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Zoe Friedman Alchemy/Chemistry

Zoe Friedman Alchemy/Chemistry
Displayed her are two of the six large panels, each is made up of collected images of nature that are printed on paper, cut and collaged into geometric landscapes.

Zoe Friedman WildWood

Zoe Friedman WildWood
From the series Wild Wood. These hand cut pieces are pressed in between two pieces of plexiglass—this allows them to be sturdy and to cast shadows on the wall behind them.

Zoe Friedman By Land or By Sea

Zoe Friedman By Land or By Sea
Twenty unique sculptural hanging mobiles fill the room and cast shadows on the walls, telling an evolving story.

Zoe Friedman Primavera

Zoe Friedman Primavera
These hand cut window hangings cast shadows across the room throughout the day. They are made from Tyvek, a durable construction material. Exhibited in multiple locations including the WTMD Radio Station in Towson, The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower, Area 405, and the Angel Orensanz Foundation in NYC.


About Zoe

Baltimore City

Drawn to mystical elements and methodical systems, Zoe Friedman starts by crafting objects on an intimate scale that gradually build into large, immersive installations.  She incorporates the ephemeral space like light, shadow and movement to become an integral part of the piece itself.  Using a wide range of materials, she is inspired by nature, mythology, pattern, adaptation, and how we convey what we feel to be sacred. Zoe has been a Henry Walters Traveling Fellow (2012), a Fulbright... more


Hand cut paper, laser prints
84in x 84in
Summer 2017

I start by building a visual archive of photos I have taken of my travels, of my pets and of plants from botanical gardens and my house. Certain photos are credit to Andrew Liang (thank you). I print them, cut them out by hand and then arrange them into new landscapes. I thoroughly enjoy the process of collaging images together. It generates connections and meaning between different elements in my life, revealing what feels like memory. ​

Wild Wood

Hand cut paper, lace, giclee prints, pressed in glass to cast shadows.
large frames (mahogany) measure 30 in x 30 in, small frames (white) approximately 12 in x 12 in. Wall paper printed on phototex approximately 96 in x 90 in

Wildwood is a celebration of how life propagates itself and the new relationships we form to its many iterations.
This body of work is made up of photos I took of both wild plants in Costa Rica, my own house plants, and pet dogs that resemble wolves. I print them, cut them out, and collage them into an imaginary landscape. By combining these all together, I am thinking about domestication, our relationship to nature, and how we have a hard time discerning between the two.

By Land or By Sea

Drawing inspiration from traditional shadow puppets and sculptural mobiles, “By Land or By Sea” is an installation comprised of hand cut paper shapes activated by light, shadow, and motion. Friedman's use of colorful mobiles and playful figures takes on a new dimension in shadow form, illustrating an evolving story across the walls and ceilings of the gallery. Tigers and birds meander through forests, whales and fish float though the sea, and boats carrying cargo navigate the room, revealing a greater journey and pattern of migration. “By Land or By Sea” explores the connections that humans have to the natural flow of migration, instinctual survival, and the increasing need to adapt to a constantly changing environment.
18 hanging mobiles made of hand cut paper, shadows



Isolated images of nature are printed on paper and assembled to form large geometric landscapes. By photocopying found images, I reference the “infinite archive” that modern technology makes accessible at all times. Through repetition and inversion, extensive patterning reveals the hidden geometry present within organic forms.

Each panel is 8 feet tall by 7 1/2 feet wide. I print each image on regular A4 paper, then cut and assemble by hand. The paper is held in place and attached to wooden panels with nails.

Time is a Milk Bowl

This documentation tries to capture seven video projections on all four walls of the Clock Room in the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower. The band, Peals, performs a set that corresponds to the images in the middle of the room. I created four separate 30 minute videos, all stop motion animation, that are meant to be played simultaneously. This never allows the viewer to see all of the videos at once, yet keeps one more actively involved in watching and drawing connections. The music and the videos were specifically designed for the space. Bringing awareness to our relationship with time, and the ultimate ephemeral nature of all things, the event is an all-immersive art and sound installation that interacts with the industrial mechanics of the building.

Impermanence and Memory

Hand-cut paper window hanging, shaved pine cones, pine needles, stones, duck feathers, berries, glass bowl, dead bee, birch bark, lace.
This body of work was created while in residence at the Vermont Studio Center. Besides the hand-cut paper window hanging, all materials were found and collected during my month long stay, then organized into mandala-like arrangements. The patterns changed daily as I moved elements around, finding balance in opposing and fluid forms. At the end, I swept everything up and left it in piles outside.

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