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Loc Dem Locs.jpg

#Dread Locks
Loc Dem Locs - Oils on Canvas - 24x36" Created 2019 Depicts a woman in a salon getting her Dread Locks mintained


About Valerie

Baltimore City

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Valerie Aleta Smith, a Baltimore artist and painter of surreal art. Born in Baltimore, Maryland Ms. Smith grew up in the Bronx, New York. As a child she loved to read about mystical and mythological creature of fairy tales and myths. Now, the sources of her creations comes from her dreams and great imagination, her work is bold and bursting with colors. Ms. Smith has had solo exhibits at: the Padonia Stations Restaurant and Towson University. She has had a number group exhibits, which includes: the... more

Urban Mermaid

The city of watermain breaks, Urbanites and Millennials living in different worlds in the while sharing the same neighborhoods.

Urban Mermaid II

The Urban Mermaid II waits for the broken asphalt and water to flow down into the Inner Harbor under a drippy moon.

Urban Shell Man

Shell Man is waitng for the water and broken asphalt to flow into the harbor....he's percheched on a bed of sea shells and pearls while holding the "Pearl of Maryland", Baltimore City. Check out the people of the city.

  • ShellMan.jpg

    Urban Shell Man - Oils on Canvas - 16x20" - Created 2016

In Just Us

Oils on Canvas - 34x28" - Completed October 2017.
Speaks about the Injustices and biases faced in America. Lady Justice is not blinded..she has her blindfold removed and her Scales of Justice are uneven as she weilds her double edged sword.

  • N JUST US.jpg

    Oils on Canvas - 28x34" - Created October 2017 Lady Justice is not blinded towards race, religion and sexual orientation. She sees all as she wields her double blade sword.

Outta Time

  • Orb Bubbles

    Oils on Canvas 40x32" created summer 2015 Women blowing bubbles creating other worlds, explosions, worm holes and other universes.

    MASKS PEOPLE WEAR, Mixed Medium-Acrylic on Canvas, 18x24" , Created 2018
  • HERITAGE .jpg

    Heritage, Mixed Medium- Acrylic on Canvas, 18x24", Created 2018