CA)
10/8: Puffers of Pismo (Pismo Beach, CA)
10/9: Santa Clara Univeristy (Santa Clara, CA)
10/10: MilkBar (San Francisco, CA)
10/11: Shine Cafe (Sacramento, CA)

No King EP (2017)

Outcalls self-released their second EP, No King, to critical acclaim in September 2017. The title track catapulted the vocal duo onto the local arts scene with credits from every major Baltimore publication including The Baltimore Sun's "30 Songs that defined 2017," Baltimore Magazine’s "Best Music of 2017" and "Big Baltimore Playlist," as well as features in Baltimore Beat, Brightest Young Things, and Johns Hopkins University's The Hub.

Outcalls were the recipients of a Baltimore Alternative Music Award from 89.7 WTMD for Best Vocal Performance ("No King"). They were ranked #6 in WTMD's Top 89 Songs of 2017 ("No King"). On the Spotify platform alone, the EP's six tracks have a combined streaming of over 14,000 plays.

"Opening with a staccato synthesizer line, the dramatic 'No King' blooms into a tale of betrayal and revenge sung through lush, layered vocals." -Wesley Case, The Baltimore Sun

"Witchy, somewhat tribal, and even a little bit dusty old Spaghetti Western, 'Skip to Sunrise' has become one of our top songs of the year." -Baltimore Magazine

Music Videos

Stay - Music Video
Pillcauzbee - Music Video
Skip to Sunrise - Music Video
En Sourdine - Music Video

Like an operatic ensemble number, "Skip to Sunrise" overlaps two different vocal melodies and sparse lyrical phrases to express individual thoughts on the same event. Vocal polyphony is juxtaposed with sections of unison singing to illustrate both the confusion and moments of clarity within a volatile relationship. A reoccuring melisma, sung in unison by both voices at the end of every polyphonic phrase, functions as a chorus throughout the piece.

Conceptualized by Baltimore writer, playwright, and director Lola B. Pierson, the music video is a collection of experiments in light manipulation, facial expression, and movement. In one frame, ignited sparklers trace the letters "O-U-T-C-A-L-L-S" in an otherwise completely dark room. In another, Wimbish and Olsen-Ecker perform classic Meyerhold movement etudes donning sequin gowns under a red spotlight. These elements of random, experimental theatre combined with imaginatively lit shots and post-production effects by Skyler Jenkins make for a transfixing video debut.

No King Remixes (2017/2018)

No King Remixes is an ongoing collaboration with musicians who specialize in beat production. Artists take stems (individual isolated tracks) from the original recording session of a song and create a new version of the piece. A common practice in hip-hop and electronic music, remixes often bring artists together whose paths might not otherwise cross on the local gigging scene.

Outcalls' catalogue includes three remixes: "Coldblood Riddiot Remix" by Pittsburgh-based DJ Brendan Barstow, "Pillcauzbee Drew Scott Remix" by Baltimore producer Drew Scott, and "Skip to Sunrise Cascading Elephants Remix" by experimental electronic performer and producer Ben Parker of Louisville, KY. The next song in the series will be remixed by Baltimore musician Micah E. Wood.

"Pillcauzbee" Official Music Video

"Pillcauzbee" is a soulful, trance-pop ballad that depicts the excitement of a night out followed by the terror of being drugged and unable to move. The victim challenges their accuser with the words, "Here's a question for your heart: Did you leave with what you wanted?"

Multimedia artist and experimental animator, Oona Taper will head creative direction and animation for "Pillcauzbee." Aesthetically, the animated video will be mixed media with primary figures created in ink, then color inverted to produce white lines on black background. Additional textures and patterns will combine vivid colors in pastel, paint and digital forms as well as 2D paper stop-motion puppets.

The video is set for release on March 1st, 2019.

Saturday Morning Tunes - "Frozen"

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