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Still from the short film, Yields (Camera/Editor/Director)

An Incomplete History 8.JPG

Installation view of project that included 16mm projections, wall text rubbings and photography


About Jonna

Baltimore City

Jonna McKone’s work explores the way traces of the past become extensions of the present, sometimes grafted onto places or personal stories in ways that remain unseen, hardly seen, misunderstood or buried.  With a sense of place and historical research, her work aims to explore the connection between land and memory, testimony and history, and the material qualities of sound, silence, film and digital media. She is currently working on film in Maryland's eastern shore and developing a book with... more

Ruins, I

This installation was performed with members of Raw Silk. Made from a 100-foot roll of 16mm film shot in the Walters Art museum, the objects seen in the film were illuminated with conservation-appropriate lighting. The footage maps archaeological eras through chronological and proportional 16mm footage -- each frame of the film represents approximately 1.6 years. The emulsion was then subjected to processes like bleaching, burying, soaking and scratching inspired by technological, geographic or geological events associated with archaeological periods and eras dating back to 4500 BCE (the age of the oldest object documented in the film.) (Camera/Editor/Director)

A Year In Voicemails

A short documentary about places and traces -- abstracted phone booths become increasingly legible as the catalog of information about a father and son grows. This piece asks us to consider the nature of the artifacts we leave behind, particularly audio voicemails, a digital artifact, recorded and performed, with expectation of being quickly deleted. (Camera/Editor/Director)


An experimental documentary film, non-narrated and observational, that looks at the historic and economic vestiges embedded in gesture and landscape in a rural region of North Carolina. Yields meditates on the failure of industrial promise through a series of short vignettes that aggregate to express how absurdly intertwined a place can become with what it produces. The film is a meditation on sound, landscape, and labor in a rural economy abruptly severed from its historical connection to the production and processing of poultry. (Camera/Editor/Director)

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