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I have been an Illustrator, Fine Arts Painter and Graphic Designer for the over 10 years. Being trained at one of the country’s top art schools, Maryland Institute of Art (continuing studies) I was taught to look at all things from all angles. Since 2000 I was blessed to have paintings sold in Art Galleries and featured in numerous Maryland Art Place events, in which she volunteers. In 2000, one of my paintings, “Broken Images” was published by Salem and my photo, “After the Rain” was published in... more

Urban Life Series

I order to spotlight urban life in many cities I am creating a series called “Urban Life”. The same things go on in many cites and I feel the strong need to bring this to life on canvas. I believe this will bridge the gap between the cities and counties so we can realize that what we are doing in Baltimore, MD goes on everywhere.

I want to spotlight the fun, happy, and everyday life of someone in the city. I plan on going to other cities up and down the east coast to portray a cohesive reality series of paintings. Spotlights such as hanging clothes outside, standing on the bus stop, going to the laundry mat, urban dance festivals, and dirt bike riding are some of the point I am touching on.

All artwork is original and many are concepts are suggested by my Facebook and Twitter friends. In hopes that I receive the grant, I intend on visiting Atlanta, Virginia, Philadelphia, Rhoda Island, and other east coast cities to take photos and create a 20 piece collection.

I will use this grant to help pay for travel, a better camera, canvas, paint, ink, and brushes.

I would like to thank you for this opportunity.

Oodles of Doodles

This experiment is something that challenges your mind and imagination. I closed my eyes and drew random lines, circles, and squares. Once opened, I turned the paper clockwise to see what images were hidden within the chaos. Finding the beauty within was a great pleasure and now I present the beauty to you.

  • Carrot

    Using my imagination, I saw a carrot in the mist. Using bright colors and a black border, this illustration reminds you to eat your vegetables. :)
  • Thoughts of Hue

    This thinking man dreams colors and imagines scenes.
  • Hammertime

    Building walls and burning bridges will amount to nothing but opening up walls and building communities amounts to everything.
  • Fetal Position

    At times the just want to be alone with your thoughts. The fetal position brings warmth, comfort, and harbors safe feelings.
  • Dragon

    The sinister look of a dragon and the colors of warmth will draw you in.
  • Water Runs Dry

    This piece is one of my favorites and also the first one I illustrated.
  • Band Leader

    In a marching band you have all sorts of sound and creative energy. This piece represents the site and sound of a marching band.
  • Baby in Tow

    As seen in African documentaries, the mother always carries the child on her back. In this piece the mother wrapped her child in a cloth and so he can see the world around him.
  • B Boy Style

    This colorful print makes me want to visit the 80's hip hop culture.
  • Tour De France

    Riding high is the best competition.

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