Nancy's profile

Nancy Linden’s work includes painting, charcoal, assemblage and installation, writing, photography, set design and acting.   Her visual art is largely figurative, most often based on photographs taken during the ’30’s and ’40’s by the photographers of the Farm Security Administration.  With assemblage and site-specific installation she creates environments which spill into the realm of theater to include set design and the devising and writing of theater pieces, which in turn relates to her poetry and the essays that often accompany her art exhibitions.  In recent years her theater work has taken center stage (so to speak) as she performs in theater and film in the Baltimore-Washington area, including background work in VEEP and House of Cards (her living loft, complete with her paintings, was used as a set in House of Cards Seasons 1 and 2).  Informing much of her work is the sea.  She holds a Coast Guard license as Mate and has sailed on some 15 schooners and square-rigged ships.  She recently spent the greater part of two years sailing throughout Atlantic Europe and the Caribbean with her husband and two cats on their 35-foot boat.  

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