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Anne Arundel County

I grew up in a small town in upstate NY. Growing up in that environment I had a very myopic view of life and the world. I felt like it was a place where people could get stuck. It was however beautiful, in its own way in a way that I could not appreciate at the time. I am fascinated by the places inbetween. Things that are grown and collapsing at the same time.

I Rise I Fall

I have always had a fascination with the place between life and death.  I am not just speaking about the place for people, but also for the planet.  There are so many spaces that have just been left abandoned.  In that place of abandonment, Mother Nature has come back to take that space. 

I am also fascinated by pristine spaces that have been graffitied.  It seems to make that space dead and alive in the same moment.  It is the transformation of that thing that's been graffitied.


Depression has been like a dark cloud that I could not get out from under since I was 18 or even earlier.  When I am in that place, every little thing bothers me: the paint chips on the wall, the unmade bed, the dishes in the sink that I can't seem to get washed.  I need to control everything, and yet, in that space, everything seems out of control.  I feel the need to withdraw from the world and nest under the blankets.

Camden Yards

Camden Yards, the place where rivalries are formed, the place where friends go to drink beer, the place where people sit out in the sun.  What is this space?  It is that space that architects, engineers and interior designers crafted.  How do we walk differently in that space? How do we sit differently in that space?  How do we think differently in that space?  That space.  What is that space?  How are we showing up for that space?  How are we leaving that space? 

Hot Pink

If the clothes make the man, then hot pink makes a statement about the wearer.  It is a color that says, 'Look at me.'  In a world of people watching, hot pink creates a sort of fascination and wonderment for me.  I tend to white here in Maryland.  It is so hot in the summer, I can't imagine wearing anything else.  WHat kind of person chooses hot pink?  Where are they going?  What are they doing?  Are they confident?  I would think they must be.  Hot pink is the person I would like to know.

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