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The Un-silenced voice, rotary phone, outspoken, black, white, yellow
Many still believe the story of a woman's voice and how it has shaped our nation is antiquated, like a rotary phone. They want us to be silent. Unbeknownst to them we don't need the phone to transform our words into power, our outspoken spirit does it for us. This mixed media piece speaks to what our voices do when we accept the challenge to be heard.


becoming, woman, eloquent, queen, woman, unknown, new you, better, important
In a time where women feel they need to reinvent themselves, they should re-imagine who they can become with the value and qualities they already possess. This mixed media collage art tells women they can be both and still become the eloquent one they dream of.

Baggage Claim

baggage, travel, purse
What's in your purse? Everyone carries baggage from past relationships, habits and beliefs. Most of us believe we have overcome them until we find ourselves pulling out remnants of our past that were in the bottom of our bags. This mixed media piece identifies the issues we carry in our bags as we travel daily.

Time refunded

time, reclaiming my time, watches, woman, schedule, management
Time can be our enemy or our friend. Most of us wish for more because we procrastinate and waste it. This mixed media collage art reminds us that time is non- refundable but we are always given an opportunity to start again.


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Baltimore City - Station North A&E District

Tonya Blue's picture
Tonya Blue is an author, artist, playwright and educator. Her mixed media pictures speak and tell the story of  every womans daily life, test, challenges, and victories encounted. The use of ordianty objects  covering the subjects face and the words which cover the body  manifest the theme of  "What we hide behind and what we are afraid to say out loud." It distracts and guides you take a deeper look at life , choices and how one can reflect inner thoughts in a new way. ... more

Suffrage Issues 2020

The 100 year anniversary of Women's Suffrage continues to illuminate the societal ills women face even after winning the right to vote. We continue to fight for the right of choice, fair wages, health and freedom. This multi media collection speaks the words of the unsilenced woman of 2019.

  • The Matter of Choice- Abortion

    abortion, choice, plan b, my body, motherhood, Roe vs Wade
    Our bodies, our decision! In some states congress has decided it is up to them if a woman must become a mother. The Rules of Engagement have changed, the words on this woman's body display the words thrown at her when the decision is hers.
  • Wages

    Fair wage, pay, women, suffrage
    We do the same job and I am paid less. This multi media image tells the story some women have in their heads. We must work like a man and make unrealistic decisions to maintain the stuff on our desk.
  • Finacially Illiterate

    finance, illiterate, debt, suffrage, women, spending, retirement
    This multi-media collage challenges women when it comes to financial responsibility. We are targeted to spend, thinking its what we need and are left with inadequate means for retirement.
  • These 3 words- You have Cancer

    cancer, health, chemotherapy, hair loss, fear, survival, doctors
    Cancer has forced women to take a closer look at their health. This multi-media collage shares the thoughts and fears of a woman who has just heard the scariest 3 words from a doctor- you have cancer. Health cares should not be a choice, but a right for all.
  • A slave to the mind

    bondage, mental health, women, fear, attitude, shamed, like
    This multi-media collage displays the bondage many woman have become entangled in- their minds. Trauma is never manifested the way it is experienced. Many woman are in a personal bondage because they are afraid to seek help. Being liked drives us to being in bondage. Good mental health is imperative for all.
  • W.O.W.

    WOW, empowerment, worthy, happy, enough
    This multi media collage reminds women we are to go out and WOW everyone. The words encourage women of how worthy we are in a world that may not always accept us.
  • Brave- her

    woman, roar, brave, strength, incredible, original, collage art, multi-media
    This multi- media collage reminds women how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. The words used highlight what a woman should tell herself before she goes out into a world that can be cold and uninterested in her abilities.
  • Orange Umbrella on a Blue Day

    blue, cry, disruptions,
    This multi-media art displays how life can be a plot twist at any moment.
  • The Suffrage Voice of 2020

    votes, woman, suffrage, voice, fight, power, better pay, health care, opportunities,
    This multi-media collage reminds everyone woman our voice matters. It is up to us to honor those who fought for our right to vote and to vote this year!

Unbecoming to Become

This collection focuses on the challenges women face and how they can rewrite thier rehearsed scripts by letting go of what they believed they are to become who they need to be.

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