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Baltimore City - Station North A&E District

Von Vargas is an emerging icon in the music industry. He's a music artist, producer, songwriter, visual artist and an advocate for justice from Baltimore, Md. His music speaks to and for those who’ve been overlooked, outcasts, and impoverished. He’s passionate about creating music that highlights solutions to social ills that plague our communities. Born and raised on the Westside of Baltimore City his knowledge of the street mentality coupled with his profound ability to convey it’s pits and falls... more

Metropolis Binocular (Von Vargas' Full Length Album)

About Metropolis Binocular

The latest Album Metropolis Binocular (Part 1) by Von Vargas is some of Von's most transparent work to date. It features the woes of childhood in underprivileged environments, losing family members to the trap "Oceans Fade", with honest and heartfelt lyrics.

The album is well balanced with "Thought Provoking" and "Introspective" songs such as "Red Lips", "Cry A Tear", and "One Thing". Expressions that are reminiscent of growing up such as the title song: "My Metropolis" and "Fit Out". Other songs like "Frozen Cupz", "Penned Pola" and "Good Day" pay homage to urban life while helping to change one's outlook on it. "Symphonious Maxim" reveals Von's vital points of life as he declares his thoughts of wanting to give up on his dreams.

All in all Metropolis Binocular is a solid piece of work.

3220 (The Soundtrack) Full Length Album [Presented by Von Vargas]

About 3220: The Soundtrack

A collective group of “City Knights” spearheaded and executive produced by recording artist, and City alumnus, Von Vargas, will raise money through new album ‘3220: The Soundtrack (to Baltimore City College)’. Proceeds from this album will provide college scholarship awards for students pursuing music in the entertainment field who graduate from Baltimore City College. The album is dedicated to celebrating the heritage of Baltimore City College and is set to release in March 2016.

“3220” is named after the address of Baltimore City College (BCC), and its development was cultivated
by Von Vargas, along with the great help of other BCC alumni listed here: BenJamin Banger, Michael
Miller, Josh Lay, Lee Mo, Rufus Roundtree, Kia Miller, The Boy Blesst, Kidd Savage, and Sheri Booker.

“With the assistance and commitment of many, we can achieve something that will not only be
respected for years to come but also something that has never been done before in the 177 years of
Baltimore City College.” - Von Vargas

In My Own Lane (Live Curated Experience) by Von Vargas

Von Vargas hosts ‘In My Own Lane’ with Special Guests, Grammy Nominated Carolyn Malachi & Philadelphia's own, Japhia Life, in Washington D.C. (September 20, 2016) – ‘In My Own Lane’ is a LIVE curated concert experience hosted by recording artist, Von Vargas, that will take place October 21, 2016 from 8-11 PM at the Baltimore Motor House. This premier concert will showcase talented recording artists that have cultivated their own lanes in the music industry. The audience is given the opportunity to engage with artists, producers, music industry executives, and more.

Recording Artist Von Vargas will perform his music for guests, along with GRAMMY-nominated artist, Carolyn Malachi, and Philadelphia's own, Japhia Life, former recording artist with Sony Music. A meet and greet for performers, VIPs and Media will take place at 7 p.m.

During the concert, three dynamic, creative professionals will be honored for their creativity in the music industry. Honorees include producer, Mr. Wendel Patrick, entertainment public relations extraordinaire; Ms. Candice Mackel; and musician, Mr. Rufus Roundtree. ‘In My Own Lane’ was birthed to be a platform for artists who are charting their own lane.

“Being in the industry for years, I’ve seen dope artists who don’t fit the “norm”, so they may not get the same exposure given to the next artist who does. So, I feel it’s my duty to advocate for artists who create fearlessly, contrary to the norm.”-Von Vargas

  • In My Own Lane Promo

    Von Vargas In My Own Lane Promo
    This is the postcard promo for In My Own Lane Curated by Von Vargas this past Oct 21st 2016 at the Motor House.
  • Von Vargas : In My Own Lane LIVE Recap Video

    This is a breif recap video of Von Vargas performing at In My Own Lane. It was a SOLD OUT Show curated by Von Vargas with fans & supporters from Baltimore, DC, and VA. Video Footage Shot by Mansa Edited by Von Vargas
  • Von Vargas : In My Own Lane Recap Video 2

    This Video is footage of Von enjoying photo ops with some of his fans at In My Own Lane. 45 Minutes after people cleared out, Von Vargas got a chance to flick it up with some of those who remained. Video Footage Shot by Mansa Edited by Von Vargas
  • Von Vargas: In My Own Lane "Fireworks" w/ Naimah

    At In my Own Lane Von Vargas performs "Fireworks" w/ Singer Songwriter Naimah
  • Von Vargas Concrete (Still I Rise) @ In My Own Lane

    This video features footage of Von Vargas originally performing his song "Concrete (Still I Rise)". The footage was shot at Von's Live Curated Experience: In My Own Lane.
  • Von Vargas "In My Own Lane" Interview

    This is an interview with Von Vargas before he performs at In My Own Lane.
  • Von Vargas Band Rehearsal for In My Own Lane

    This is a snap shot video of a rehearsal with the band for the show In My Own Lane.
  • In My Own Lane : A Live Curated Experience Promo Commercial

    This is the In My Own Lane Promo Commercial Video "In My Own Lane" A Live Curated Experience by Von Vargas w/ Special Guest "Grammy Nominated" Carolyn Malachi & "Philadelphia's Own" Japhia Life! Friday October 21, 2016 Join fans, music industry tastemakers and executives for a rare experience of music, networking and recognition to musical and creatives within the music industry. Intimate Setting w/ Limited Seats Available.

World Famous Lexington Market (Von Vargas Full Length Album)

About The Album

One of the Oldest Markets in the World now becomes Hip Hop's latest Inspiration.

Von Vargas is the first to title an album after Baltimore's historic downtown market. World Famous Lexington Market. Von's Album World Famous Lexington Market takes an affectionate, but never saccharine look at Vargas' hometown, with tracks like "Maryland Crab" and "Hippodrome", says A Shipley of 'City Paper's Rap Sheet'. When asked "Why the title?" Von answers, "Lexington Market is one of the longest running markets in the world, and that;s huge to me; to live here and have this place right at our disposal...I think that's insane!"
He also states, "people normally go to the market to get their food substance, and since my music is substance too I believe the title fits World Famous Lexington Market."

Von Vargas addresses drug trafficking on the "One Last Trip" track, which is an in depth composition of a young lady describing her last trip before getting caught. The album consist of production from Banga Bill, Skillz, and Von Vargas, as well as features from The Boy Blesst, Ronika, J. Johnson, and Preme. World Famous Lexington Market can be streamed in it's entirety @

Von Vargas "Behind The Scenes"

This content is a group of videos or photos of Von Vargas "Behind The Scenes".
Included are interviews, photo ops, production sessions, etc.

Von Vargas Music Videos

Here are some full music videos from Von Vargas.

Famiglia Foreve'r Christiano (Von Vargas Full Length Album)

This is the third full length album that I released in 2010. This was the first time I recorded an actual album all by myself.

Though I hear every flaw and wish I knew then what I know now, its still apart of my history and journey. Famiglia Foreve'r Christiano was and still is a dope project. The photo shoot for the artwork was a mafia feel.

Please download the digital booklet to view it.

Von Vargas Studio Sessions

Some brief snippets of Von Vargas in some of his recording studio sessions.

Von Vargas Time Capsule

This is a few pics of album/mixtape covers, promo cards, pic etc throughout Von's music career.

Social Awareness Visuals {Written, Shot, Directed & Edited by Von Vargas}

This project consists of a group of Social Awareness Visuals and/or Brief Public Service Announcements, which are written, filmed, directed, produced, and edited by Von Vargas. These pieces of work are created in collaboration with a few afterschool and/or summer enrichment programs.

Each script was written by Von Vargas, following the information received via group discussions, along with input from the social media enrichment students.

‘Social Media’ is an enrichment class presented by Von Vargas through his umbrella company, Creative Development Studios.

  • Bullying Hurts (PSA/Short Film) & Music Video

    Bullying Hurts is a PSA/Short Film & Music Video featuring the Bell Foundation's Arundel Elementary After School Students. Produced, Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by Von (Vargas) Smith of Creative Development Studios ( "Stop That" Written, Produced and Recorded and Mixed by Von (Vargas) Smith for Von Vargas Music/SESAC Bell Program Director: Ms.
  • Healthy Choices PSA

    This is a PSA on Healthy Choices presented by the Social Media Enrichment Class from BELL @Arundel Elementary Site: Arundel Elementary & Middle School Program Director: Larella Jackson Special Thanks to: 21st Century (MSDE) & Family League of Baltimore Directed, Shot, & Edited by Von (Vargas) Smith at Creative Development Studios
  • "Peer Pressure" Short PSA

    This is a short PSA regarding the effects of negative peer pressure with CDF Freedom Schools/Elev8 Baltimore Site: Commodore John Rodgers and Dr. Rayner Brown Elementary & Middle School Starring: Rashied Ashby, Deasia Burgess, Bria Green, Diandre Smith, Tekiyah Matthews, and Diamond Cureton. Directed, Shot & Edited by Von (Vargas) Smith & Creative Development Studios Written by Von (Vargas) Smith
  • PSA "Not Equal" Fort Worthington

    After a 2 day discussion with students regarding discrimination, crime, and police brutality this short PSA was birthed. It was constructed on location at Fort Worthington Elementary School last summer sponsored by the Y in Central Maryland. Written, Shot Directed & Edited by Von (Vargas) Smith.
  • Cotton Candy Girls ( Magazine Promo)

    This is a promotional video to enhance the work from the students in the magazine me program. Enrichment: Magazine Me Program: Elev8 Baltimore Site: Collington Square Elementary & Middle School Students: Jasmine, Jabrea, Diamond, Da'sha, Shatiyah aka Jazzy Fresh, Directed, Shot, & Edited by Von (Vargas) Smith & Creative Development Studios Also Co-Written by Von Vargas
  • C Square 97 News

    This visual is a short news like psa along with 2 talk shows. C Square 97 News [Topic: Healthy Choices w/ a focus on Respect] C Square Sports Talk (All Male Sports Talk) [Topic: Pro Football and Collington Square Football] Girls Rocking (All Girls Talk Show) [Topic: Girls of ELEV8] Students of Elev8 Baltimore & Collington Square Elementary & Middle School Starring: Damani, Dashawn, Coach Dante, Coach Matthew, Taliah, Jamia, Janocka, Iyonna, Tatiana, and Kamari Produced, Directed, Shot & Edited by Von Smith & Creative Development Studios
  • Social Media PSA

    This is a Social Media PSA from students at Dr. Rayner Browne Elementary & Middle School w/ Elev8 Baltimore Students: Maya, Deasia, Raynard, Directed, Shot, & Edited by Von (Vargas) Smith & Creative Development Studios

Von's Curated Collection

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