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A college-graduate from The Maryland Institute College Of Art (MICA) with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a concentration in video, Tedra also known as "Tt The Artist," is a recording artist, film maker, creative director , community and performance artist. While attending MICA in Baltimore, MD, Tt became very involved within various community projects and student organizations within the Baltimore Community. Baltimore soon became Tt's second home where she began to tap into her desire to... more

ArtistLand Productions

ArtistLand Productions was conceived by visual and performance artist TT THE ARTIST.
Through various community art initiatives, TT THE ARTIST discovered the need for more community based arts and entertainment outlets of expression. ArtistLand Productions works closely with studio artist, non-profit organizations, business owners, corporate sponsors, and performance venues to create professional opportunities for the creative community. ArtistLand is also a production company offering services in Graphic Design, Video Production, Live Events, and Entertainment.

There is a crisis in urban communities and a great need for programs and facilities that engage and involve inner city youth needs for positive outlets to express themselves and their talents. Vacant parking lots, basements, and empty closets have become studios and rehearsal spaces for many of our youth.

Due to limited resources and lack of spaces made available to youth aspiring careers in the fields of arts and entertainment, ArtistLand Productions provides resources and makes connections with businesses who can provide access to creative spaces. These spaces are vital to the success of many of our creative youth enabling them to establish their talents on a professional level.

ArtistLand focuses on creating opportunity that inspires youth to think "BIG" and "EXPLORE" their talents on a professional platform.

Dark City: Beneath The Beat

In 2011 Tt The Artist begin filming Dark City: Beneath The Beat is a documentary capturing the soundscape of the rising Baltimore Club music scene and dance culture. Dark City explores the different sounds and origins of the heartbeat of Baltimore City also know as "Home Of The Wire" and "Murder Land". Through the voices of a community overshadowed by hate, drugs, and violence, music and dance has become a symbol of hope and a way "out of the streets."

Presently, Tt is gearing up for the restart of the film's production in 2015 after a few setbacks and lack of resources and equipment to complete the project. With a new support system and network Tt hopes to put a fresh new approach to the film and creating a one of kind audio and visual experience.

More about Dark City

Dark City: Beneath The Beat features the raw and emotional voices of a city that has been robbed and overlooked by the mainstream music industry. Although, some artist are lucky enough to land a record deal Baltimore has yet to launch and stand on its own against other major musical genres and cities.

The sounds and influence of Baltimore club music and hip-hop can be heard throughout some of today’s billboard charting records. Major label artist and producers such as Will I Am, Kanye West, P. Diddy, MIA , Beyonce and many more have kept their ears to the brewing streets of Baltimore city anticipating Baltimore club music as the next big musical genre to hit the world.

Money Monsta

Money Monsta: Noun - An individual who is valued for their goods and services

"MONEY MONSTA," is the debut mixtape release of rising recording artist Tt The Artist.
"MONEY MONSTA," highlights Tt's musical journey and is an exploration of an artist struggle and desire for success.

The inspiration for the original cover art ( designed by Tt The Artist and photographed by J.M. Giordano) represents the female persona seen in the music industry as a sexual object and the ideas of "sex sells."
The mask (created by Catherine Jena Julia Yard) represents the "MONSTA," the struggle female artist encounter through
the music industry to be successful. As an artist finding her own unique way of penetrating the music industry,
Tt has encountered the good and evil personas of money.

"MONEY MONSTA," also represents Tt as a business women who sets out to meet the demands of the music industry through delivering universal music with creative concepts.

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