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Lady Singer
Lady Singer - Oils on Canvas 27x27" Created 2016


About Valerie

Baltimore City

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Artist’s Statement  (Valerie A. Smith) I live and work in Baltimore, Maryland.  I am an artist who loves to create colorful and meaningful surreal artwork.  My work is done primarily in oils on canvas, measuring not less than two feet in any direction.  I also enjoy working with colored inks, water colors, acrylics and color pencils.  In the past year, I created artwork on canvas shoes, cigar box purses, bottle art and artwork on vinyl LP record albums.   My life’s work... more

Surreal ME

Oils on Canvas, 25x19" Created August 2021.  

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    Surreal ME
    Oils on Canvas, 25x19", created August 2021. Depicts my surreal taste in art and music.