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Ten Poems from "Self-Titled by Alien" and "deadbook, vol. 1"

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About Tim

Baltimore City

Tim Neil is from Baltimore, MD. Their poetry has appeared in literary journals such as Poet Lore, Washington Square Review, Los Angeles Review, and The Fiddlehead, among others. Self-Titled by Alien, their debut collection, is forthcoming from Milk Carton Press in the spring of 2022. Currently, they are at work on a new manuscript deadbook, which explores grief and gender through a Traveller in a new afterlife. 

Selected Poems from Self-Titled by Alien

Ten poems from the forthcoming collection Self-Titled by Alien

1) Definition #2 (Young Gardeners) [first published in Poet Lore]
2) Myth of My Manhood [first published in The Fiddlehead]
3) To Winona [first published in Washington Square Review]
4) Your Lover Talks of the Patient Who Passed
5) every morning, i wash the face of what's been given to me
6) Lethe Sky
7) February had Pros and Cons
8) Mother, Unlit [first published in Pittsburgh Poetry Journal]
9) Myth of Life, All Around This Place [first published in The Fiddlehead]
10) Self-Titled

poems from deadbook, vol. 1

deadbook, vol. 1 explores an afterlife for souls post-suicide as a vehicle for self-growth, acceptance, and the trans experience. 

1) burial no. 1
2) hide the body
3) return to self
4) I went to the woman with sheep for eyes
5) In the Talking Monsoon
6) I am Trying to Remember a Word I Knew on Earth
7) The Ache
8) Cathedral in Horizon
9) Portrait of a Woman in Englightenment Swamp
10) tgirl

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