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  • The Adventures of DYKE TRACY, Detective


       You might wonder who Dyke Tracy is. She's a detective recognized by the government as an official female. As she tells it...


       I'm a dyke that’s a detective who doesn’t wanna be called a dick.


       And this is the case of Murder Most Vile in Fakesville.


  • Impressions of Love (currently that is)

    Using sex as a sleep aid--very effective.

    Analogy of lovers to food--not always tasty.

    Rainbows are loved for many reasons, but this shouldn't be one of 'em--gross.

    All impressions of love.

About MJ

Baltimore City

The waitress was telling me about her husband.
Don’t pretend to like her stories. She’ll rattle 'em off like a machine gun. The story about her husband’s death is a favorite. It’s one of those things people around here tend to take sides on. You either believe her or you don’t. Now, she may very well be telling the truth, but my thought has always been, temporary insanity my ass. She knew enuf when she pushed him.

The Adventures of DYKE TRACY, Detective

Dyke Tracy is back. This time solving the Murder at the Queen's Palace.

  • The Adventures of DYKE TRACY Detective

A Magical Fairytale for the 21st Century

On the lighter side of life, just a bit of fun with what a happy-ever-after would look like today.

I figured it was time there was one for all the queer parents raising kids.

  • A Magical Fairytale for the 21st Century

Excerpts from (EM=) Relativity over The Absurdity of Life

EM = ME and all things around me.

All things around me is a cosmic contribution to the making of Me.

We know this, but that's not enough for it to be accepted as a way of living.

So instead we continuously live the Absurdity of Life.

  • Excerpts from (EM=) Relativity over the Absurdity of Life

Silence is Self-Genocide

In our society there are many things we are silent about. Atrocities around the world have brought to light how being silent is a death sentence.

This short one act combines my interpretation of words written by activist and poet Audre Lorde (“The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action”) and the impetus behind the AIDS ACT UP collective (co-founded by Avram Finkelstein, a political artist for protest).

The muted screams of its devastation, must be transformed into millions of united voices sharing the same desire to break the silence.

  • Silence is Self-Genocide